FRR Books Podcast: The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner Part 1

  • Posted on: 17 October 2018
  • By: rydra wrong

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This podcast covers the translator’s introduction and stops at section 1.2 Human Beings of Ancient and Modern Times.

The book can be read online here:

The book can be obtained here:

FRR is expanding our scope by attempting a larger project. Instead of doing one podcast on a book we are doing a slow/deep/close reading of Wolfi Landstreicher’s translation of The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner. We attend a reading group together which is slowly working its way through the book, so every other week we will read a portion of Stirner, attend reading group, then record a podcast on the section we read and the thoughts and ideas that came up during reading group. We will rotate different hosts through the series of podcasts. We are doing this because we would love to have had this type of discussion available to us when reading some of the books that we love the most, so we are doing it ourselves. We are also attempting to do a close reading which means to read something more than once, many times over, taking notes, discussing it, and engaging deeply with it. Feel free to email us or comment on this page if you have thoughts/feelings/whatever about it!

In Episode 1 we discuss the following:

Is there an individual/self. Stirner is not an individualist? It is not an individualist book
Relationship between Taoism and Stirner
Can anyone actually be an egoist?
Rydra strong arms the conversation and questions objective reality through Stirner
Abritrary nature of values and a transient idea of an “I”
Can nihilism/egoism be separated
Talk of translation in general
How do we apply the implications of this reading

This podcast was produced by rydra wrong

The sound and editing was done by The Big Cat

The hosts of the show were Kahar, Chuck, Nev, and rydra wrong….we are different “people” now



Tired of seeing ' Narcissist " being used in such a cynical and nihilist way? Now is a good time to imbibe a little Stirner - maybe even take it to the Max!
Anyone who can be certainly ought to be a self-loving individual. The course of modern hirstory is away from anonymized collectives and towards individuals...which brings us the the ' union of egoists'. Max was not a dogmatic fanatic and so he allowed for the best of the anarcho-syndicalist tradition. Respecting Max doesn't imply disrespecting great traditions ( the greatest ever tradition in fact - certainly the greatest ever social-revolution ever recorded )
Finally being an anarchist of any type disqualifies you from being a nihilist - this is so obvious I feel foolish even mentioning it - but then these smelly little trolls keep coming here screeching their bs nihilism at us!
Whats up with THAT!?
Yrs etc - Pro2rat

We paleo-nihilists have some common attributez to shareth wit da Max, concerning the preservation of the non-culturized infant cognitive senses uhmmm.,.

What is it that you want from reading Max Stirner? Having listened to this podcast, that is what I was left wondering. I heard nothing new that other thinkers haven't already covered. What you all appear to be discussing is definition and the influences upon a person. So, what is it that you expect to glean from this one book. So much expectation from this one book which covers nothing new! The Emperor Has No Clothes come to mind.

Mostly, they want to dissolve the worst fallacies of old school leftism but that seems less and less relevant to me since authoritarian commies are going to be the least of our problems in the next few decades.

Don't count them out, they've made something of a comeback on the chans and could racket themselves into the authoritarian future as part of numerous hierarchical problems to take on in the future.

Anarchists can be authoritarian socialists as well

The leftist Reid(tard)-Ross red and black organization types are basically bottom up Stalinists who will in due time configure a Stalinistic world due to their non anarchic nonsense. Authoritarian socialists and communists simply do it at the outset.

Clowns to the Left of me, Jokers to the Right...

Only in sad little online echo chambers could you convince yourself that commies are what you need to worry about right now.

I'm not "counting them out", I've looked in their eyes and they are only scared children. Threat level 0.

11:51 How would you like 2 or 3 scared little commie Maoist recruiters who bench press 450 kg reverse bench-pressing you into the ground, eat dust!

That's not a thing ... Why are you so weird? Is this like some kind of psychosexual fantasy thing for you?

I won't deny that the tentacles of Freudian theory still caress my paleo-nihilist intellect sometimes. Say hello to your mother for me ;)

My mom's not really internet savvy so she probably wouldn't be interested in a snivelling little troll ;)

You will find that the hammer and sickle have been making a comeback alongside fascism. It's not just leftypol.

Still splainin' ziggles? You're completely wrong. Ain't nothing but social media paper tigers and creepy crypto-McCarthyism goin' on. You're not telling me what's up, k sweetheart? ;)

One could say the same thing about the current fascists before the rise of trump. If things like Ocasio-Cortezism takes off I can see that feedback looping into helping out the hammer and sickle ideologues.

Call me when the DSA starts inspiring left wing versions of Dylan Roof. Til then, you're full of shit, as usual.

Terrorist shooting isn’t what makes Marxoid vanguards dangerous. The growth of organization intensive leftism is the issue.

I'm only interested in physically dangerous demagogues and militants. Not your anti-leftist hysteria over the mainstream discourse entertaining anti-capitalist ideas for the first time in 50 years. But Ziggles gonna zig!

Lenin had Emma over at his house. The killing and imprisoning of anarchists by vanguard marxists does not initially take the form of paramilitary groups. Ironically it starts with broadly shared sensibilities.

Dude ... This Bolsheviks-all-over-again rant of yours is SO BORING. I'm not having fukin tea with Lenin, alright!?

Some of the sweetheart @s in the DSA might be ... But you and I will both be there to pull them back from the abyss SHOULD YOUR PARANOID SCENARIO COME TO PASS (it won't).

I'm not so easily lead ziggles, quit splainin!

best neologism of @news, 2018: zigsplaining.

I’m just attentive to how discourse can suddenly change. If you look at the relationship that someone like Dr Bones has with certain vanguard marxists that he does not keep at bay, he doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There’s a lot of leftypol chapo trap house types that are prone to being memed into old time class reductionist leftism with Marxist structured vanguardism not far off as a response to the rot of idpol. Anarchists who are critically aware of these things should undermine the creep to vanguardism the way they undermine fascism(which is obviously over focused right now).

Your threat assessment is completely backwards and worse, all you do is pedantically rant about it HERE. Nowhere else in the @space are there more anti-leftists than here.

Not anti left. I don’t care to see that Chan born hammer and sickle nonesense take off on a significant elective level especially with people like Dr Bones not helping.

Smug libertarian neoliberals in the middle huh? We paleo-nihilists don't even recognize the spectrum within the arena of politics

Famous last words. I'm not losing sleep worrying about commies, but I wouldn't be so bold as to count them out. We live in interesting times.

It's not that I worry about commies though as much as I don't want them to recover to some type of pre-1989 levels. I think it's happening to some degree but I would like to see it undermined as much as possible. It's enough having fascism make it's comeback.

I really see the post-89 period as an interregnum that anarchists have not really taken advantage of. Hammer and Sickles were out and that was basically the time to have an anarchist structured radicalism take the place of the Marxist structured radicalism that dominated most of the 20th century. Unfortunately there is still a Marxist structure to radicalism that is preventing 21st century lift off and many so-called anarchists are responsible for this state of affairs, in particular the organization fetish post-colonial language leftist anarchists who still harbor so much Marxist structured assumptions. This has allowed communism, marxism and class war reductionism to sneak back into the niche discussion via leftypol and trap house and other areas.

What's needed more then ever is a solid baseline non marxist anarchist structured libertarian discourse and a strong post-leftist Stirnerian current on the margins.

What is the difference between a paleo-nihilist and a post-modern nihilist?

One is completely absurd and never shuts up, the other is an annoying but legitimate position that can't do anything except publishing projects.

We are de-evolutionary, or pre-modern. Pre-historic, yet knowledgeable in the civilized methodologies. Engaged mostly in the Appolonian and Dionysian dialectic. Does this make sense?

i think a paleo nihilist doesn't eat grains or somethng?

No we're not fussy, we have no ethical restraints regarding diet. We never go hungry, sweet and sour domestic cat during times of famine in the ghetto. WE SHALL SURVIVE AND TRIUMPH OVER ADVERSITY!!

get side-tracked in to sniping. What you want from Stirner's book? Because you'll caveat this and that and do whatever anyway. The presenters are well-read and deep thinkers and so you all have already 'discovered' what Stirner writes. Why are you hanging on to Stirner.... let go... you will be OK.

Well ... Presumably somebody put a lot of time in to making this podcast and this is the logical platform for it?

I gathered that St. Stirner has a special place in a few hearts and egos around here. Isn't that reason enough?

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