Anews Podcast #89, 11.9.18

  • Posted on: 11 November 2018
  • By: thecollective

Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 89 for November 9, 2018. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Editorial: No one wants to see parents dance, by chisel
TOTW: No Fly Zones, with Aragorn! and Sport

This podcast is the effort of many people. This episode--

the sound editing was by Linn O'mable
what's new was written by jackie and narrated by chisel and Dim
Music!   1) SOPHIE - VYZEE
2) Grant - Awful Truth
3) Barrett Strong - Money (That's What I Want)
4) Lorn - Weigh Me Down
The Redacted segment is by Suds, et al.

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would you care to expand on them? Thanks. Interesting that Aragron! pondering over whether or not anarchy is just a word, similar to 'freedom' being just a word...a spook for those egoists out there. First question has to be: 'Who wants to go down the mine'? No one without coercion. So now what? All these fancy theories, what's the point if no one is willing to spend their life down the mine? Primitivism is the only other viable option with, maybe, a bit of horticulture thrown in. I have to wonder how much coercion went down in 1936 in Spain and who provided the anarchists which raw materials and did those anarchists think about who was going down the mines doing the worst of the grunt work?

I don't think that nonprofits are exploitative and abnegating by default, tho they usually turn out to be, due to their law-abiding and mainstream-appealing nature.

I was involved in a kind of blurry community restaurant/social club mainly focused on serving vegan meals on donations. Even tho we refused to incorporate and become an official nonprofit, the rent for the space and operational costs were astronomical, therefore it prevented us to make any significant income, no matter how hard anyone tried... so we ended up repeatedly struggling working for little else than to pay the landlord, in a way, which is lotsa efforts just to keep open what is a free space.

Is going for-profit a proper alternative? Not quite sure. This means asking for fixed prices, incorporating/legalizing, and therefore all the burden of having to abide all the horrendous regulations that apply to a food service. And in my region the health administration bureaucrats are the Spanish Inquisition. Doing enough profits means having ultra-steep standards of service and etiquette which would mean basically being a bourgie restaurant where street people, nomads and other marginals are likely to be both economically AND culturally blocked.

So the other way would be to have not-for-profit projects that are less demanding in terms of costs, obviously. Food trucks, squatted spaces, FnB-type activities n such, or just some derelict rented space nobody wants.

What are the other options for any more profitable anarcho-business? In a heavily-regulated social context it's pretty hard to be going upscale and rich without going through some capitalist gangs. Rackets? Loan-begging, I guess?

Or what about relations that just get rid of the need for money in the first place?

Why do you sound like you're talking about anarchism as some kind of capitalist venture, in the Midwest? Are you seeing the anarchist clientèle of this region, or any, other as potential buyers and chain producers of anarchist materials?

This is so strange... anarchism cannot be about making money. It ain't opposed in any way... it's just not about doing any specific financial practice. Furthermore this claim that individual businesses are capitalist while those group-based are anarchist, is... suspicious? I'm wondering if you have an idea of what capitalism, or if you're just bluntly redoing the base semantics. Profits can be made individually like in groups, but way more often the tendency goes towards collectively-sourced capital accumulation & consolidation. Like corporations are usually run by groups, collectives of "investors", more than just some self-made men.

There's gonna be something in those statements near the end that I misunderstood...

You have me. I have no idea what these assertions are based on. Can you at least cite one thing I said that "sounds like anarchism is some kind of capitalist venture?" Thanks.

it sounds like you're confusing the redacted section with the aragorn! section.
aragorn! does the topic of the week. Redacted is other folks.

Are you really trying to tell me that Aragorn wasn't on a three-way call with himself, using three different voices, to try and cover his tracks? Yeah, right! Nice try, Aragorn! I see through your nefarious scheme to undo base semantics!

SUDS is the one trying to sneak anarco-entrepreneurialism back in to accepted @ discourse. Work on your aim if you're going to point the finger!

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