Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council Statement on Proud Boy Attack

  • Posted on: 16 October 2018
  • By: thecollective


A statement from the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) on the recent outburst of Proud Boys violence, posturing by politicians, and actions of the police.

This past Friday, a group of 30 Proud Boys—members of a violent, self-proclaimed “Western chauvinist” fascist organization led by Gavin McInnes—surrounded and violently attacked several of our comrades while they lay on the sidewalk on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. During this attack, more than one Proud Boy shouted the homophobic slur “faggot” at the people they repeatedly stomped on and punched. In response to this textbook example of assault as a hate crime, the dozens of cops present proceeded to pat the Proud Boys on the shoulders to let them know that the cameras had had their fill. By the end of the night, no Proud Boys were arrested, and several anti-fascist protesters were hauled away in handcuffs. Infuriating? Yes. Surprising? No.

Due to some windows getting smashed and some circle ‘A’s being spray-painted on the Metropolitan Republican Club’s doors, the police were on high alert for any anti-fascist or anti-authoritarian activity on the night of the assault. Effectively, if a person was there to protest the Republican Club’s sponsored reenactment of an ultra-nationalist disemboweling a socialist, they were automatically on NYPD’s radar as a suspect of the previous night’s property damage. So, when a mob of attendees of the Republican Club’s event began stomping on anti-fascist protesters and screaming homophobic slurs after exiting the assassination celebration, the cops did what they were told: keep an eye on the people in all black, and make sure the people leaving the Republican Club get out safely.

Ultimately, the Metropolitan Republican Club, the NYPD, and the Proud Boys all have the same objective: maintain the status quo, whether it be with racialized economic policies or plastic samurai swords. The Proud Boys are just acting out a cop’s lunch break fantasies, or a Trump supporter’s wish to Make America Great Again by clearing the streets of opposition. But this political amalgamation has already faced and lost the streets to anti-fascists, in Charlottesville, D.C., and across the country.

It is because of these successes that we must rebuff liberal and centrist calls for FBI and NYPD investigations or prosecutions. No arm of the state will serve meaningful justice in this situation, especially when the whole damn system is rotten to its core. Anti-fascist doxxing campaigns fulfill the very role that the NYPD is being called upon to perform. We don’t need to rely on cops to intervene, we can—and will—do it ourselves. We keep us safe.

While we would find a prosecution comically entertaining, we request that the governor and any other momentary sympathizers furnish us with the conditions to actually fight fascism: abolish the police, and let us get to work.

– MACC (Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council)



Is this a sword this dick is waving? That sure makes him look like a Small Boy more than anything else. Often the games of authoritarians are just a continuation of schoolyard play, except they been led to ignore the consequences of their games on the real world.

I assume it’s a reference to the white nationalist who murdered a black man with a sword in nyc last year

Supposedly it's a reference to this dude's assassination.

There are better more anarchic things to be done elsewhere.

Because they're aspiring to be modern day brownshirts ... You're usually a much bigger waste of someone's time ziggy. You're wasting mine right now!

First off the PB are proto-fascists not actual fascists like, say, Heimbech's boys, second these kids will likely never achieve the power of state apparatus. Many will grow out of this and become recuperated within some type of recalibrated capital epoch. I'm more concerned about what someone like Justin Trudeau is doing right now by simply existing as a government head then the fucking proud boys. What YOU idiots are doing is perpetuating the Schmidtian language of the elective enemy on behalf of universalist humanism. THAT is what bothers me more.

Semantics doesn't matter much once people start swinging on each other.

What you're describing is elective political gang warfare which ultimately distracts from the actualization of anarchy and self.

What I'm describing is all over the news.

American brownshirts attacking their perceived enemies openly, in front of police, on the streets of NYC after leaving a Republican Party event.

If you think that's just a "distraction", your head is pretty firmly lodged in your ass.

What I see is some sporadic stories of political gang warfare where enemy attacks are a two way street. The whole antifa thing is a radical distraction and elective enemy warfare plays more towards a hierarchical fascistic framework EVEN when leftists do it.

So you haven't read anything about it then. Understood. Just on about something you can't be bothered to learn about first, AGAIN

It's basically just elective enemy political gang warfare. Nothing to see for those who have an actual radical imagination.

The analogy holds up just fine, regardless of your disdain for "elective positions".

The original brownshirts took a position, so did the various factions they fought with on their way to capturing state power. There were many folks like yourself, spectating at the time in Europe.

The whole point most antifascists are making is that things can quickly deteriorate past the point where you can safely afford to ignore them. But I'm not suggesting you should do anything differently, only that your position is aloof, pseudo-superior and quite foolish IMO.

Are to a certain degree beyond your control, indeed, you might be making things worse by contributing to an entrenched state of political gang warfare. You also can't talk about the brownies without talking about where they came from btw way which to a significant degree was the corporatist left which happens to still exist and is part of the current state power structure. Focus on that, not some right wing cosplayers.

I already am focusing on that. That's why I have a better grasp of what just happened in NYC than you

You and your type wouldn't be showing up to PB gatherings to begin with.

Plenty of days in the year to do lots of different things ziggles. You ain't the tactical gatekeeper.

We already have modern day brownshirts. They wear blue, and they're a bigger threat than any political faction. I understand the need for community self-defense, but there's simply too much focus on these bit players. The oft stated position that we need to focus on the most dramatic authoritarians ignores the reality that there will always be political fascists, and that the architects of the techno-industrial death machine would like nothing more for us to focus on them. Yes, we're gonna have to punch some nazis, but making this a priority means you've already lost.

this either/or logic makes zero sense to, they are not formally incorporated into the power structure, but they are certainly coordinated with it - from the gop who invited them to hang, to nypd (&cops around the country) who've protected them and facilitated their violence, to media like fox who spread lies on their behalf - and their ability to carry out extrajudicial repression is exactly why groups like this are "suddenly" popping into existence. the rise of neofascism/"proto"-facism (whatever the fuck that is?) always reminds me of the shabiha, the "ghosts" of syria - anonymous pro-gov't militia who "disappear" opposition activists. scale that up and you have putin's "little green men"....fascism isn't an ideology, anymore than the bubbling clusterfuck of insane conspiracy jargon that's increasingly dominating mainstream politics is any kind of a coherent worldview. fascism is a method, symbolized by the fasces itself which is a bundle of sticks with a blade sticking out: representing the organization of groups of violent men who will attack any movement from "below & to the left", which regardless of what specters they conjure up, is their real raison d'etre and the reason the mainstream right is suddenly investing in and defending them: the pb's, the atomwaffens, the shabiha, the contras, all the right-wing terrorist groupuscles that move into the breach of state power in an era of crisis, to put down insurgency with no legal limits or accountability on their violence, to facilitate the tipping-over of democracy (which, yes, we all know already, sucks) into something much worse. people who think antifascism is about "determining who is a fascist, then attacking them, because fascism=bad" are completely missing the surrounding strategic historical/political/social terrain.

T@ke gets it. Fukin bullseye!

Being in the streets semi-regular teaches you some nuance about the conflicts too.

The cops can use the fash goons as the tip of the spear to drive leftist or compassion-oriented popular movements out of the public space.

I've personally seen them doing this! They sit back, let the sketchy rightwing goons do the intimidating and attacking in plain sight. This maintains cop credibility in front of the cameras for all the moderates watching at home because they don't get their hands dirty.

They can openly crush dissent with plausible deniability. But if you're there, you can literally watch them commiserating and backslapping each other! At the very least, the disproportionate enforcement tells you exactly what's going on.

I understand that political power is interconnected, and that yes, fascism is a growing political tendency. The story about the armed fascist on the rooftop in Portland certainly made this clear. I'd never tell anyone not to attack fascists, and I don't regret my time in ARA. There are criticisms of antifa that I don't buy, but there really are antifa who believe that it's about "determining who is a fascist, then attacking them, because fascism=bad" because they're very explicit about that. I've even heard this expressed as a moral duty. I've always known morons like this, but it seems to be happening on a much larger scale. There seem to be several factors:

1. Antifa on the evening news, a phenomenon sure to flatten any nuance
2. The evolution of deplatforming to include "problematic" individuals (rather than explicitly fascist organizations)
3. Antifa as recruiting tool (rather than unfortunate necessity), which encourages thinking in terms of teams, numbers, and physical dominance
4. A vague understanding of intersectionality as axiomatic truth

Combine these things with factors that have always been there–young aggro dudes, overemphasis on physical violence, and "non-sectarian defense of other anti-fascists"–and you've got not just a disturbing development, but one that's so single-minded it's unable to do the strategic and tactical thinking necessary to take on the newly savvy alt-right.

Not really related, but the bundle of sticks thing never made sense to me. Wasn't that a retcon by Mussolini?

I would also add that what really fuels antifa isn't something like an Edelweiss Pirates context or even a practical response to paramilitary radicalism(that might be warranted in places like Germany, Italy and Greece), it's fueled by a universalist humanist drive that is focused on increasingly broad targets that are not fascistic in the least but are seen as a threat to the humanist universalist world society agenda.

One of the reason to to appose these Marcusean repressive tolerance based gangs is that in the future they could go after something like Kaczynskian radical currents using the same type of discourse. Don't let the seeming mostly black over red logo fool you, antifa is mostly a red humanist universalist ideology.

To be fair I (intentionally) never said that the people who don’t get it are all also not in antifa work.

Your analogy isn't very precise. The german state obv had police forces during the rise of fascism but it's a separate issue.

I'm not "focusing" on one problem any more than the other but they're different problems and clouding them doesn't help either.

^this was a reply to cops = brownshirts

(And nope, they're not quite the same shit)

They also serve who can't bloc-up for some reason but who have a reasonably secure net access. There they may run BellingRat style investigations ( Andy in Melb does a great job of this - sear " Slackbastard " ) to Dox brownshirts and their Bluecollar BFFs. And there they can DDos first-responders like the heavily unionized fascist police and maybe even learn about more stringent measures we have in our armory. Its always those who make peaceful change impossible that make violent revolution inevitable ( Oliver Tambo ) Armed with diversity of tactics and the net we can take on any fascist power on earth - or any combination of them on earth - and win. We only get stronger every day - they only get more splintered and atomized every day. Sure , not every specific battle goes our way , but the overall trendline is clear. Anarchism represents the only decent alternative to the neo-Hegelian ( Capitalist and Communist ) hegemony. Its time to rise - to fight - to prevail and take our rightful place. Don't let any nihilist try and snatch defeat from the jaws of this victory.
Yrs in radical and militant revolutionary struggle for the global anarchist revolution!

Prorat2, take it easy on those fart bongs dood, paranoid shit gonna imbalance mental tides, binary right and left wargames run but can't hide, wtf universe is "salud" from, time to heed the ambient nihilist song.

Been reading through a lot of the articles here and few of them are describing anarchism. You're talking white, black, homosexuality etc. It's nothing but simple protests. I agree it's news you're reporting here. That's it though, it isn't anarchism. It's political shit that people want on the agenda.

It's not seriously working against the state, if it would have been it would have been shut down for so long ago. This is just anarchism parody.

LOL - MACC are clowns helping to censor YouTube, ushering in the new era of removing wrongthink from the internet. Anarchists, or social justice Left authoritarians?

That you are simply an idiot, 16:45.

The least of the problems with this bash the fash stuff is that the fash always seem to have bigger muscles and so they do end up doing most of the bashing.

Regarding MACC: a event titled, 'Women in the World Summit' was held at Lincoln Center in NYC this past April 12-14. Featured at this almost comically despicable event were the killer of large numbers of women in Iraq, Libya and Honduras Hillary Clinton, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, Alaska Senator and proponent of opening the Gates of The Arctic Park and Preserve to the fossil fuel Industry Lisa Murkowski, and long time shill for U.S. foreign policy crimes at the New York Times Nicholas Kristof:

With a little wit and style it should have been possible to exploit this opportunity to get an uncompromising antagonism to the reigning social order out there in a big way, to an audience in the world at large, and with very little expense in time and legal hassles.

Now, unfortunately I am far from NYC. And if I wasn't, I'd try to get together some kind of highly visible public anti-capitalist embarrassment of these rampant enemies of the human species. I ran this past the ferocious Big Apple anarchists of MACC. Helpful guy that I am, I even told them which subway station they could use for Lincoln Center. MACC wasn't interested, claiming that their at that time do-or-die aid to the supposed revolution in Rojova was eating up all their time and energy. Someone at MACC must have a formidable pitching arm to toss all those stale bagels and dirty laundry all the way to Syria.

MACC appear to be typical compulsive protesters who haven't got it together to do anything other than what every other compulsive protesters in the U.S. do -- let someone else always set the agenda for them and dictate where they will focus their attentions.

So sketchy random from out of town showed up with a cool plan for the local @s? And they weren't interested?!

A non-stupid, relevant to the world at large idea. No wonder they didn't go for it.

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