Erics Attack and Torture at FCI Florence

Erics Attack and Torture at FCI Florence

From Support Eric King

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On Aug 17th (the day after my wife’s cancer was removed via surgery) after reviewing an email I sent, Lt Wilcox called me into his office. On my arrival the new SIS (Special Investigative Services ) creep took me back to a mop closet. Wilcox is about 2 inches taller 30-40 lbs heavier. He is known for screaming and tough guying, making sure no one forgets what a bad ass he is.

Upon entering the mop closet he immediately begins baiting me to fight him, telling me if I hate cops so bad I should prove it by getting him. It should be noted at this point I was one week away from finally transferring to a low security prison which I had worked towards for a year of excellent work and disciplinary record. Was called a “model prisoner” (lol) in my team meetings. This was all I wanted and I was doing everything in my power to get there. But Wilcox had different ideas.

I laughed in his face, not taking some bullshit bait. Then he ordered the SIS officer out of the office for privacy and to “take care of some shit” He faced up to me and began yelling about terrorists and how bad he hates them.

Wilcox at this point lost his shit and screams in my face “you killed my daughters” at this point he was wild and seemed delusional. I asked if an anarchist killed his daughters. As he was loosing it he was threatening all sorts of vigilante justice to have me raped and killed. He made this gurgling noise and spit on me and shoved me and began to attack me.

I am no tough guy but I did box for 15 years or so & we just saw what the pigs did to Herman. It felt like they were going to kill me here and now before my transfer. So I defended myself… and I hit him back I can say that no punch in the world ever felt so good.

At this point the goons came in (4 guards) I put my hands over my head and they dragged me out and as I was on the ground kicked my head, stomach, ribs all over telling me they were going to kill me and I should just die.

I was put in a 4 point restraint bed. It was like being crucified and was left for 7 hours denied medical care in my own blood and urine. My face was unrecognizable, my glasses stolen (still no glasses), my wrists are still numb and it is difficult for me to even write letters.

This led to a horrible shitty traumatic 5 days. I was transferred to USP Florence (without authorization from the BOP) and held in a cell with a toilet clogged with someone else’s shit that wouldn’t flush, strobe lights overhead. Denied mail, access to my lawyer (she was putting in requests as well). When the nurse came to provide care the guards sent her away and wouldn’t let her check me out saying “he is mean and doesn’t deserve care” Sis took me into a room and forced me to sign a deposition. They said I would not be allowed access to my lawyer unless I signed and would stay in that cell. I made clear I was signing under duress.

I wasn’t aware my team was fighting for me and felt like because the facility locks down all of the time no one would get word, but folks inside had my back and a message was sent before they shut the computers down. If my team wouldn’t have been pressuring the prison they could have continued to torture me for weeks, they could have done anything. Not wanting to deal with the mess Florence decided they needed me out and after 5 days I was sent to the SHU at USP Leavenworth. I sat there still under control of Florence who took away visits, they restricted communication with my family. I have been here 140 days while Florence tried to build a case. The FBI finally notified me they were releasing the case due to the Lt’s behavior. But the BOP gets their pound of flesh. I was just given a shot for “the least serious case of assault” per the BOP. Its all bullshit. It claims I attacked Wilcox during an interview instead of me being dragged to a broom closet and assaulted.

I don’t have delusions that I can argue anything in my disciplinary hearing. This is something prisoners have to suffer from over and over. The disciplinary hearings are basically play acting. Prisoners without evidence are punished over and over. I consider myself lucky to be able to have a voice through this. Many prisoners who are assaulted have no recourse and protection. I would like to take a moment and notice that and if we as a community support prison abolition we need to also recognize just because it happens to our comrades it doesn’t make it any more important than the abuse of ALL prisoners who don’t have support.

I expect the shot to be upheld. The BOP has stated they want to send me to the CMU (communication management unit) they claim I will never walk another yard again during the rest of my time. Waiting to see what horrible spot they send me to.

I have spent 250 or so days of the last 2 years in complete isolation and it begins to completely fuck your head up. I hate this piece of shit (Wilcox) and hope for him to experience any misfortune the universe sends to him. Because of him every time a cop touches me everything goes red and I cant even think. Thank you to everyone for the mail, books and funds… this has been and will be a tough road and all of the love has been amazing. Until All Are Free


EK (A)(///)



4-pt restraint bed

Segregation cells in Leavenworth complete with either freezing temps, flooding and insects.



You can help by calling into the prison, numbers and script here

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Too bad he punched back at this SIS troll shitlord. They did it on purpose... just to get him down more useless torture.

These kinds of hellish stories from prison give everyone on the street a strong incentive to fight with no quarter asked and no quarter given. If the cops want "mean streets" they haven't see anything yet. Imagine being a cop in a world where everyone you try to arrest (for any offense all the way down to jaywalking) fights to the death and you cannot surrender if you are defeated: zero voluntary cooperation, no surrender, and literally no prisoners taken.

When capture means torture, this is what happens. You expect to be tortured to death if captured, so you never surrender and fight it out no matter what the odds-and you return the favor. After all, the worst possible consequences of fighting and losing are no worse than the consequences of surrender, and some of the time fighting and winning is also possible.

Now a word for Lt Wilcox: your choice to torture someone may be directly responsible for one or more people deciding to fight rather than surrender when some cop tries to serve a warrant on them. Actions have consequences, and yours are no exception. The ugly part is that the consequences of your choice to pursue a personal beef may fall on some cop you have never met in your life. I don't like that, you probably don't like it either, but this is how things work in the real world.

So aren't we!

State goons like Wilcox who behave like terrorists will just get the policy they deserve. Fire this sack of shit and his colleagues, or it's just going to go down from there.

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