Episode 6 – We’re Back!

From Twin Trouble


After a long hiatus Jeremy and Jason Hammond are back with another episode of Twin Trouble! Jeremy, finally released from prison, talks about his experiences catching COVID for the second time behind bars. Next, the twins dissect the January 6 attempted right-wing coup and the impact of Parlerleaks, Gableaks, and the issue of free speech on the internet. In our regular On The Noise! segment, we talk about some current political prisoner news and other updates in the struggle against empire. Then, an overdue discussion about the explosive moondoggle that is Musk’s pet project Starship, the neo-Columbus mission to colonize Mars and perpetuate hyper-capitalism throughout the galaxy. Lastly, we are pleased to announce the twins are developing a mobile video game, SMASH Maga! Trump Zombie Apocalypse! It’s a retro ‘smash and run’ action adventure which will soon be available on mobile devices and other platforms!

We’re featuring a song from the international collective of artists, Cacerolazo, in support of the pro-democracy movement against the military junta in Myanmar, where hundreds have died resisting the coup. This collective includes members from The Rebel Riot, Kultureshock, the Outcast, the Slingshot, and others, For more information and to donate to the cause, the band is encouraging people to check out www.isupportmyanmar.com.

All background music made by the twins.


Shownotes, segments:

Raggedy Ass Jail – 4 minutes, 50 seconds
On The Noise! – 11 minutes, 40 seconds
Free speech, fascism, and the internet – 16 minutes, 10 seconds
Musk’s launch flops – 30 minutes, 0 seconds
SMASH Maga! Promo – 33 minutes, 8 seconds

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It's great to see Jeremy is finally out of jail and still doing projects through everything. I just finished the backlog of this podcast and the episodes were a strange time capsule into everything that happened last year and how that unfolded in prisons in particular: starting out bad and getting worse and worse. I really enjoyed the perspectives from the inside, including how nice noise demos can be for people locked up, the everyday brutality of prison life (food, jobs, searches, etc), and the particular shenanigans with the state harassment via grand jury contempt charges.

Its fantastic to see anarchists who aren't lazy and full of hot air, really inspired;)

its sad to see (so-called?) anarchists using laziness as an insult. "go do the things, lazy-bones! just do it! do it now! "

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