Iran: The Uprising of the Thirsty

Iran: The Uprising of the Thirsty


On July 15th 2021, people took to the streets in the Iranian province of Khouzestan to protest against the lack of water due to government mismanagement. Since then, despite the Iranian state’s brutal repression, the uprising has spread all over the country.

This was a collaboration with The Federation of Anarchism Era & Antimidia.

For more information on struggles in Iran:

For French version – Iran: Le soulèvement des assoiffés 

For Portuguese Version – Irã: O Levante dos Sedentos

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This will happen in the United States as well, and people here won’t care until it does. Climate change is making droughts worse. People in places like Texas, Arizona and California keep wasting water like it’s endless and the government will never magically become a savior via good management of resources, much less become a spring of water.

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