Egoism, Mysticism, and Anarchist Tactics

From Non Serviam Podcast

For the second installment of 2021, we spoke with a passionate thinker and activist whose approach to political philosophy is both charming and challenging. Join us as we dissect our guests’ unique perspective on egoism, spirituality, anarchist tactics, and more.

Alex McHugh is the new Coordinator at the Center For A Stateless Society. He’s an anarchist and activist based in Philadelphia, who’s interested in community building, mutual aid, the importance of civic institutions, and mysticism.

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this is weird, and not in a good way. it was not as bad as i thought it might be, but i still can not finish listening.
my first guffaw was the assertion that "even in an ideal anarchist society there will be some amount of conflict", like really, ya think so?!
then, McHugh says he has read at least 3 Ayn Rand novels, almost shut it off there, but kept going. they talk about RAW, (not sure he was an egoist tho), lucid dreaming, non verbal communication and other such phenomena, Saul Newman & post-anarchism. over all, not the worst podcast i've subjected myself to. but i finally had to shut it off when McHugh starts in on a defense of price-gouging !!
i just don't get Libertarians and market anarchists.

It's a strange thing when someone who is /for/ price gouging is somehow /against/ bomb throwing! After all, who could /ever/ legitimate such a /personal/ violence?!

it's almost as if markets are people with a right to exist above actual people, or something.

well the u.s. supreme court long ago ruled that corporations do in fact have the rights of individuals, and markets consist of ...

that's pretty much my take on egoism, for one to be an ego-ist one is imposing their form of ideological structure on people, who are egoists by default, who don't need to be told to be selfish. The work is in rejecting the spooks/idoleogy and putting them beneath us rather than above us...

wtf is all this with mysticism? This is a video i know that i don't want to watch, i've never been impressed by non-servium and center for a stateless society is extreme cringe at least in my opinion. Mysticism can be fine, it's a spiritual practice rooted in the obvious fact that humans can't understand everything, yet it has also been used as a form of brainwashing to get cult followers to stop thinking for themselves.

so much objectionable mind-garbage going around now adays...

"The work is in rejecting the spooks/idoleogy and putting them beneath us rather than above us..."

that seems like a contradiction. rejecting spooks is very different to me from placing them in a hierarchical relationship with oneself.

that can work to win back your ability to think, do something without your minds approval, be happy, be relaxed, be miserable, be sad...within a world where there are so many spooks.

why are you so afraid of contradictions? They can't really hurt you unless you buy into them

this is the point of laughter: to react in joy to something that's strange and alien to you, to see the ideas as nothing but ideas, to re-make this world we live in as our own.

It all stems from the despicable Freudian/Rand narcissistic interpretation of the individual's goals and relationships with society. The Stirnerian/Jung individual is a sharing and compassionate being who avoids the conquest mentality and wealth of the egotistical Randians.

Not bad. But what WE NEED are better FUNDED magical TACTICS like Che and Mao COMBINED with Gandalf the Grey! I will return to the milieu on May 1st 2021 atop a WHITE HORSE with flaming SWORD and the SACRED BLESSINGS of the HOODOO PRIESTHOOD to TEACH YOU ALL the WAYS of Mystical Maoist Market Egoism via my new book COMING SOON from comrades at C4SS!

sweet heart ;-)

That's right, let's talk about The Lost Art of Authority with poetry so that everyone can cum and check out my white serpent!

Cannot wait to be drizzled with the egoist communist market mysticism! Do you accept BTC? Thanks Bones and C4SS!

The Mighty Stirnerian Knights of Yore flying on their flaming ego carpets challenge the ephemeral Spooks of Bones Lamenting His Giant Balls Notoriety Ship in the Outer Harbour of Aspirations!!!

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