What's new with LBC - November 2018 Update!

  • Posted on: 14 November 2018
  • By: aragorn

From Little Black Cart

Little Black Cart - November Update!

Other than the smoke this is a great time of year. California doesn't really have four full seasons but part of the year we choose to wear hoodies and part of the year we need to wear them. Welcome Fall!

New Title

The Totality is Incomplete - by Alex Gorrion

Alex Gorrion will be familiar to anyone who has paid attention to The Anvil, which was (and still is, in a lingering fashion) primarily a journal of anarchist reviews of non-anarchist culture. Alex has done some of the most fun, exciting, interesting, and personal writing on that site, like a more accessible frere dupont. Alex is one of my favorite anarchist writers, and I wish for more writing by them, but until then, here are Alex's favorites from that site, collected for your reading pleasure, far away from the glowing screen. These articles include thoughtful and critical responses to Tiqqun texts; popular music icons like Jewel and Kanye (yes, I did just put them in the same sentence); thoughts on brilliant anarchists like Novatore and Isabelle Eberhardt (anarchist in spirit, if not in name), and so much more.

For more information - A Full and Fighting Heart: Writings by Paul Z Simons

Sad News! We will not be in Seattle

One of our favorite bookfairs has decided to not let us table this year. #sad

Here is their only communication with us about it (they haven't responded to requests for more information)

Dear LBC:

After significant discussion, the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair 2018 collective has decided that we are not open to LBC tabling at this year’s bookfair. This decision was made in light of serious, long-standing concerns raised by many individuals about a multitude of behaviors, patterns, and decisions by members of LBC that have caused substantial harm to anarchist comrades across a wide range of locations.

We thus are unable to allow LBC to table at the 2018 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair.

Thank you for your understanding.

LBC SABF Contest 2018

In light of having nowhere to go this weekend we'd like to curate a contest! Alongside our friends at Anokchan and Anarchy Planet IRC we'd like to make some memes about Behaviors, Patterns, and Decisions (see letter to LBC in last section). Use the hash tag #SABF. The winner will win a $50 gift certificate to Little Black Cart.

  1. Make a meme (make sure to tag it with SABF)
  2. Post it to http://anokchan.org (use anon/anon or create an account) or another imageboard or platform if you so desire
  3. Email us with URL!
  4. Go to https://irc.anarchyplanet.org/ to brag about your cleverness
  5. Go to this page to see the competition

BTW here is an example meme. It isn't funny (we prefer funny!) but demonstrates the idea.

The Year of Clearing 2019

A lot of things are changing in anarchyland. Ex-anarchists rose over $65,000 to start a communist magazine at the same time anarchist projects keep shrinking and disappearing. What gives?

In 2019 LBC is going to host a moderated discussion, with a new theme every month, on http://sorbet.littleblackcart.com. We intend to use this discussion to build a guide for contemporary anarchists and we intend to participate in it. We will discuss topics such as identity politics, what is the future of North American Anarchism, and of course antifa.

Become an Intern

In a program that we're really happy with, LBC hosts a new intern every three months. If you are interested in becoming a close friend with LBC and being exposed to the ideas and personalities around the project and our environs, if you've been wanting time and encouragement to work on, or start, that awesome anarchist project you've had in mind, feel free to reach out to us at our email address for more information. We are currently looking for interns for Q2 and Q3 in 2019!

Social Networking

Here is our dumb Twitter feed

Stupid Facebook

Politics is the enemy of anarchy, and it knows it.



https://partiallyexaminedlife.com/2017/08/28/ep170-3-debord/ This conversation is well worth listening to as it raises primitivism, anarchism and marxism as they discuss the relevancy or not of the situationists. maybe another podcast to list if anews decides to put a list of podcasts together? Also Bellamy and Layla AbdelRahim have an interview available on Layla's website. I know this is not LBC specific but I didn't know where else to post this stuff on this site.

LBC = Loudly Braying Clowns

Oh my god that’s SO clever! Did the big bad publisher hurt your feelings? I’ll make you some hot chocolate

Did the big bad #SABF hurt the publishers feelings? I'll make you some memes

I made the hot chocolate. I’m not connected with LBC, but I’ll bite. What’s SABF?

Seattle Anarchist Book Fair

regarding communist fundraising and close-minded bookfairs:

not many see a way out of this current paradigm.

politics blocks understanding by building positions. in our case these positions center around easy answers (usually stemming from resseniment) to life’s complex, and potentially unsolvable problems. instead of realizing humans aren’t in charge and never were, we’re witness to the massified man breaking down into the politics of despair. with that despair i notice a lot of contempt for vast parts of existence. i see some of the promises of tech made from broken ‘boy geniuses’ that really and truly hate the world if not existence itself and want to see it replaced as they set fit (tm).

that leads me to my next point. the memory of the bush years is forgotten in the onslaught on distracting and alarmist algorhythms that reward negative feedback loops. self harm manifests in addictive quantities of blue light. an invasion of sleep, and the colonization of inner life. a Big Man manifests the drunken war vet’s unadressed ptsd and so much of society seems to start mirroring the abuser.

trump should be a signal (god this signal to noise ratio lately) that NO ONE human or group of humans is in control. neil postman pointed out in 1987 that human activity like the news, like education was to be converted to entertainment. he also pointed out how the news presents us with a world for which we CANNOT meaningfully act one. what better way to program a complex society than to have anger being channeled into predictable outcomes? the whole language of power shifted into finance which is about managing risk, for risk avoidance. what was the point of those mid terms again? a stunt just for this purpose.

instead, apocalyptic thinking is spreading. the left has nothing to offer. saying ‘at least we’re not as bad’ as the worst example of the room is still not owning up to any responsibility or alternative behaviors as examples of the contrary. also said, ‘the whole world is dying,’ whether true or not. the planet is always changing, so the facts are never all in. we’re currently in a Grand Solar Minimum until 2022, and it’s never taken into consideration.

what is: the continual war under way to monetize and weaponize whatever parts of inner and outer life that can be converted into data.

measurements, results and other abstractions count equally to capitalists and communists. it’s no surprise whatever continuations of what is find guises to be more popular than people critiquing herding behavior.

we would be really wise to continually start from scratch at a granular level with a critique of everyday life as it is really lived.

one should be wary of politics, and the categorical positions created just for people to fall right into, so predictably. even darwinism is not founded on actually conducted research into natural events. darwin was excelent in creating his own mythology. his is not based on science, evidence gathering, or scientific inquiry, so much as the writings of Malthus and their pseudo-science within. the paradigm of ‘darwinism’ was a great mantle for people in power’s positioning. there’s a great, yet dry, deep dive into darwin out called,’ Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker’ for anyone interested. Self-mythologizing and suppressing acknowledging any inspirations or sources in order to self-agrandize: Victorian Fake News. (it’s an old game folks!).

there are interests in gift economy, land projects, east-meets-western spiritualities, etc...occuring. but they’re relatively unmapped, and spoken about softly. some people’s loud voices getting amplified by rewarding computer programming doesn’t mean we’re getting the full story.

-someone never amongst these so-called many anarchists put in danger across the world by a publishing project.

(ps, wanna know what’s dangerous? diesel fumes. 66% of the american diet is comprised of these inflammatory compounds: sugar, white flour, industrial seed oils. sugar lowers immune defenses (50% for 24hrs after ingestion),is responsible for diabetes (100 million US), most cancers feed on sugar (~80%) as does Alzheimer’s (being called type 3 diabetes. the artificially overstimulated mind CANNOT seem to recognise credible threat matrices)

Hot chocolate here. Seattle, the mini drama. The tempest in a teapot? I don’t know whether to SMDH or ROTFLMAO...

"Ex-anarchists rose over $65,000 to start a communist magazine"

Which magazine is this?

^^ Clover and Spahr of "Commune" are communists associated with goofy Ciccariello-Maher, IGD turds, anarchist bashing etc and call out culture with two upcoming books on communes, both highly paid professors / poets lol

"This decision was made in light of serious, long-standing concerns raised by many individuals about a multitude of behaviors, patterns, and decisions by members of LBC that have caused substantial harm to anarchist comrades across a wide range of locations." Shameful! And what exactly are these concerns, patterns and behaviors? The U.S. has a bizarre anarchiste scene. Lorsque les anarchistes deviennent des dictateurs, nous avons un problème!

Translation: they're a bunch of smug, paranoid, edgelords who see Marxist conspiracies everywhere! As MURIKA as apple pie!
J/k (or am I?)

Here's your headline: SABF take the coward's way! A space that's "safe" from any dangerous ideas is doomed to stagnation.

But hey anarchy is about vague questions and not commiting to anything besides annoying discourse, faux criticism, and hitting people with glass bottles to show how punk you are.

aw come on … there's plenty of valid criticism mixed in there too!

So, Aragorn, what specific grounds did the organizers of the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair have for objecting to Little Black Cart tabling there? Did it have anything to do with the incident in the Bay Area, when Bob Black was physically attacked at a conference?

i'm not aragorn but i have excellent reading comprehension. above it says "Here is their only communication with us about it (they haven't responded to requests for more information)" and then it shows the entire letter.

I strongly suspect that Aragorn and others in the Bay Area understand more about this than they have mentioned publicly so far. These are obviously long-standing grievances, and I know very well that there have been confrontational incidents in the past that may have contributed to this decision by the organizers of the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair. Bob Black, for example, has long been a controversial figure in the anarchist milieu in North America. Apart from the physical assault against him in San Francisco, I well remember how I struggled - unsuccessfully - to get Black invited to anarchist events in Chicago twenty or more years ago. Lawrence Jarach has also been subject to some hostility among other anarchists, as has Jason McQuinn, back in the days when both he and Jarach were writing for Anarchy magazine.

Makhno -- Makhno mentioned me. I don't like him much but I like being mentioned because it shows that I have NOT been forgotten.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and the inventor of duct tape)

I've been following, and occasionally participating in, the anarchist scene in North America for more than twenty-five years, and there have always been intense arguments and intransigent posturing - and I am not exempting myself. This is not likely to change any time soon, but we could still benefit from a frank and thoughtful exchange of views from all parts of the anarchist spectrum. Toward that end, I propose a new North American Anarchist Conference specifically designed to bring together those anarchists of opposed viewpoints to discuss the most controversial and contentious issues that have divided us for decades.

This would involve inviting ideological enemies and some of the most polarizing personalities in the anarchist movement to speak, and to debate each other. Anarcho-communists, post-left anarchists, green anarchists, anarcha-feminists, Christian anarchists, anarcho-capitalists (yes, even them) - every anarchist tendency would be encouraged to attend and participate, with the understanding that all viewpoints may be safely aired, and all are open to challenge and spirited debate. This event may not heal any divisions - it may even sharpen them. I believe, however, that some clarity may be gained, and new lines of communication, new areas of cooperation, might arise as a result.

Clarity isn't the issue. A cesspool of anarchist plurality isn't the issue. More ideological dick measuring... NOT THE ISSUE

And why need there be only one issue? I don't expect a new conference to solve long-standing arguments among anarchists, or create some kind of "plurality". I do believe that exposure to new or contrary ideas about anarchism could benefit us all, since we are such a small and widely-dispersed group of people, and have ghettoized ourselves for far too long with our favorite web sites and Facebook pages.

That’s the origin of the BASTARD conference, and pretty soon, none of the “other” folks attended. They gave up trying to explain were never actually interested in real debate

Perhaps - and this is just speculation on my part - the BASTARD conference was handicapped by being too closely associated with one group of people or one tendency (post-left) in the anarchist scene in North America. If enough people were interested in the idea, a new national conference organized by anarchists from across the spectrum might get enough participation for at least one memorable event.

Publishing, meeting to discuss, sporting debate: these are all very fine things when they don't vastly out-pace the actual anarchist activity they're supposed to be an auxiliary of.


You don't live in an age that lacks discussion and the sharing of ideas. Quite the contrary, that's all anyone seems to do anymore.

I'm pretty sure that writing, publishing, and meeting to debate ideas counts as activity. It certainly did for anarchists like Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman when they were involved with the Modern School Movement in New York. Besides, one of the things that should be discussed at a conference is the variety of projects that anarchists are currently working on.

...Really? Can't think of anything more exciting that could be associated with the history of anarchism? Or apply to the broader term anarchy?

Is this question really embarrassing? Especially from somebody posting under the name of a guy who used to ride in to town and shoot all the bankers and landlords?

I think that one of the reasons for theoretical and practical impoverishment of anarchism today is the view that reading, discussion, confrontation of ideas, etc., are seen as "auxiliary" to "real" action. Historically very few anarchists saw it this way, including the "hardest" ones. The fact that meaningless chitchat is omnipresent does not mean that we -- or anyone else -- understand shit about this world. The more old revolutionary circles advance in their decomposition, the more this lack of shared understanding of common problems, common objectives (common desires for our more poetical friends) becomes fatal -- not only because actions are getting more and more repetitive and the same whatever the context, but more importantly because it's more and more difficult to coordinate collective forms of action on solid anti-authoritarian grounds.

I know very little on the recent NA anarchism history, but the people I've met seem to share the view that during the last several decades the US anarchism was at its height when there was serious intellectual work (I remember a period of Anarchy, but also Fifth Estate before it went below zero, among others that I probably don't know about). This shared intellectual work never posed any problems to those who wanted to go out there in one way or another. I really don't see the dichotomy.

You don't see the dichotomy just like fish don't see the water.

Sitting down and talking is usually associated with doing nothing. Unless you know instances of living room discussions creating new situations or changing the social realities through the redirection of air and sounds towards an object... Say, like, some metaphysical ritual aimed at an egregore!?

Ugh. I am so sick of leftists. Post-left and nihilist anarchists to the front please.

The front of WHAT? Even the damned mosh pit is too "transgressive" now.

This could be the conference that brings about some much needed clarity including potential formal discursive divorces and divergence and new synthesis.

and then I get to the bottom of the thread: the very comment, and there is Ziggy as per fuckin' usual! Damn. Maybe next time? It's like getting through the different levels of a game: nearly but not quite.

'Corrosive Consciousness' by Bellamy Fitzpatrick for those of us who live outside of the USA? It doesn't have to free, still at the same price but maybe a PDF?

who are not... technophiliacs, let us say.

I take it there's been some work for the mods?

and yes, some nonsense was excised.

i hope lbc and/or allies went to seattle to show sabf that anarchists don't follow rules, especially rules dictated by so-called anarchists. if i was on the west coast, i would totally be in seattle rattling their fucking brains. one doesn't need to be in total solidarity with lbc to have affinity with certain of their projects and perspectives.

but maybe this is just the death knoll for @ book fairs. long live leftist book fairs!

death toll vs grassy knoll?
(it should be death knell, but there’s a band name there somewhere)

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