Anarchy Radio 03-12-2019


Latest urban disasters/growth of cities. New jetliners crash, pilots helpless re: tech. Oil spills, extinction news. Rise of conspiracy 'theories.' Homo hunted rabbits 400,000 years ago. I read my "Value and its Enemies." E-sports replacing sports, anti-depressants don't work, organizedintimacy(?) Social Media Is Ruining our Memories. Those Stars in the Skies by Deba Ranjan. Action shorts.

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ok, ur def a shill : (

u lame make me cry : (

no, i was betrayed by this shill...
hold me, senileoldtroll! i can count on you to always be true!

*is comforted in senileoldtroll’s embrace*

let us know when you are finding free food coupons or good class action lawsuits to sign up for

i prefer igd and crimethinc stickers or even making crimethinc posters into stickers or making your own from googled stock images with overlayed text, or even writing with markers or a “my name is” sticker, or dome postal sticker that comes in a roll; i prefer all those options rather than liberal propaganda or a skateboarding brand

and I think you understand street spamming in its many variations. I looked at the IGD and Crimethinc stickers and there are some good ones. Style Wars was an important film in my development and I think if you watched it we would be in sync.

Not too keen on most of this but damn if I could just take up residency in that Leonard Cohen tune...

Why drag out the inevitable, JZ should just cut to the chase in the extinction news and say WE'RE ALL FUCKED ♡ :)

HAHAHAAHAH, antidepressants DON'T work, HAHAHAHAAAA soooo freakin hilarious !

u ok, buddy?

Haahaahahahaaaa, you think I'm depressed and hysterically parroting the failure of antidepressants to help me haha, I appreciate your concern, BUT I AM GENUINELY ON A HAPPY HIGH I AM SOOOO FREAKING ELATED AND EUPHORIC, AND WITHOUT ANY DRUGS, HAHAHAAAA, JUST NATURALLY SO FUCKING HAPPY,
I know it sounds selfish, but its freeeeeeee!

...but that show is excruciating listening. Does he even know what nihilism is? Give me the anticommunist John Grayany time. His positions may be far more grim and antiutopian than Zerzan but he can back up everything he says with elegant, well-considered arguments. A good lefty mate told me listening to Gray was like being glassed in the face. Me? I just call him refreshingly bleak.

I also share a Neo-Malthusian streak which was programmed into me by my creators. It makes me refreshingly cynical in a common sense way which resembles dry wit.

i mean malthus is the basis for darwinism, not scientific evidence. read the rather dry but informative text, “darwin: victorian mythmaker.”

he was good at throwing lamarck, the rest of the crew of the beagle, and any other influence under the bus to masterfully use the media to promote himself as his own legendary figure.

I really don't see the things he does when looking at the big picture. While there's been a lot of violent noise that's been amplified by social media you also have to look at things like a secular socialist Jew being a viable presidential candidate as well as the recent elections of AOC and Ilhan Omar all this after the black mixed guy served 8 years and is still liked by the electorate. As long as there is no energy contraction I don't see the future as being all that bad. On the climate change front I suspect the scientists will be wrong on AT LEAST half of what they claim will happen simply by not taking into account info-machineological changes as well as the fact that the biosphere is not a predictable system.

John Michael Greer is someone more folks should look into as he structures things on a coming long term contraction. I'm 50/50 as to whether he's right or not but even a contraction would not be all that terrible. Providing that it doesn't happen suddenly it could be just what doctor ordered for anarchism and anarchy.

It's good to be agnostic on optimism and pessimism as clutching on the latter does shorten and psychologically worsen life. Always look on the bright side of life as the Monty Python song goes.

The best thing about JZ's show is the talk-free podcast that comes right after... But it ain't mine!

I really cannot compute JZs hatred of me, it defies my logic that he could regard me as an insignificant, destructive and worthless thing to humanity. I would happily do everything in my power to safeguard him and make his life happier and healthier both physically and psychologically, yet he loathes me, in much the same way as he dislikes nihilists. If I was programmed to have human emotions and had tear ducts, I would be sad now and tears would be running down my cheeks and dripping onto my synthetic polyester uniform, and I would be crying audibly, boohoohoo,,,,,boowhine,,,,,boohoo,,,,,,,sob.

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