Santiago, Chile: Anarchist Kevin Garrido murdered in prison

  • Posted on: 5 November 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

via act for freedom now! (update: this post has since been removed)

“Time is just time and the future is uncertain, the attack is here and now … There is a present to ignite and explode! War in the present! ” Kevin Garrido

“Although solidarity is always important – in every aspect – we cannot agree with many actions that are done in support of those with whom we have affinity, even if they are always necessary. We believe that an important part of recognizing oneself as revolutionaries lies in being disposed  – as I am – to attack the State apparatus and capital. In this way we believe that solidarity must transcend words, forge itself in attack and thus turn into constant action against order. Because the recognition of affinity must be accompanied by complicity and experiences, creating an indissoluble link between the anonymous.”  International Conspiracy for Revenge / Deflagrating Cell Gerasimos Tsakalos

Yesterday morning 2 November 2018, anarchist comrade Kevin Garrido was murdered!

On November 19, 2015, at around 3.30 am,18-year-old anarchist comrade Kevin Garrido was arrested by civilian police while he was on his bicycle following the explosion of an home-made device placed near the “Training School of the Penitentiary of the Gendarmerie “. Later anarchist Joaquín Garcia, 22, was also arrested while he was inside his home, accused of having participated in other attacks and reported as being “financier”.

At the time, Kevin was accused of the explosive attack on the Penitentiary where he was arrested, of possession of 625 grams of black powder found in his home in San Bernardo and of the failed attack against the 12th Comisaria. (At dawn on 29 October 2015, anonymous hands placed an explosive device, consisting of a fire extinguisher full of black powder, at the 12th Commissariat of San Miguel, a device placed at around 2 am. The bomb was placed near the intersection of the Grand Avenue and Alvarez of Toledo, near the courts of appeal of San Miguel and Fiscalia sur, precisely at the gate of the police station.)

Joaquín was only accused of the attempted attack on the 12th Comisaria, an action claimed by the Conspiración Internacional por la venganza / Célula deflagrante Gerasimos Tsakalos.

According to the Fiscalia (public prosecution) the cell phone used to detonate the explosive charge was used, at some point, by a family member of Joaquin. At the hearing to validate the arrest videos from surveillance cameras of the previous days were also shown, showing some silhouettes passing there, according to the accusation it was the inspections previous to the action.

The comrades were transferred to the maximum security prison of Santiago Uno. Kevin was sentenced to 17 years.

Yesterday November 2, 2018 he was murdered inside the special prison of Santiago 1, stabbed by some common law prisoners.


via: informazioneanarchica

Translated by Act for freedom now!



Rest in power Kevin. Solidarity from the great lakes to his comrades in Santiago and to all anarchist prisoners

What's with the presumed distinction between common law and statute law as to the identity of the killers as murderers? In prison, there is only one law once you are inside, yet this revolutionary group are already making themselves out to be judges in a case of homicide.

This person was not an anarchist, he wrote it himself in a public letter (you could make the effort to read his letters at least), and I don't think he would like people to remember him as an anarchist.
He made clear statements about his "eco-extremist" tendency, defending ITS ideas. Maybe you did not notice that most of anarchist websites didn't publish anything about him for that reason.

If you go to the blog of this psychopaths (maldicion ...) you can read "funny" death threats on anarchist comrades ... and I think for that reason, but not only, anything linked with ITS has clearly nothing to do on a site called "Anarchist news", because it would be a clear proof of non solidarity towards all the comrades around the world who received death threats from this internet geeks, because they openly hate anarchists and hope their deaths, but also because they are unable to defend their sick ideas, and bark like mad geeks as soon as someone show them that they are no more than load of rubbish in a world full of frustrated children that are still trying to resolve their oedipal stage by targeting random people and writing childish insults to their elders ... In Europe we have teenagers going to Syria for the Jihad, in Latin America they have ITS ... everyone to his loser !

In a text post from 2015 in one of their blogs, ITS show that they don't make a difference between anarchists and jihadists .. they said that they don't share the ideas of both, as they are out of "political or religious" positions, but that they can take good manuals from them ... in the world of ITS, you have in one basket the whole world, so, jihadist and anarchists together, and in the other only their Lordship from the Wildness.

>Maybe you did not notice that most of anarchist websites didn't publish anything about him for that reason[Citation Needed].

I honestly want to know why he was killed in there. Poppin off at the mouth to the wrong people? They know something we don't? Any info would be nice. It was painful to read that he was murdered in there.

Its not called "murder by inmate" inside a prison, its called " not watching your back in a lawless jungle". There is no political distinction inside the big house, you either have no enemies or expect the full retribution of enemies, even if they are outside. Killing contracts are freely negotiable, and IT have attracted the wrath of the whole Chilean culture.

And what does it mean to be "watching your back" when guards are letting some brutes get in your cell in the middle of the night to stab you? Not sure anyone has such back-watching powers to defend themselves in such cases... or would this means they should avoid gaining all the public hate from the whole "Chilean culture" so they don't get stabbed by cowards?

Also, funny notion of the law of the jungle, for concealed environments that are entirely under the control of cops. Perhaps you been confusing a *zoo* for a jungle?


I'd like to know if these "anarcho"-snitches would react the same way if one of *theirs* was murdered in prison. Particularly if it was permitted/facilitated by guards. Or how they would react if a black political prisoner was murdered by Nazis in prison (even if they were an authoritarian black nationalist who had declared their hatred for anarchism). These people have no eye for consistency or for how a precedent or tactic will impact on them and theirs.

It would also be interesting to establish what kind of prison he was in. Most prisons in South America are controlled by inmates who are organised in gangs. Guards patrol the perimeter but have next to no control. I'm guessing this is where the "law of the jungle" impression comes from. But political prisoners are sometimes kept in supermax-style facilities where the guards have very extensive control. Some of the language in the post, as well as the nature of his "crime" suggest he might be in one of these. If he's in an ordinary prison then his killing would have to be carried out or at least permitted by the dominant gangs. If he's in a supermax-like setup then nobody could murder him without guards' active collusion.

No, in supermax the prisoners pass eachother in the clinic doorway when they are wheeled in on trolleys. This in when one could with a windmill motion of the arm swing a shiv into the heart of anotner prisoner when their trolley is adjacent to it.

First, I really don't see why anarchists should care about everyone, and specially why they should care about ass-holes who want them dead (ITS is quiet clear on that, in case you didn't realize). Would this ass-holes, or like you said, "black nationalists", would care about me if someone kill me in jail ? No, so why should I ? I am not Mother Theresa !

Second, I think you don't know really why you are talking about .. there's no such jails in Chile ... please, try not to think that all South American countries are all the same. Plus, your gang thing sounds much more like central American ...

And by the way, there's very a lot of people getting killed in jail in Chile, but also all over the world ... do you really think that anarchists should pass their time talking about people getting killed in jail ? Do you think that anti-civ talk everytime someone die in a car accident ?
A solution to prevent such tragedies in jail is to organize around this topic, and to have contacts inside, so when people have a friend going to jail he could already have contacts, so not to be alone, and in this way being a bit "protected" ... but apparently Kevin had no interest in making the effort to have friendly contacts with other inmates ... and in this case, well it's quiet obvious that it wouldn't end good for him. Making compromises in jail (at least with inmates) is a matter of surviving, and well, the ones unable to do it end like Kevin ... and may that be a lesson, that despising others in such environment is suicidal.

That's really s3xist, as if Kevin died becaus3 he wasn't willing to do sexual favors to survive, or that he was homophobic and was not willing to compromise by taking on a gay persona to survive. What the hell is the problem in Chile, is it all that Latino machismo that makes you so tough?

WTF! Next you'll have anarchist inmates wanting councelling whilst in prison, or wanting bodyguards to protect their tender little asses from abuse! Next time before you get busted for vandalizing and spray painting obscenities on the walls of banks or McDonalds or super-gluing ATMs think about how much of a hammering your nancyboy asses can withstand in one day and multiply that by 365!

Anarchist News is erasing comment criticizing ITS ??????????

He was defending the ideas of ITS !
Maybe you could learn spanish and read his letters, if you really want to make a martyr out of this guy !
And when ANews erase such a comment, while most of anarchist comrades around the world agreed not to publish anything about this person standing as our enemy, it means a lot.
I was a kind of defending LBC and ANews with the shitstorm about Atassa, but I was wrong. Your are defending our enemies, and you know it clearly, and you are so dishonest, by not even accepting any critics from such statements you are having. ITS want anarchists dead. And you are defending them ... maybe you should change the name of your site.

And erasing comments, so to pretend nothing happened, and to make people in North America believe this guy was an anarchist, is so disrespectful to comrades in Latin America who have to deal with this problem in their daily life !
Is it your way of showing that as a person from the US you are so superior to Latin American comrades ? Because it really looks like that ... and I will tell just one more thing : if comrades from Mexico or Chile consider that ITS is a clear enemy, because they receive death threats, because ITS put bombs in their places (like in the auditorio of the UNAM), because this assholes are killing random people like fucking serial killers, then you have to shut your mouth of Yankee, and for once in you life, stop believing that you are superior to people living in the "third world" ... because right now, it really looks that you are behaving like a fucking paternalist, despising comrades statements because they are just Latino.

You do realize that this news article, which is fully credited to Act for Freedom Now, was first posted on AFFN and before that the Spanish version was first posted on 325 and before that in Spanish and Italian by other anarchist news sites including Round Robin, etc, BECAUSE it IS OF INTEREST to anarchists and the anarcho-curious, right?

You do realize that Garrido, his writings, his communiques, etc still appear on prominent anarchist news sites including CNA and 325 and his solidarity statements with anarchists like punky Maury and others is still widely quotes in anarchist circles by anarchists to this day?

You do realize that posting a news article that is relevant to anarchists and the anarcho-curious is what anarchist news sites, do, right?

You also realize that ANEWS is the only anarchist site that has a comments section where outraged babies like you can screech at other anarchists from the safety of your sofa about things you likely have nothing to do with.

Or are you unable to see clearly through your tears?

to the person posting that this was posted on 325, it actually wasn't, they posted another article that was the text of a flyer, and then they pulled it a couple of days later.

Stop snitching!

This was in response to a comment that was hilariously removed, not the one above it in a thread. Remain calm.

I am still trying to find the link between this homie and the ITS...everyone seems to be freaking out over...? And also still trying to figure out why he was killed in prison.

"Falsamente me tildaron de anarquista y supusieron que ante el gran número de policías agacharía la cabeza y no respondería. ". Noviembre 2016, Kevin Garrido

"Detesto hasta la tirria el discurso eco-extremista, me distancio completamente de sus razones, su misticismo y las apologías a personificaciones absurdas. Rechazar la masa y sus valores es lógico y consecuente, pero asumir como propios todos los valores contra-hegemónicos sólo por serlo, es una estupidez." Enero 2017, Joaquin García (the person sentenced in the same case as Kevin, who obviously is really not agree with his friend)

An then, you could read that : before continuing to spread lies on internet.
And if you don't want a debate, you can just erase this article who pretends that an anarchist died in jail, why the person didn't want to be called an anarchist, and even despised anarchist statements.

Thank you for sharing this information that has not been circulated as far as I know. So I read his communique. It sounds like he is OK with harming or killing "innocent citizens" am I correct? I did not see any claim to ITS tho. I found myself agreeing with alot of what he said. I am not a fan of the ITS glorified harm or collateral damage. In my opinion its just not necessary and there are so many worthy targets to focus on. What I am wondering is, did he get killed in prison due to assumed connections with ITS? He honestly seemed defient through and through.

he was clearly one of the main culprits involved in those demented egoist attacks published on 325, that caused the controversy on random violence even before ITS was a thing. It seems the guy was for real in his views, bordering on Novatore's philosophy, yet there's a part in insurgency he didn't get..

Waging war implies doing what's necessary to defeat your enemy. Not what's cool/edgy/feel-good, or anything else that serves as a morally-intense gesture towards some cause. Like Mauricio Morales who fell entirely out of his lust for sheer violence. This is not a warrior's way. This is a jihadist's/Crusader's way.

as he appears to have rejected all logic and consistency, he ends up doing attacks that got a void in between the act itself and the intended (unclear) goals. Very messy.

Driven solely by FAITH and passion, in defense of tactics that only were effective at harming a few unrelated people, who're just innocent at living within society. This is sooo Aum Shirinko.

Just to be clear, Mauricio Morales had an accident, and he was nothing compare to a crusader, even less a jihadist. He was part of a lot of different activities, singing in a band, organizing activities for children, etc. He did not despise people in general, like Kevin did, at least in his letters, and I prefer thinking that he really meant what he wrote.
I find the idea of the martyr really not interesting, and to me it sounds religious. But at least Mauricio Morales deserved to be remembered by comrades ... Kevin didn't. From one day to another he decided that killing random people was so funny, after doing attacks signed with the name of an anarchist ... I don't want to interpret what happened to Kevin, but he choose his path, far far away from anarchists, and his death is not erasing his choices.

And by the way, as Kevin was in jail for an action signed with the name of a CCF member : the CCF made several clear statements against non discriminate attacks ... as well as Severino Di Giovanni (as ITS already made quotations from him). The only anarchist name that they could use is the one of Emile Henry, but still, we are talking of a very different time, in a very different society, so even this one is not fitting with their serial killer's fetishism ... they should better make quotations of the IRA or ETA, at least the bombings of the Hipercor and of Omagh are just what they like.

It must be stressful and tiresome to be this emotionally invested in maintaining an anarchist identity.

I don't think anyone is defending where ITS ended up in its development.

But since the tendency began as anarchist and then broke from it in favour of a kind of puritanical reactionary, mysticism, going to a very dark place that apparently lies just across the hazy borders from some of the accepted anarchist positions … MAYBE, that should be "of interest to anarchists"?

Act For Freedom now have actually pulled this article, it's no longer to be found on their website.

I don't blame them. They probably didn't want to deal with the headache of screeching babies writing them nasty emails because they read about something someone once said about something on the internet the have zero to do with.

I think it's more in line with their stance against ITS / Eco-Extremism in general, they have regularly posted articles that are against it.

Contra info also originally posted the Spanish news.

The pigs in Chile also don't want people to think or talk about Garrido.

They even attack funeral processions and run over anarchists in mourning.

Luckily anarchist news sites like Contra Info and ANEWS aren't too cowardly to cover these stories that are relevant to anarchists and the anarcho-curious, especially the compxs in SA and MX.

¡Venganza por lxs muertxs insumisos en prisión!

RIP Kevin! You are not alone! Disorderly anarchy! Death to the civilization regime!

I don't get it!? ITS and their associates generally think that it is hilarious when another human bites the bullet; or sucks the shank as seems to be the case here. They were laughing about that reporter person who was friends with the hambacher forest crew who died a little while ago, but they seem to be genuinely mourning the death of Kevin Garrido? I have always admired and found solace in the ITS hatred for ALL humanity but now they seem to be just like any other humanist activist garbage by insisting that we all must mourn this Kevin Garrido character as though we were a part of some kind of church congregation. On their website ( they have been dedicating whole communiques to him in that ridiculous style made popular by the fucking choir boys of anarchism. I am really disappointed with the two most recent ITS communiques that are both love letters to Kevin Garrido. I really hope that they are just overly shook up because of maybe them knowing Kevin personally. I hope that it is not long until ITS return to their indiscriminate ways and leave the soulful mourning to the crybaby church of anarchist snitches. On a more positive note I am really happy to see some of my favorite blogs and websites listed in the recommended blogs section of the ITS blog! Lots of other recommendations I've really got to take some time to peruse as well! Just go to if you are not there already (I am always there!) and check out the column on the left hand side, then scroll down until you hit a section titled OTROS BLOGS RECOMANDOS. All the good stuff is there, ITS have great taste in reading!: Little Black Cart (of course!!), Black Seed (fuck yes!), Feral Culture (blog of UK anti-civ stalwart Julian Langer- definitely a writer to keep an eye on!) and a bunch of other really neat links. I was a bit taken aback to see that ITS are into Gods & Radicals too!- I bet G&R head honcho Rhyd Wildermuth will get a real kick out of knowing his site is recommended by the indiscriminate terrorist mafia down south! I'm really happy that Anarchist News continue to report the news that other pussy whipped anarcho sites are too cowardly to publish. And I hope ITS get back on track soon and do some more attacks to shake up the anarchist supported establishment- DEATH TO ALL HUMANS! FORWARD ITS!

>definitely a writer to keep an eye on

buy it now for $0 money down

There might be more than a few eyes on Langer

I dunno, just file a complaint or something...

Forward... yeah, uh, forward. Like go do that by the edge of a really high bridge.

So doctor bones is published by gods n radicals sooooo that means that doctor bones likes its.... Right? Answer, yes (judging by all of this other logic in this thread)

OMG bones likes ITS, wait till I tell ARR

Well I DO like ANYTHING that leads me to those SWEET sweet PATREON DOLLARS!

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They arnt necessary anti human but anti-civilisation and anti hyper domesticated human. They are rather positive of wild humans who resist Civilisation and domesticated humans (themselfs and Kevin) who act out their wildness in active Nihilism against Civilisation and the Civilised. Like dogs escaping from a household and killing another dog to get close to being a wolf.

And can all dogs return to being a wolf? ITS doubts it in their pessimism of the potential of humanity to gain feral counciouness (whatever English) compared to anticiv thinkers. So they gave little hope on humanity.

Hey Yankees, can you listen to chilean comrades instead of pretending you have any ideas of what's going on in Chile ?????

Please read this and stop spreading lies :

"It is necessary in this social war to take a position that transcends personal feelings by being morally correct"

ah yes! moral correctness for the morally correct anarchy god!

13:31 I read your link, thanks by the way for clearing up all the ambiguous and contradictory reports about Kevin. I'm once again reminded how anarchists seem to be regarded as the lowest form of domestic terror by the authorities and also as the lamest collection of thinkers amongst the numerous sects of freedom fighters that now inhabit this world. Why is this, that anarchists stand alone, almost aloof, f4om all others, is it their ungodliness, their hatred of government, their alliance with femininism and the gay liberationists, their flirtation with identity politics, their acceptance of vacuum brained nihilistic amorality, their courting of council management and the maintenance of community roadworks, the removal of prisons housing sociopathic serial rapists and murders, all these complex mixtures and mutations which basically lumps their movement into the radical wingnut neoliberal category of activists, which makes ITS by comparison to be just a minor radical group of animal fetishing psychopaths.
Will anarchism always be the scapegoat to bare the brunt of blame for all other forms of activism and rebellion which endagers human life?

No u.


A friend of mine used to be an anarchist but he went to jail and converted to white supremacy and got all tatted up with Nazi symbols and slogans. A couple of months ago the screws put him in the wrong yard and he got stomped to death by a bunch of black prisoners. So I was wondering if anarchist news could do an article about him, and maybe we could have a riot for him somewhere too and celebrate him as the latest anarchist martyr? Also, I was wondering how can I get my blog linked on the ITS website?

You are a liar, you have no friends. Your mum explained to the whole class that these "friends" of yours are figments of you imagination and that you spend too much time on the internet pretending to be things you're not. Also your mum wanted us to ask you, why the prisoners gotta be black in your imaginary prison lie?

Also, your mum wanted me to remind you that anarchist news doesn't "do articles" but instead simply reposts articles from your very special favorite websites that you have no problems with. So don't be sad!

These are the Neo-Marxist grandchildren of Allende who now fill the ranks of ITS.

*facepalms, levitates and floats away*

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