The Security State, Far Right and Media Post-January 6th

from The Final Straw Radio

This week on the show, you’ll hear two segments: chat with Spencer Sunshine on the far right and the government’s reaction following the riot on January 6th in DC and some perspectives on political content removal and social media from anarchist media platforms ItsGoingDown and crimethInc.

Transcription and zine are pending.

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Spencer Sunshine

First up, anti-fascist researcher Spencer Sunshine talks about the aftermath of the January 6th putsch attempt in DC, mainstream media and Democrat narratives of concerning domestic terrorism, reporting of participation of law enforcement and military in the riot, anti-fascist research, what the stepping down of Trump has meant for his radicalized base and Spencer’s thoughts on claims of rehabilitation by former White Nationalists like Matthew Heimbach. There was a good article published by IGD on the state’s response to January 6th and what it can mean to anti-repression activists here. Also, a great place to keep up on what’s going on in the far right in the so-called US, check out IGD’s “This Week In Fascism” column, soon to be a podcast.

CrimeThinc. and ItsGoingDown

Then, you’ll hear the main host from the ItsGoingDown Podcast and a comrade from CrimethInc (both affiliates of the Channel Zero Network) talking about implications for anarchists and antifascists of the silencing of far right platforms and accounts and how similar moves have silenced the anti-authoritarian left. We talk about perspectives the media may have missed around “deplatforming” by tech giants like Patreon, Facebook and Twitter and how easily the normalization of ejecting non-mainstream narratives follows the trail of profit and power, and the importance of building our own platforms and infrastrucutre.

Patreon Updates

A little housekeeping note. For those listeners able to support us on Patreon with recurring donations, we are still fundraising to pay comrades to transcribe and format our episodes into zines moving forward. We’ve started with January 2021, putting out a weekly transcript for translations, search-ability, access to non-aural learners and those with hearing difficulties as well as making it easier send these interviews into prisons where broadcasts and podcasts may not reach. We are still $120 behind our base goal for this. So, if you have some extra dough you can send our way, it’d be much appreciated. We won’t paywall our content ever, but for those who donate at our patreon above the $10 level, you’ll get a monthly zine in the mail sent to you or a prisoners of your choosing in the US as curated by us, plus some one-time gifts.

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Fidencio Aldama

From the Fidencio Aldama Support Fund:

We’re raising funds for Fidencio Aldama, an indigenous Yaqui prisoner framed for murder and locked up in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico, for his participation in a struggle against a gas pipeline. Fidencio has been in prison since October 2016, was railroaded through the courts, and is currently appealing his conviction. Support will be ongoing, but right now we need funds to get a copy of the case file, help pay for communication, and potentially cover some legal fees.

You can donate here:, or get in touch at

A website with more info will be forthcoming, but for now you can read more about Fidencio’s case here:

Saludos solidarios,

Fidencio Aldama Support Fund

Political Prisoner Updates

Xinachtli, aka Alvaro Luna Hernandez, is an anarchist communist Chicano political prisoner in so-called Texas. His supporters have put together a new website for him that can be found at FreeAlvaro.Net. He’s got a bid for parole coming up this year and could use letters of support! Please check for updates on other prisoners and how to support them in the monthly Prison Break column on ItsGoingDown.

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“Let Me Be The One You Need” (instrumental) by Bill Withers from Managerie – Remastered

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I see IGD is still drinking the corporate news media's Kool Aid smearing of the Boogaloo Bois.

Filter bubble tribalism at its finest.

That's basically what they are. They are contextually appropriate relations that anarchists and non right libertarians can have with that type. They are hardly fascists(a word not to be taken seriously as a charge at this point in time much like communist in the late 60s-early 70s).

yeah, white nationalist successionists with a bunch of historically illiterate freikorps tagalong wannabes

I have yet to see evidence of that as official boogaloo operating procedure. Their basically a Keith Preston like tendency in regards to ripping the USA up and their official views on ethnicity seem to integrated via pro BLM and other left associated positions.

What they aren’t is fascist or nazi.

do you know anything about the freikorps ziggles? the analogy includes plenty of room for those UNIMPORTANT distinctions you love to cling to. you only have to read to the end of the second paragraph if you want to learn why this is more of a quacks-like-a-duck issue.

and the more I read up on them through the wiki entry does not support the idea that them and boogaloos have underlying historical similarities.

The article itself talked about how the Freikorps changed throughout history. If we are keying in on the WW1 period we are talking about a classic loyalty driven ideological paramilitary group(recall Exit, Voice and Loyalty by Hirschman). The boogs are more of an exit ideology which gives them some commonalities with anarchists who operate on voice and(preferably from my view) exit. If they were similar they would be going after groups like blm not putting a fucking blm shirt on. They're certainly not loyal to the popo. You might be on to something if you were talking about the 3 percenter types or Alex Jonestown tendencies, but these guys really want the Washington thing to fall apart which is fine by me. They have some paramilitary structure though paramilitary militia structure does not mean fascist. They seem more likely to want to team up with the notfuckingarounder types then then nazis from what I have gathered from them.

Yeah, distinctions matter. Pity you didn't make them in regards to your example.

like I said ... end of the second paragraph, that's all you had to do.

"However, many Freikorps also largely despised the [weimar] Republic and were involved in assassinations of its supporters."

there ya go ... the difference between "we hate these cops because we'd prefer them to take orders from a far right dictatorship" and actual anti-police sentiment, is a pretty fucking big difference.

It's also worth mentioning that I know damned well you're not actually this dumb, I just feel that your mask slips off when you try to contort yourself to avoid acknowledging certain things ... ya fukin scumbag bootkicker ;)

I read that part as well and it does NOT help your case at all. Again, the korps display classic national loyalty ideology in that they hated a PARTICULAR German state that they saw as decadent and degenerate. The boogs do not display the same ideology. They are much closer to being right libertarians with accelerationist secessional tendencies. By all accounts they don’t support some kind of political demigod who will restore the US to some former glory. They’re blackpilled and down for a divorce.

Are all you antifa types this retarded that you can’t even make out BASIC political distinctions in regards to a loyalist tendency vs an exit based one? Quit being haunted by this fascist phantom in your head and get a better analysis already.


Fuck I forgot to read the name and it’s you Lumpy. That about explains it;)

You’re an idiot and know nothing of the boogaloo. It’s not a black pill that defines the boog it’s a red white and blue pill. Now stfu and go back to your pseudointellectualism and loli pillow, ZiggiePiggy.

The red white and blue pilled don’t support full on secession from Washington you idiot. Gawd damn you cantifa types are NPC level in analysis. I expect this kind of retardation from IGD the toilet or worse reddit anarchism. Not here.

Agreed. Freikorps are extreme authoritarian, but not loyal to the social-democrat-led republic. Boogs have a right-libertarian component and aren't anywhere near as one-sidedly reactionary. If we're going with Weimar analogies then we could also liken the Dems to the social-democrats who used the Freikorps to massacre the Spartacists. We also know the social-democrats rolled over in the face of Nazism and none of the German left was in much of a state to put up resistance, so maybe that's the bit we should be paying attention to.

Nothing wrong with being historically illiterate. Most history is lies or creates a false worldview to the naive reader and was written by an intelligentia whose values are founded on binary relationships.

Sheesh lumpoT, will you stop referring to bitter angry workerist conservatives as fascists. Just because they despise the IdPol direction neoliberal politics is taking the nation doesn't mean they goose-step around their BBQ pits firing automatic rifles into the air every weekend! Broaden your perspectives for chrissakes or gtfo!

Topsy-turvy world. The state is making a totalitarian power-grab (lockdowns) and I'm seeing more fascists rioting about it than anarchists. Why aren't anarchists fucking ashamed about this? It should be the fascists supporting totalitarian power-grabs and anarchists rioting. I've always fought fascists because they wanted a police-state, but now it's fascists fighting AGAINST a police-state and anarchists mostly supporting it. What kind of anarchism is this, where the fascists are more anarchist than we are?!

1. where are you seeing (actual) anarchists support the police state?
2. why do you think fascists are "more anarchist" than anarchists? Fascists are only interested in the power-grab. you know better.
3. the Boogs are only interested in the power grab too. their secession is secession from a false USA led by to establish a more Constitutionally Perfect USA led by .

you seem to be suffering from confirmation bias likely from lockdown unhappiness and general ennui. anarchists around the world are doing what you think needs to be done. stop looking at social media and go find them.

a false USA led by *enemies to establish a more Constitutionally Perfect USA led by *patriots

1. There's a cause to believe that at least part of Western anarchists have been on board from the start with the Covid Dictatorship, and texts by these people have been published on this very site. These are our usual suspects, the social anarchists (or libsocs, ancoms... whatever they call themselves).

@critic's generalization is still gross and despotic, imo. As neither myself or several ppl visiting this site agree with the current dictatorial shift, and the latter got me very worried.

2. Because they're likely deep-down an authoritarian modernist, believing in cartoonesque "Good guys Vs Bad Guys" dichotomies, perhaps, or just not willing to accept that not all opposition is legit, and the some opposition just just be the Little Helper of whoever's in charge and their agendas.

3. Yep. But @critic's apparently warm-hearted feels for national liberation might be telling of a bias, here.

I’ve seen anarchist texts, specifically on northshore counterinfo, to name an example, wherein the anarchists are tripping over themselves to justify why their talking points are now virtually identical to those of the media and the state. They’d say something like: “we just so happen to share many of the same conclusions...” etc etc. Which is funny, bc if you openly oppose the New Normal, anarchists are very quick to say: “you have almost all the same talking points as the right! REEEE!”

Face it, an overwhelming majority of people calling themselves anarchists have never been anything more than the militant wing of liberalism. It just took a crisis like covid to bring them out of the closet.

And I laugh.

Maybe write something about it? Make it a forum post or drop us a link to your blog so it doesn’t get lost in the comments section. Say what needs to be said...

I really enjoy your writing. A while back, you wrote something called... “radical exclusion v adverse inclusion”, or something like that.

Where can I find it? I remember enjoying it a lot and thinking it should be made into a zine.

The answer lies in the cell phone masts torched by Qanon last year, @critic.

This tactic has been used by anticiv anarchists for years, but even BEFORE the Covid lockdowns came, we've seen the rise of the 5G attacks by Qanon fools. You think this is autonomous insurgency like anarchists would most often be?

Think again.

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