Anarchy Radio 11-20-2018

  • Posted on: 20 November 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


An hour with pro-rewilding Chumash scholar and activist, Deana Dartt. Insights on decolonization, native renewal, health, being a guest on the land and much more. Two calls.



there were technically three calls. someone phoned in to ask the guest about the chumash warrior tradition, and if it still continues today. the call was dropped and carl didn't bother to repeat the question

JZ keeps saying "especially when they call two minutes before the hour"

Well maybe if the intern, Kevin, got off the phone before talking up half an hour of the show, others could have called?

also the guy who answers the phone apparently can't hear by his on admission. maybe find a new phone guy

This was a nice change of content. However, the anthropocentric view of the 'native' person did my head in. She talked about colonisation of 'their' land. Didn't these human 'natives' colonise the land of the land of the nonhumans who were already living there? This is where Layla AbdelRahim and JZ disagree I suspect as Layla would challenge the 'native' perspective as privileged as the 'natives' are deciding who lives and who dies... and guess what, it ain't the 'natives' yet the 'native' doesn't like it when the White Man comes along and He decides it's now you who dies just the nonhumans before you! JZ and KT gushing over JZ's guest was cringing. Natives need to look 'forward' and not just back with regard to human/nonhuman relations and have empathy for those Beings they displaced and ate. Indeed, some of the 'natives' had no issue with breaking the freewill of horses which the White Man brought and let's not forget the gusto with which the 'natives' traded goods for guns: horses and guns increased the killing of nonhumans. JZ talks a 'native' and is blown away, still 'high' from a conversation the previous night... it was a conversation with an everyday human being: the gushing of JZ in overdrive at this point (pass me the sick bucket). The 'native' said there is much to learn on both sides, all sides, which was constructive. Layla would have made a more interesting host as Layla would have introduced a different perspective. The guest simply spoke of her tribal culture in purely glowing terms without any negatives. This glorifying of 'native' indigenous cultures is the stuff of the noble savage. The 'native' said she wasn't against technology which JZ didn't challenge. Why hasn't JZ ever took the trouble in all his years to spend time with 'natives' on 'their' land if he gets so 'high' just talking to them?

She was also not challenged on the point of professing non-violence, sitting across from the very colonizers responsible for the continued marginalization

according to Deana John and Grandma Alice are free from any responsibility because they're cool edge prims

or just from her own perspective? I got the feeling she was speaking for (all) indigenous which is racist, right? If I were to expect a poc to represent all poc, I would be as a racist as White people can be individuals but Black is one lump? Some museums are filled with indigenous arts and crafts due to trade and not theft. I'm not going to tippy toe and feel guilty around this indigenous person or anyone else who tries to paint their own 'lost' or 'stolen' culture as idyllic. Let's have some fuckin' honesty and less of the rose-tinted glasses. Oh yeah and KT just had to phone and COLONISE the phone line...typical fuckin White Man...they never change!

15:35 Yes I'm feeling the same about the colonizing forked-tongue, deep breathes k.

I give JZ credit being in his 70s credit, preparing and hosting a show each week. Fighting against the system in his own way.

Ok ok... I'd like someone to please make a brief list of the biggest problems with JZ. Like beyond the few straw men he pushed on his show. Is there anything solid that justifies all the hate coming from Thecollective, and what is it?

It's not specific to thecollective. The friction between JZ and the rest of the anti-civ milieu has to do with him going from being an interesting and original thinker who was influential for many people to a rigid ideologue set on defending primitivism from any and all new ideas. It's especially frustrating because many people have defended JZ in arguments many times over the years. I don't sense any genuine hatred for him, just exasperation. Bellamy's Corrosive Consciousness is the text you'd want to read for a more specific critique.

I second the reply. JZ wants this divide more than those he criticizes. While those he criticizes might be very critical of Zerzan in many ways, it originally came from a friendly direction. At this point, Zerzan and Kevin Tucker have made their bed with the reds in their attempt to denounce ITS, eco-extremists, egoists and nihilists. They'd rather be the whipping boy of people that think they are a joke or want to murder everyone in the world than embrace who they really are with kindred souls.

No, he didn't take any drugs; he just had a chat with a human being!!! Imagine if he spoke to two people at the same time...he may overdose!!! You be careful JZ, give talking to people a rest, you don't wanna be over-doing it.

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