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Rulerless, Issue 1, Summer 2021

A Letter from the Editor

Considering I’m a writer, I always seem to have an astounding lack of ability to come up with what to say in response to amazing events happening to or around me. What I can say is that when I was given the idea for an anarchist poetry magazine in early 2021 (which of course soon expanded into the idea for an anarchist poetry, short fiction, and visual art magazine), I had no idea that just a few months later I would be putting together 25 incredible literary and artistic works into an issue to be released at the start of August that same year.

What you are about to read is the culmination of 21 people’s hard work and effort. I adore every one of these anarchic, anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist pieces, and I believe they flow together seamlessly, in the anarchistic way: simultaneously as a collective and as individual. Whether they cover the devastating effects of war, the joy of knowing that existence is temporary, or the possibilities of what is yet to come, they all invoke feelings of wonder, mystery, terror, love, death, and above all, life. In the world of The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin, the anarchist revolutionary Laia Asieo Odo wrote of “the Analogy,” a comparison between a society and a body, with individuals as cells. All those who have had a hand in the creation of this magazine are working to fulfill their cellular function, their self-determined life purpose.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this issue and read the whole thing through in order. Every featured writer and artist is amazing at what they do, and they all deserve as much love, support, and comradely solidarity as we can give.

Byron López Ellington

Founder and Editor


Table of Contents

Contributor bios appear following the first instance of their work and at the end of the issue.

The Community by Maheshwar Sinha (art)

New York’s Finest by P.B. Gomez

The Rockets’ Red Glare by Andre F. Peltier

An Impartial Account of Where Bombs & Bullets Are Alms for A Palmer by Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan

voice behind by Martins Deep (art)

From the Water to the Walls of Guantanamo Bay by Ben Riddle

Ozoemena by Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan

boy with a pot of golden clams by Martins Deep (art)

History at Scale Is Terror by Margaret Killjoy

Togetherness by Maheshwar Sinha (art)

Ungrateful by Ben Song

Confluence of Epochs by Olly Nze

Herself: A Stranger Within by Heartless Widget (art)

The Nomadic Birds by Liswindio Apendicaesar

On Learning Coronation Spoons Are a Thing by J.V. Sumpter

Unquiet Summer by Peter S. Goldfinch

Three Arrows by Viroraptor (art)

Estallido Social by David Salazar

Fire to the System by Antifa Artist (art)

Attack & Dethrone by Fulgara Etaoin

A Shepherd with No Flock by Justin(e) Norton-Kertson

Give Me Summer by Margaret Killjoy

Ode to the Spire by Timi Sanni

The Devil Lives Here by Margaret Killjoy

fierro by Alba Esc Santos (art)

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