Primal Anarchy Podcast: Episode 27 & 28

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From Primal Anarchy Podcast by Kevin Tucker

Episode 27: Interview with Klee Benally
April 18, 2021

In this episode, Natasha and Kevin have a lengthy discussion with Klee Benally of Indigenous Action ( Klee needs little introduction, but he’s been involved for decades in a number of campaigns and projects, offering a long standing critical voice and role at the forefront of anticolonial resistance. We clear the air about issues in the anti-civilization milieu and about the interplay of accomplices and resistance. The nature of colonialism and civilization. Unsettling, decolonization, anticolonialism, and landback.

Listen here: Episode 27

Episode 28: Whiteness and Civilization
April 18, 2021

Housecleaning. Apologies about the absence, doing the best we can. Talking a little bit about some of what Kevin has been going through over the last year, particularly dissociative identity disorder. A bit more here: Going over a bit of what has been going on the last year in terms of the veneer of white supremacy slipping and what that says about civilization. How whiteness embodies the entitlement of the colonizer. Talk a bit about Cull of Personality and questions of representation. The scourge of white liberals and the racism of Stephen Harrod Buhner. Looking at issues in the worlds of rewilding, white herbalism, and more. Talking about systems and the nature of abuse over just focusing on how we save ourselves.

Listen here: Episode 28

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Klee Benally is great here. If you ignore kt's rambling questions / monologs / rants (as does Klee) this turns out to be a decent episode.

Omg anti-colonialism is sooo passé! You know, like in 1930 alot of German's were in the Nazi Party, but time moves on, people change, remnants of the old structures and values slowly get covered. Another cultural industry replaces it. Likewise the structure which created colonialism has been replaced by another cultural industry with no particular name, maybe Corporate Consumerism, or Capitalist Hegemony may be suitable names, but not Neo-Colonialism. Just wrong!
The main critique should be directed at the psychology and social mechanisms that perpetuate cultural industrial pursuits and their anthropocentric agendas.

You know you're dumb shit when you think "cultural epochs" materially/metaphysically erase the perpetuation and origins of something like 12,000 year Agri-logistics virus. Nazi Germany was just Agri-logistics 11.5. You're in 12.0. "No no, it's _________ Capitalism."

How fucking low budget is anarchist thinking at the moment? It's the laziest revenge of the nerds analysis to date. There aren't even new, significant thinkers/writers emerging.

Anarchism has become a paranoid, self-cannibalizing internet drama.

yeah but like ... so has the rest of the internet? most political thought is a desiccated corpse in the desert these days

18:12 here bothering to reply to someone still enthralled by agri-logistics viruses (in there 4 strains)
1)3 million BC ---12,000 BC(spoken word)
2)12,000 BC --- 3,000 BC (written word)
3)3,000 BC --- 1993 AD (spaceage)
4) 1993 AD --- the present (internet age)
Oh you silly victim cultoid, we are all 40% bacteria you idiot, and so is your buddy!

Episode 28 - found it hard to hear what was being said which is a shame because it sounded interesting. Kevin and Natasha need to either speak a bit louder into the mic or maybe get a new one! Haven't listened to the Klee interview episode yet, hopefully the volume problem isn't such an issue with it.

Did Kevin tell Klee about how he was chosen by Owl to spread primal ways of living through tech addiction, emotional abuse, and electrified heavy metal music paid for by family wealth and e-begging?

Can't wait for Kevin's "Unplugged Album" when we see the real unenhanced artiste at their rawest expressive best.

Puritanical, Beautiful Souls that still have the emotional intelligence of bratty children is your baseline for "anarchism."

The worst "anarchists" are the ones who try to point out the already known imperfections/hypocrisies of others as reductive assassinations - all while you're trapped in the same ecological crisis.

who even takes Kevin Tucker seriously, I'll listen to the one with Klee

I've been ambivalent about KT since I first encountered his stuff over a decade ago (reading him definitely gave me some thoughts to chew on at the time, though he was always too ideological and sure of himself for me, a tendency of his which has only gotten worse with time when he has been criticized by people like Bellamy and Langer), but it's really been sad to see him lean so hard into the activist/antifa/decolonize stuff in the past few years. I remember several years ago (2012, maybe) meeting him and chatting at a bookfair - he was totally negative about the (then somewhat newish but rising) influence of Left-IdPol on anarchism, and I agreed with him. Now he seems to be trying to market GA by saying it's the logical conclusion of IdPol-influenced Left-wing revolutionary politics - it's like, "Hey, we green anarchists are the *real* Leftists, and the rest of you just haven't gone far enough," which works superficially but is not really honest. It seems like he either has changed quite a bit (maybe from his mental health struggles or from his new partner's influence? Just speculating and not intending to cast aspersions), or he is being consciously deceptive for political reasons (some aspersions there, I suppose).

To me, the big appeal of green anarchism is being able to step over Left-wing (or libertarian right-wing, if someone came from there) politics and look for the material and psychological roots of authoritarianism. I think it ought to be uncontroversial that an anti-civ world - and a present anti-civ (anti)politics - are essentially anti-modern and therefore beyond Left or Right.

People like Jacobi and Kaczynski have been more honest about how a lot of Left-wing concerns would *not* necessarily be met through civilizational collapse or recession, at least not on a mass scale. Maybe KT realizes that this won't sell in the current Trump/antifa-deranged anarchist subculture of North America.

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