Human of steel: a documentary about anarchist fighter in Rojava

  • Posted on: 22 October 2018
  • By: thecollective

From Pramen

Greek anarchists from RUIS (Revolutionary Union of International Solidarty) have issued a documentary about martyr Haukur Hillmarson, an Iceland anarchist, who joined the Revolution and died few month ago while defending Afrin.




Haukur is/was great. But this is not a documentary at all. This is a plain and simple, one-dimensional propaganda video.

An ideal anarchist brigade woulld have been so adaptive and unpredictable that they would have thrown the Turkish military offensive into disarray. Only a few dozen crazy anarcho-nihilist fighters would have sufficed. But sadly, instead, we've been having anarchist Westerners falling under the bullets of an Islamic fascist regime and its petty, short-fused manchilds who never drew a difference between toys and tanks, and all this because they had to bend to the orders of democratic councils. We still haven't unveiled even a fraction of the potential of anarchist insurrection... and all the people in the West have been wanking about was continental philosophy or dumb support to Left activism. What a waste of potential, and lives at the same time... Let's hope some upcoming generation gets it.

Nope anarcho-nihilists would not have had anything to do with any war simply because consciencess objectors such as them don't believe in any cause, nation state or ideological process. I say this not disrespecting those who choose to believe in a cause, that being their psychology to find themselves in a foreign country far from their family putting their lives on the line for a belief, very brave and unselfish, but no, we nihilists, especially the paleo variety, are pacifists unless an attacker comes to our home and bursts through OUR OWN space. RIP everyone.

*conscientious objectors* Auto-correction is woohoo incorrect sometimes.

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