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An Ardent Press favorite by one of the authors of Nihilist Communism, this book questions the structure of revolutionary organizations, with its three dozen short apolitical pieces. Selecting for the podcast was made easier by a listener suggestion to record "Oh Mama, What Is It? The Left Wing of the State?"

The other short piece, entitled "Ancestors," looks at the futility of human endeavor /labor and that generations have gone "to their graves as failures, and forever denied experience of a full human existence, their being simply cancelled out; As our parents die, we can say truly that their lives were for nothing, that the black earth that is thrown down onto them blacks out our sky."

Immediatism podcast is pleased to honor requests in most cases where those texts suggested fit with Immediatism's ongoing apolitical, anarchist, and nihilist themes. If you (or, your reading group) would like an anarchist essay or chapter recorded, send the request to Cory@Immediatism.com.

Oh Mama, What Is It?, by Frere Dupont
Ancestors, by Frere Dupont

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I dunno. It seems like their only gauge of success is complete revolution, with no capitalism anywhere. I'm more interested and inspired by the "movements" that speak to me personally, how those movements influence other movements and grow into something new. You loose sight of the people involved and their interesting contributions to what it means to be human, all the ways people can do that, if you only hold them (the dead worker/revolutionary) up to an impossibly high standard.

So what if an artist didn't change the entire world? In what ways did their art inspire other artists down-the-line?

Those questions are lost if your only lens to look at history is through either total victory or defeat.

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