Anews Episode 85 - October 12, 2018

  • Posted on: 15 October 2018
  • By: thecollective

From @news podcast

Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 85 for October 12, 2018. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week.

Editorial by Aragorn!: Anarchist Principles redux
TOTW: Mainstream Media and Culture

This podcast is the effort of many people. This episode was* sound edited by Linn O'Mable* what's new was written by jackie, read by chisel and Dim* the music is 1) Cremation Lily - Lovers Against the Rocks2) Current Value - Of Truth3) Crass - Big A Little A

*the editorial was written by Aragorn!* Thanks to Aragorn! for  the topic of the week* Contact us at


I love your wacky approach, you go where it takes you and you have a 'dirty psycho' laugh. Do you know what you what: what kinda world you like? Also, how about Anarchist News having a podcast list and perhaps a review of each? I say this because I prefer to listen to pods rather than anything mainstream as mainstream does little for me. ANews review of B@GR roundtable brought a chuckle or two; it's intetesting that Yank (KT's partner) said nothing while KT dominated everybody. So, Chisel, do you any pod recommendations? Let's create a list of pods and reviews.

a list of anarchist or anarchist friendly podcasts is something we've been talking about. (there are tech issues, if i recall correctly.) but we could start with getting people's favorite anarchist or anarchist-friendly podcasts and see whether we're up for reviewing them on the regular.

ps:re: b@gr roundtable domination--it would be just as fair to say that people didn't step up to participate as much as kevin did. or... perhaps some of both. i think the point of him talking so much is more aesthetic, than one about "who's the most sexist"... being vocal isn't the only way to measure participation or significance, right?

pps: probably won't do my own segment. i get shy. don't tell anyone.

Great points made in your response. Although, most of the populations across the world listen and listen and listen and listen and listen and so, we are where we are, in a fuckin' mess, coz 'we' 'participate' by.... listening!

"Dirty psycho laugh"...?

"I'd literally pay you to stop doing the podcast"

ps: dirty psycho laugh... my laugh has also been compared to the hyenas in walt disney. so, consensus!

I'm going with - charmingly genuine cackle!

Listening to Chisel 'riding with the wind,' possibly being the antithesis of A! (hee hee), made me think of the wandering mind oh so eloquently written in this must-read book. Chisel, this is book for you I reckon; check it out if you haven't read it.

This editorial should be an essay people can read.

also, as i listen to the totw, i wish i had been more clear about what i meant by a political sieve/lens. of course i listen and watch with an anarchist perspective. i'm an anarchist. but there is some space between abandoning my understanding of the world, and applying a MIM-like analysis to everything, that is what i was trying to live in.
talking is hard.

ps: MIM notes are funny though.

in patterns of thinking I've had. If you like reading the 'creative/destructive' internal dialogue of charactor, then you will appreciate the book. Also, what would an 'anarchist friendly' podcast contain: how specific does this have to be without drifting into any podcast which isn't anti-antichist? Let's have some more of your dirty psycho laughter too ;-)

James Corbett has an interesting podcast; would this be considered anarchist friendly? He completely dismisses anthropogenic climate change as he sees this as another way to transfer wealth from 'the people' to the already-wealthy. Check out his podcast: I just do know what to make of climate change? Who do we trust? A truly sick ruse? If it is an elitist ruse to squeeze money and power and inculcate fear into people, there is no bottom to the sick games! I'd be interested to know what people think of Corbett's video. Aragorn!, would he be a good guest for the Brilliant?

... ... Just because carbon capture is a scam doesn't mean human-caused climate change isn't happening. Hope you're just trolling.

Corbett's material as he doesn't only discuss carbon capture. He cites his evidence including all the contradictary statements made by IPCC and the supporters of climate change. Not a troll.

I'm no longer interested in debating whether human caused climate change is real. With all the superstorms and ridiculous wildfire seasons of the last few years, it's quite callous of you to be schilling for oil companies, either by ignorance or design. Suggest you examine more data from more sources if you're actually interested in the truth

^modifying this statement, it appears corbetts only point is that whatever "solutions" the UN comes up with will only serve the interests of the same elite. That's probably true!

deeper slavery will be the result: that climate change is a global propaganda ruse to enslave the global population via the global hierarchies and that the grunts are falling for it 100%. 'Enslave us Enslave us if it saves us.' That's the point Corbett is driving at. The third world war is here: a psychological war based on made-up climate change. Corbett is pleading that we don't just feed each other what is, after all, the Governments International Panel on Climate Change. This panel is GOVERNMENT sanctioned and yet most of us accept this as honourable!!! Even anarchists (and supposed government skeptic John Zerzan) are just as quick to champion the global governments message (coz it happens to suit his own message in recruiting (he hopes) primitivists and the end of civilisation. It would make for an interesting discussion between JZ and Corbett on this issue.

Does Corbett have an alternative explanation for things like the nearly ice-less arctic, extreme weather fluctuations, super-storms, etc. (serious question, not trolling)? Also, there are plenty of independent scientists also saying the IPCC is rolling out BS, because it is *worse* than what they claim, and that it is possibly too late to do anything about it, and that we are headed for the end of civilization as we know it in the coming next few decades (my current belief, based on what I can tell from reading various sources) - so, believing in anthropogenic climate change does not automatically entail accepting government propaganda.

Yeah … pretty important to separate those two positions.

1) Anthropogenic climate change is already happening, accelerating and will dramatically impact all human society within our lifetimes. It's already causing lethal consequences for people living in the first of what will be many sacrifice zones.

2) Any solutions posited by the UN will be more top-down social engineering, reflecting that institution's agenda, which should be obvious to any anarchist with half a brain.

It would be very problematic to confuse these 2 issues. A critical position of the UN and the geopolitical chess game in general, should be obvious. But that doesn't change what's happening, it only guarantees the scenario will be even worse because of the ideological blinders of the only institutions powerful enough that they could theoretically restructure human society on a huge scale.

But I already despise them and assume they'll drive right off the cliff at top speed so … haha

"they'll drive right off the cliff at top speed so … haha" But you will inexorably over the cliff in its wake, no gettin outta that one, soooo, you'll >
We paleo-nihilists roll with the punches dood!

Yes, and if the worst interpretations of the global dimming theory are true (I am not well-versed enough in climatology to say), then we are already screwed, as even if we stopped all emissions tomorrow we would still be facing intense warming in the near future, and at least some of the elite may already know this and may therefore be just keeping the party going as long as they can (hence recent news articles about the hare-brained escape plans of some of the elite).

Escape plans are defeatist, part of being paleo-orientated is simply to follow a few ethical lifestyle choices, such as not travelling via jet propulsion ,4,000 less energy efficient than rail travel, a mode of transport even JZ approves of. I pine for the steam era. But energy squabbling aside, yes, we're all screwed, but lets make it a compassionate graceful sliding away and not the hysterical rats jumping the sinking ship. PALEO-NIHILISTS DON'T DIE, THEY WANDER OFF RAMBLING ON ABOUT CREATIVE NEW AWAKENINGS.

are easily searchable on his site. All his stuff is free of charge and he doesn't accept money from Youtube. You will need to go through all his presentations and interviews on this. He does counter argue all the typical arguments so you will find the answers to your questions and make up your mind from that. Maybe Aragorn! could have him on The Brilliant? Corbett has self-identified as an anarchist. I do find it rather rich how anarchists dispise government yet have readily accepted global government specially selected scientists!!! Corbett did a great video about the ridiculous difficulty of even trying to measure average global tempreature, and over time.

It's not "specially selected scientists" … it's damn near all of them, as in, on the planet.

I watched several of his videos, he fast-talks like a stefan molyneux but that doesn't work on me. He frames everything (read: science) with dismissive mockery and tries to misdirect the viewers attention on to critique of the institution and the way political rhetoric functions in the media but that's far from the point.

We already know the UN is the enemy … He doesn't need to convince me of that and he's never going to convince anyone that the extreme weather events aren't happening and increasing in frequency. So the question is, why would he want to? There's a couple of other vids and an interview with Jim Steele.

James Corbett is a lunatic conspiracy nut and climate denier. He is also an agora ancap "anarchist".

His attempt at scientific rebuttal is laughable.Basically his whole argument comes down to if government scientists say something, it by definition must not be true. (wouldn't that mean that smoking is harmless then?)

James Corbett IS a lunatic conspiracy nut and climate denier. He IS also an agora ancap "anarchist" ...and some anonymous coward thinks he might be on the same wavelength as...Aragon. Shit.

Bad ideas cling together - and they'll cling to us if we let them.

What has smoking got to do with this? Corbett is an anarchist: he is for voluntary relationships be that of a communist, collective, idividualist, market/competitive etc. To call Corbett a lunatic is, again, just a slur.

15:05. Dude, did you read my comment? Corbett's argument boils down to saying that if a government scientist says something then it must not be true. It was government scientists within the FDA and ultimately the Surgeon General that came out in 1964 and declared smoking to be hazardous to your health. That's what smoking has to do with this. Understand now? Or did that still go over your head?

If you watch his other videos on the subject, Corbett thinks global warming is a money-making scam by government scientists. His analysis of the scientific data is laughable. He uses the logical fallacy of argument from ignorance...that if calculating the average global temperature is difficult to do or understand, then it must not be possible.

And sorry if I'm not as impressed by his ancap credentials as you seem to be. Even pseudo-anarchists like Corbett can be lunatics.

His experience is that people appear to want to hear the worst: The Corbett and Steele interview is well worth listening to for all you people who can't stand 'good news.' It's as if people are being conditioned into a negative state of mind and to hear news which is contrary to the negative onslaught is too much to handle: it means having to get off your ass and think... and not buy into all that constructed negativity to suit your hard fought-for nihilistic 'fuck it' pose!

We paleo-nihilists are anti-negativity " oh its soooo fucking good to be an ubermansch individual " braggart! We live in the Now apocalypse gleefully!

We PA's have better things to do than entertain the propertarian-hallucinations of any Paultard libertarian morons. They have two choices - either mine crypto-wealth for us, or spend five years in an anarchist re-education through labor camp.

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