Anews Podcast #90, 11.16.18

  • Posted on: 18 November 2018
  • By: thecollective

Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 90 for November 16, 2018. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Editorial: How do you read? by Dim
TOTW: Anonymity with Aragorn! and a friend

This week the podcast was...
sound edited by Dim
what's new was written by jackie and narrated by chisel and Dim
thanks to Aragorn! and a friend for the ToTW
no Redacted this week
Music! 1. Read a Book by Bomani Armah
2. I'm Different by Andy Newman
3. You Don't Know My Name by Alicia Keys



An - as in Hanson
On - like donkey kong
Ym - rhymes with dim
Ity - bitty cryptomaoist committee

To Chisel, you posted you were reading Akala. May I suggest you also check out a book he recommends: 'Undercover' by Rob Evans and Paul Lewis. The book is about the 'above the law' undercover British police who infiltrate protest groups to glean information to keep the status quo. Undercover cops, who are already married with children, go on to have children with protestors, then when their operation is complete they just leave. The woman, actually women, and child(ren) are left to cope emotionally and financially. The undercover's spouse has no idea what her husband is getting up to either. The police sanction all this as get the information 'by any means necessary.' The book acknowledges most protestors are not asking for much: they are certainly not trying to overthrow the state; most groups are strapped for cash for one thing, and so, one has to question what the real motives are for this most secret of police operations. Thoroughly disgusting tactics.

Not willing to contradict how disgusting and abusive that is (the UK government being a haven for abusers and pedo rings, more broadly), but isn't it a bit also on the shoulders of the female activists to have so much given their trust and love to rock stars with big dicks like the role Mark Kennedy had been playing!? Wtf with this tendency of giving everything of yourself to some jackass weed addict or big bad guy, without looking for the more honest, humble guys around, then expecting to be treated fairly and honestly?

This mindset of blaming everything on "the State" reproduces a slave morality where people don't take responsibility for their actions or decisions, individually. Like as long as these activists weren't raped or forced into relationships, they're at least partly responsible, at least for their gullibility.

Also maybe just fucking stop making babies without contracting your relationship (i.e. marriage), which at least would greatly help keeping away many unresponsive dudes -cops or not- and also help rationalizing birth rates. Would Mark Stone been allowed to marry under a fake identity? That'd be interesting to look into.

Here's a good cause for marriage as a viable solution for those situations. No contract? No legal backing, therefore no babies. Problem solved. Careless asshole or cop has to look somewhere else.

Are you the "more honest, humble guy"? Found your way over here from the MRA/MGTOW forums?

Just keep in mind I was not putting the blame back on the rape victims, here. Just talking about the issue of making more babies, and how women get indeed trapped by it, tho undercovers are only one of the traps, not the only one. There are countless cases of careless, unresponsive assholes out there who'll just back down on their emotional commitments to their female partners when things get more strained with the babies and kids. There are deceitful liars and dilletants who'll even just leave without notice. These types are still being worshipped in SOME anarchist milieus. Just quit being stupid, and rather hold on to people who deserve it...

"Just quit being stupid, and rather hold on to people who deserve it…" he said to … all activist women … or something? Without a trace of self-awareness as to how transparently bitter he sounded.

Seems odd for ANews to (albeit affectionately) slag off anarchist groups in europe like those behind London's Rebel City for merely expressing positions consistent with the european left anarchist traditions. ANews just hast to take it on the chin that they're out of step with most of the anarchists on this side of the Atlantic.
That aside ANews is a good podcast. One of my regular listens.

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