Where do anarchists hang out online nowadays?

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anon (not verified)
Where do anarchists hang out online nowadays?

With intermittent lockdowns, there's a lot less offline stuff going on. I'd expect that people would be meeting online in chatrooms and suchlike. But I can't find much activity of this kind which is specifically (post-left) anarchist. The anarchyplanet IRC seems dead when I've been there, and the anarchopunk soulseek group no longer exists.

Anyone know good places to hang out and chat in realtime? I'm meaning non-identity-politics infested, not regular leftist circlejerks, not lockdown-bootlickers, not corporate social media with ID requirements, and post-left friendly.

anon (not verified)
Use Telegram.

Use Telegram.

anon (not verified)
I loaded Telegram like you

I loaded Telegram like you said and I don't see any anarchists there ??:(

anon (not verified)
K, great.

Step 2: search for channels using keywords of your choice.

Step 3: ???????????????????????

Step 4: PROFIT!!!

anon (not verified)
I gotta admit Telegram has

I gotta admit Telegram has proven itself to be more reliable and privacy-consistent than Signal, and it's run by an exiled Russian techie. I could be wrong tho, as I got little experience of it.

The a.nti.social Pleroma is quite okay, I think, and the fediverse in general has an colorful bunch of wingnuts, good or bad. Tho I find it can easily get stale and superficial after a while, imo, lacking some IRL outlets. Might or might not end up being another one of those failed internet experiments that fall down the memory hole, after a few years... Its diversity and decentralized nature is a big plus over other social media, including Telegram, tho.

I wonder how merging IRC with the Pleroma in some way is doable, or just add a kind of messenger to it... as it could greatly benefit that "scene".

anon (not verified)
I'd wondered about Telegram

I'd wondered about Telegram groups but there isn't a group search facility on Telegram, people have to share the links on websites or in IMs. So I've no idea if there's a post-left group on there or just a bunch of idpols.

Haven't heard of a.nti.social, will check it out.

anon (not verified)
Telegram still requires a

Telegram still requires a phone number. You can get a phony one on some "burner" sites, but might take a while to work.

Telegram's still a centralized company, with a founder who's likely connected to spooky interests like mafias, terrorist groups, etc. Probably better than Fedbook and even Signal security-wise, tho.

I wouldn't share the mindless enthusiasm of that other commenter, as it's never been audited by a tier and logs your personal data.

The problem with supposedly private encrypted networks run by centralized private servers is kinda obvious; the company can do whatever the fuck they want with your metadata, which means selling it to governments who might be after you. This didn't work with the current regimes in Russia and Bielorussia for the obvious reasons that the founder is a Russian exile at odds with Pooty Poot, but who knows about their deals with any other regime...

anon (not verified)
nice try fbi!

nice try fbi!

Shevek (not verified)
Check out Raddle.me

Have you guys visited https://raddle.me/ ? It's reddit but run by anarchists (I think).

anon (not verified)

just be very careful what you say on there. if you fall short of maximal wokeness (the definition of which shifts daily) then you'll be banned faster than you can say 'authoritarian'

anon (not verified)
I'm using a.nti.social (and

I'm using a.nti.social (and the fediverse generally)

I like raddle.me

I'm in groupchats with local friends!

Babylon (not verified)
Personally I am a fan of the

Personally I am a fan of the Anarchy Planet IRC server, which is affiliated with anarchistnews.

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