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Anarchy & History

Hellohello everyone :)

I've got a bit of time to read at the moment and since I'm interested in History & Anarchism, I thought, I'd ask you for tipps :)
Maybe I'm not the only one looking, leading to a small selection of stuff that happened around the A-bubble

Beginning of a collection:
- Parisian Commune 1871
- Haymarket 1886
- Kronstadt 1921
- Spain & Catalonia 1936

Thanks! :)

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France 1968 is also a big

France 1968 is also a big event, speculated to be a point between 2nd wave and 3rd wave anarchism, but of course these are not waves one might surf so please be critical of frameworks and both their helpful and limiting effects.

Tomes to research at

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Historically the first

Historically the first anarchists could be described as being nihilo-Christians breaking from the orthodoxy of Judaeism.

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Although it's not what you're

Although it's not what you're looking for, I would read" Against His Story, Against Leviathan"

But to start you out on your Eurocentric Anarchist History:

Italy 76-78
Northern Europe's Autonomen/Squatters movement during the 80s
Anti-Globalization Movement 98-02 (dates debatable)
Greece '08
Occupy Wall Street

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Paul Avrich's books are

Paul Avrich's books are essential. Not only was he a competent historian, but he knew many of those involved in earlier events, so drew from personal interviews to flesh out the story. It also doesn't hurt that he's a great writer who gives appropriate life to the stories he tells. I recommend The Haymarket Tragedy and Sacco & Vanzetti: The Anarchist Background as the definitive texts on those subjects. He's got books on Russian anarchism, Voltairine de Cleyre, Kronstadt, The Modern School Movement. And Anarchist Voices, if you want to just read the interviews he did with anarchists (and those around them).

Other suggestions: Granny Made Me an Anarchist (Christie), Anarchism & Violence / The Anarchist Expropriators (Bayer), Sabate (Tellez), Living My Life (Goldman), Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist (Berkman), The Bonnot Gang (Parry), Direct Action (Hansen)

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A History of Expropriative Anarchism

Someone recently uploaded this text to the anarchist library, it's more of a short list of names to look up and read further, rather than a history:

There was also some critique of it in this raddle thread regarding one of the people mentioned:

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