Anarchy Radio 11-13-2018

  • Posted on: 13 November 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Mass shootings at crisis point, California ablaze at an unprecedented level. Surviving hunter-gatherers under siege. Basic irrelevance of the electoral sand box. "Google is helping relieve the drudgery of email - by revealing how inhuman it was in the first place. Japanese resistance to robotics. Action news, 3 calls.



So mass shootings don't have anything to do with guns? Fucking hilarious!

Would there be guns in an anarcho-primitivist society?

I've lived in indigenous societies which are very analagous to anarcho-primitive societies, and though guns were very prevalent, the integrated extended family and culture did not possess nor instigate the psychological pattern which leads to the mass-shooter profile and its sociopathic psychosis. Its a very very holistic empathic value system they embrass in their conflict resolution processes.

Which indigenous societies have you lived in?

South American Amazonian. I have to be very careful when I say the were analogous to anarcho-primitivist societies. Mainly because the indigenous society I lived in had embrassed many Western industrial tools such as the rifle and outboard motor as well as iron products, cell phone etc etc, yet still retained their law, moiety and clan customs, whereas contrarily, the anarcho-primitivists scorn many of these tools and still retain their Western morality and X-tian values.
Their intersection occurs at the point of respecting the value of all life, so not having mass shooting massacres is not exclusive just to these two societies, you will find it in many other societies.

Numerous countries with gun control also don't have mass shootings.

but you'll find that murder morphs into other things and the rate remains about the same(Australia for example). Switzerland has overall murder rates comparable to Scandinavian countries that are more on the control side.

There seems to be a correlation with 1) the socio-economic system in place, mainly the aggressive economic-rationalist school of capitalism 2)Predominantly Anglo-Saxon post-colonial population 3) Traditional Catholic education or other hyper-achiever success driven systems often with difficult home life4) the insulated nuclear family upbringing 5) alcohol and/or meth use or children living within this dysfunctional environment 6) Poor mental health research and intervention and care with some of the above capitalist societies and 7) fanatical ideological or religious eschatological myth based obsessions.
I include war and terrorist acts within the same category as Mass Shooting Phenomena .

Lol...complete bullshit. Gun injuries and deaths in the US massively dwarf those in other countries with stricter gun control.

The mass shootings tend to occur in U.S. states with the toughest gun laws. Tell me how they can occur in a region where open carry is legal... where a mass-shooter can get shot back immediately. The problem with these states is that there are other states with lax gun regulations, therefore even if the markets are controlled, you just gotta travel to a neighboring state to get an AR-15.

West Europe countries have been having several mass shootings, bombings, and car rampages, even if those countries got the tightest regulations on arms and firearms. Like France, who had some of the worst terrorist attacks over the last few years... do you know that it requires a fucking license to just get a paintball gun, over there? What mass-shooting can you do with a paintball gun?

"What mass-shooting can you do with a paintball gun?"

A hilarious one!

all those ICKY white working-class types, and all those SCARY brown and black types.
When ONLY the State and the Private Security Industry have all the guns, we will ALL be SAFE and secure.

The French State has a way to be clownish-funny and god-awful at the same time.

Incorrect 21:34 Mass shootings tend to correlate with the most populous states, regardless of gun laws.

The most mass shootings occur in California, Florida, and Texas.

How can mass shootings occur in a region where open carry is legal where a mass shooter can get shot back immediately? Well, they do. And they don't get shot back immediately, because even in open carry states the majority of the population are not armed. For that theory to even work, every single individual would have to be packing heat, and be willing to shoot in an active shooter scenario. Incidents where an armed civilian bystander has stopped an active shooter are extremely rare. The reality is when there's an active shooter, the situation is chaotic, noisy, and not always easy to respond to. Don't be fooled by gun nut hero fantasies. Many mass shooters are ex-military, and can get the drop on an civilian with a gun who has never experienced live combat in a war theater. Many mass shootings also occur in schools, and so we end up in the absurd Trumpian dystopia of training teachers to kill their own students.

As an anarchist, I'm not necessarily saying government gun control is the only answer, but the statistics are pretty clear...countries that have implemented gun control laws have reduced their mass shootings dramatically. The US is a complete outlier compared to every other developed industrial country. Gun control laws work in reducing the raw number of dead bodies from gun violence. So if that is the goal, then gun control is certainly an option that works. There might be other ways that don't involve the state, but that is something anarchists are going to have to figure out and offer people.

to put the willies up The State: to overthrow any thoughts of dictatorship-stylee ideas? If the people are not going to use them; even when that was that huge bailout in 2008, then you may as well have gun control and stop shooting each other at least.

Well, not quite...

Open-carry is permitted only in rural areas of California. It requires a license in Texas and Washington, and is boldly not allowed in Florida. There comes the issue of the setting, like in California... even if you got an open-carry state, not sure if there's so many people carrying guns in densely-populated areas (maybe there are in some cities, haven't explored all of the U.S). Sooo, it appears to be a more rural practice. Which makes sense. But mass-shootings occur in urban or dense suburban areas, so therefore these are still usually gun-free social environments.

Now let's talk about the much, much bigger and deadlier issue of cars...

Stupid drivers don't maim and kill people, CARS kill and maim people! BAN them! (Now how am I going to get to my jobs with all my tools?)

NEVER MIND the hundreds dead from the Paradise fire when all the bodies are finally found. (Maybe plopping a small city of closely-spaced bone-dry wood houses in the middle of the backwoods wasn't such a good idea. Somehow this "wildfire" managed to spare nearly all the wild trees in that city. I've seen 50-60 pics, a 33 minute video drive, and a drone flight thru the area after the sudden event.)

Or the protracted mass death of the Collapse - BILLIONS dead.
In the time that is to come, not long from now, "safety" is going to be in EXCEEDINGLY short supply.

"Savages" don't have "safety" (that obsession of "smart"phone-addled post-millennials).
They have resilience.

Well, 08:59. Like I said, it's mostly a population thing, regardless of gun laws. Whether the laws are strict or loose in certain areas, mass shootings happen pretty much all over the US. Rural areas, by definition don't have as many people, so any active shooters would naturally kill less people. Access to guns, regardless of the laws in specific areas seems to be the key. That's because if one city or county or state has strict gun laws, and neighboring cities or states don't, people will simply get there guns from the places with looser gun laws and bring them to their strict gun law states. In order for gun control to work effectively, it has to be a blanket national country-wide policy.

The more guns there are the more gun-related deaths and injuries there are. States with the most gun ownership have higher rates of gun-related deaths and injuries: One silver lining (from an anarchist perspective) is that places with more guns have more cop deaths from guns.

That's why the comparisons between countries is more valid and important. The US still has the highest number of mass shootings compared to any other industrialized country, including even some developing countries. And there are actually more gun related deaths in the US than even in Afghanistan: So the US is basically like a war zone, though not as bad as in South America and Latin America.

Your whataboutism with car accidents is a red herring. There were 37,133 deaths from vehicles in 2017: compared to 37,646 deaths from guns (including 22,000 suicides):

The anarchist take-away here isn't about gun control (cuz we're anarchists). The only conclusion is that americans are an extra special kind of fucked-in-the-head and you should avoid their POS country if at all possible.

Agreed. America is a third world corrupt banana republic shithole country on the verge of total collapse.

First off, even if the U.S. would become just as gun-controlling as Canada -where stupid single-shot pellet guns over 500 fps are forbidden, prolly due to some idiot in Ontario shooting pellets at a car, once- the high numbers of car-related deaths will remain very high... but that's not even accounting the countless non-humans being systematically killed on the roads.

The fact is that poaching is tightly repressed in North America, while you can basically get away with killing countless wild animals with your big truck. Rampage front bumpers (that basically are gigantic maces mounted on a truck) are legally allowed everywhere, and the insurances will cover it. There will never be any investigation against people killing animals on the roads, and also some reckless drivers got away with murdering cyclists and human pedestrians. Ever seen the news lately where jihadists and incels made it a new tactic for mass-murders?

This just in: I'm a blood-thirsty sociopath who wants to kill a few dozen people next week at the fair or the marathon, coz I really hate anyone who's challenging me, the motorist, as the King of the Road. I got a big truck and my driver's license I got 20 years ago is still valid. They never even asked me for psychiatric review! Suckas.

Where are the control laws for this????

09:06 can't tell if you're serious or not.

I was. But then again what's your point? Are you another specieist leftie by any chance?

Every anon is your strawman enemy. Hurl your accusations in to the funhouse mirror! Techno-alienation and confused, impotent anger!

15:25. What's my point in asking whether you were serious or not? That's your question?

Holy shit, your question is just as confused and random as your previous incoherent rambling comment.

If I wasn't an anarchist I would put a bulletin out on this person, yeah I know, typical liberal response to threats, but if the FBI are tapped into this conversation and can access IP addresses, now is the time. Yeah, I know, I'm a traitorous snitch, but I don't believe innocents should suffer at the hands of slimy anonymous narcissistic psychopaths!

20:46, there was absolutely nothing incoherent in my comment, or you simply don't understand coherence, or are hiding behind cheap ad hominems just because you ran out of coherent arguments yourself to justify more State control on firearms. This, coming from a potential anarchist...

"...there was absolutely nothing incoherent in my comment, or you simply don't understand coherence, or are hiding behind cheap ad hominems just because you ran out of coherent arguments yourself to justify more State control on firearms. This, coming from a potential anarchist..."

Nothing incoherent? Seriously?

21:02 First you started talking about 'single shot pellet guns',(WTF?) then pivoted to 'car accidents',(WTF?), then went off the rails with something about 'poaching' (WTF?), then pivoted again to 'murdering cyclists' (WTF?), then something about getting a 'driver's license 20 years ago' (WTF?).

Take your pills.

Its 09:06. Would you like to talk about your problem? Is it at work, home, your gay boyfriend or some alienated minority identity group, or your addiction? We can talk about this. Please get back before you do something foolish and pointless.

Aaaaahhhhh now this is where you've been wondering whether I was kidding, You could have just said it, or quoted that part of the comment, and avoid another comment cascade.

So here's to help you out.... No, OBVIOUSLY I was NOT planning to ram a few dozen people at some upcoming event.

Then why was I saying that? To impress you? To make you laugh or cry? Not quite...

It was: to exemplify a purely fictional scenario, where your gun laws bear ZERO consequence on a mass-murdering maniac's actions, as cars have proven to be effective tools for mass-slaughter and terrorism, just as they are equally death machines four wheels and above.

So no I neither have the means or desire to do a car rampage. All I got as personal transport is a bicycle.

If you got going down a hill, you might kill someone or maybe just really, really hurt them? Also yourself!

A tandem pushbike in a mall with the pinion lobbing Molotovs is still within your capability, and even though you say you wouldn't do such a thing, most serial killers are exigent about their innocence. Just to jest about such are scenario means that the thought of executing such an evil act upon society is a potential perverted goal lurking within you.
Or you're just a troll.

YOU'RE the troll, TROLL. J'accuse!

21:20 You wouldn't be middle-class by any chance, recently unemployed and in debt, have a drinking or meth addiction problem, and are white Anglo-Saxon or Aryan? OMG pleeeease say noooo to these characteristics pleeeeeease *gasp*

Real 09:06 OK dude, you've got you 15 minutes of fame in a petty sort of a way on an anarchist blog site, so you can drop all you terrifying plans and just resume you normal mundane life in the suburbs, okay?

fuck gun control, try bullet control.

Going one better, try aiming control ;)

There is a glaring reason why in the last eleven high-profile gun massacres, each of the killers or suspects passed a background check. In other words, the eligibility is not based on the psychological profile but the criminal history or social status of the applicant, thus checks would have done nothing to prevent these massacres.

Adding to the fact that, in Canada, the provincial police has the FULL monopoly on whoever gets a gun license. Yes, you gotta ask the cops for approval. That is how the gun control works. So whatever prejudice, stereotype or incompetence come into play, it will be held as the final argument for their decision. (i.e. you're poor and jobless, or non-White... forget about having even a .22 LR. Mass-murders are a middle-class White man's privilege).

Well yes, the middle-class white man's values are predominantly those behind the trigger. Some councilling could avert many incidents, however these values do not relate to accepting advice, which is seen as weak. Remember, many shooters are machismo driven and blame the failures of others for their own problems. I have had alot to do with councilling in an informal environment. I can calm down and make folk come to their senses often.

"Packing heat" Gotta give it to the Muhrikans, gun related slang at its best, also "ventilator" "hot lead" "widow-maker" "equalizer"

Embrace, embracing, embraced, damn autocorrect!

For chrissakes, slingshots are banned in some countries, any liberal scholar got the statistics for the number of deaths attributed to rock throwing or blunt object trauma?

Sharp object must be knife, spear, scissors, wooden stake, icepick. Any figures for these? Lets get this turned inside out and compared.
Include plane, car, bus, train, boat and animal please.

Motorbike, bicycle and rickshaw, poison, drugs, diseaes, also.

I've got some global figures for the last 20 years but not sure which year it was. In descending order >
32,850,163 ------ old age
28,951,063 ------ alcohol and tobacco
22,557,921 ------ heart attack
8,528,581 ----- malaria
4,876,943 ----- starvation
4,570,153 ----- cancers
3,916,409 ------ other diseases
1,957,828 ------- car accidents
1,791,630 ------- suicide
1,567,931 -------other poisons and drugs
1,340,675 -------gun, knife and deadly weapon including wars and acts of terror
1,162,492 ------- animal related, shark, crocodile, snake, poisonous vermin
2,592 ------- drowning
1,853 ------- burning
1.175 ----- aeroplanes, gliders, balloons
964 ------ falling from heights
421 ------ freezing to death.
So one can see its not really such a big deal when one considers other preventable deaths.

old age is a preventable death? cool!


No one heeds my suggestions, this is a socially acquired syndrome which can only be stopped by changing fundamental capitalist ideological cultural values.
All this chitter and chatter about control, although well intentioned, is a futile exercise. Listen to me folks, I know this sounds condescending, but I know this will work. Take up nihilistic values and the negative revengeful ressentiment and spiteful backlashes that reside in your mind will disappear forever.

Lol....there's a reason why no one heeds your suggestions.

And btw, most of the countries with stricter gun control have "fundamental capitalist ideological cultural values". You're too stupid to be alive.

Yes exactly my point, the countries with the strictest gun laws are crypto fascist or neo-colonialist, thankyou, and they all as you agreed with, have " fundamental capitalist ideological cultural values" and you forgot to add, hyper-regulated and controlled in most aspects of life. I'll take my chances out in the mainstreet at high noon!

>Le Way (not verified)
How would you delete a comment without logging in?

That's what I want to know. How did his comment about "no one heeds my suggestions" get deleted?


I really don't see the point. If the masses are to have guns as their protection against a government/state who may oppress them, oppression has happened and is bearing down more and more on people, the result being the masses shooting at each other with no threat towards the state and no one questions this!

nobody NEEDS to have guns. my personal take is that as long as there are others out there with guns and a desire to impose their will on me - eg, the state - there is no reason i should NOT have my own. i'd much prefer to live in a world without guns, but that is not the world i live in. giving mine up for some victimization fetishists with an anti-gun dogma is not gonna happen.

Even when you have your own guns, you don't use them against the state. You're not fooling anyone with your bravado rhetoric.

Anyone who uses the state as a justification for having guns is a liar and a hypocrite. Even the most hard core gun nuts never turn their guns on the state. It's all talk.

uhm … wtf are you talking about? Nobody has ever shot at agents of the state? wtf is wrong with your brain?

Uhm....19:23 taking a few potshots at federal agents before being blown to smitherines in a hail of bullets is your justification for why people need firearms to defend themselves against the state? Seriously? You're actually going with that?

Please name one group of people in the last 80 years who have successfully and permanently fought off the federal government in an armed conflict. Go on...I'll wait...

God you people are fucking nuts.

So you just moved the goal posts on your original statement to keep from sounding like an idiot (but you still do tho). Are you always a self-righteous little weasel? You can switch topics if you want ...

This is the United States. Formerly the Confederate States of America. This was formed by an armed insurgency against the British Empire. No matter how the republicans who kicked the British out were a bunch of cannibalistic criminals and hardcore racists, you have a country based on this political organized use of guns against the State.

LMAO! Where have I been for 242 years? Gee, I didn't know we were talking about ancient history.

The US isn't "based on the political organized use of guns against the state". Where the fuck did you get that idea from? It only happened once a long time ago. You seem to have a romantic view of what the US is actually "based" on which you are still holding on to in your mind.

as the other commenter stated, you're an idiot for not just ignoring the Nazi threat that was real, but also to ignore how it's not the Civil Rights measures in the '60s that gave more power to Black people in the U.S., but their armed self-defense and counter-patrols of the streets in neighborhoods where they were under direct attack by White supremacists. And no, they just didn't wait for the Great Evening to come for grabbing a gun.

Whether or not guns are still tactically relevant in the information/social media age is another story, but the history of guns playing a key role in the U.S. is there.

What Nazi threat? Which civilian gun owners were engaged in armed combat against the Nazis in the US? I must have missed that part of history.

And civil rights? Puleeze. Blacks were given civil rights cuz a few of them had guns? Come on. you're just making shit up at this point.

Or you don't know anything about history. That's very MURIKA of you tho, confusing your own ignorance for somebody else "making shit up". Different commenter, by the way.

If it wasn't for guns, Americans would be living in teepees and Detroit would be pasture land teeming with bison. GET YOUR history right before mouthing off about the history of the gun in American history. There wouldn't be new presidents if they weren't ever shot or tried to save the slaves, that was by guns doing that, and stopping commies and Nazis from invading Alaska for oil.

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