PRAXIS: Episode 1: Paul Messersmith-Glavin

PRAXIS: Episode 1: Paul Messersmith-Glavin, Portland OR

From roseweeds dot com, Portland OR


Host Taylor interviews Paul Messersmith-Glavin—anarchist, acupuncturist, parent, organizer—part of the collective running the Institute for Anarchist Studies which publishes the journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, based out of Portland, Oregon. Discussion includes material from an August 2020 interview and from a July 2015 interview and covers a broad range of topics including anti-capitalist organizing to fight climate change, mobilizing against the far-right and violent police repression in Portland, raising anti-authoritarian kids, and more. 

This show is part of a series running through the end of 2020, new episodes published weekly, in which I revisit interviews taken during a radio show road trip in the summer of 2015—checking back in with those activists, organizers and artists I met to see how their lives and work have adapted to changing times. You can find more information about that project at

Find a full transcript of this episode here.

For more information about Paul’s work and the resources referenced (roughly in order): 

*Institute for Anarchist Studies website—

*Buy Perspectives on Anarchist Theory from AK Press— 

*PopMob Portland— 

*Burgerville Workers Union—@BVWU_IWW 

*Portland General Defense Committee— 

*Find another General Defense Committee—

*Gallery of the Streets—

* “Pandemics from the Bottom Up” essay series—

*Organized Protest Zone report from Seattle by Michael Reagan—

*Walidah Imarisha “Why Aren’t There More Black People in Oregon?” (among many other resources by her you can find)— 

*Buy Joyful Militancy from AK Press—

*Buy Octavia’s Brood from AK Press— 

*Octavia’s Parables podcast by Adrienne Maree Brown and Toshi Reagon—@OParables

*Buy Undoing Border Imperialism by Harsha Walia at AK Press—  

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If you want to fight climate change you have to fight against green-industrialism, that is not just the right but the left too. Capitalism is just because Capitalism is the dominant systems, if it was socialist or communist it would be the same,

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