Anews Podcast 223 – 8.13.21

Anews Podcast 223 – 8.13.21

Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Sound editing by Greg.

What’s New written by chisel, read by chisel and a friend.

Thanks to Octox and friend for TotW week conversation: Trash and Landfills

1. Coil – The Anal Staircase
2. Mana Pool, by VAPERROR
3. Caligula, by Windows 96

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I really liked that the TOTW segment focused more on engaging in the conversations emerging from the comments. While the typical format of having a smaller more focused discussion has its ups it'd definitely be nice to see more of this. I think it'd be especially interesting if the two formats could be blended, even if just in having more then one perspective reading and responding to comments.

Octox of the Week vapor wave dramatic comments reading is the greatest thing ever!

Funny JZ impersonations too... tho you'll have to better practice your ex-dopehead old hippie speech for better accuracy ;-)

I was just released from prison 6 Days ago . There is an issue with correspondence in prison with anarchists from my prospective. I Used the Radical contact list in the back of The Slingshit Collectives 2021 planner. I wrote many letters to these contacts . The only replys I got from any organization consistently was Little Black Cart .
The total amount of reply out of approx 70 -80 letters ,Was the Austin Texas Group ,who sent me a pamplet telling me what pamplets they offered . The Left Bank Books Adress sent me a book printed by AK press on Anti-Authoritarianism . The Abolitionist sent me a news paper free. Little Black Cart ( my preferred literature go to) sent me multiple letters even though they were extremely busy .
In my opinion, I felt as though , Solidarity in the Anarchist milieu would be stronger especially since we are a minority. We can grow with each other . Learn and move forward into a real solidarity. This is my hope .

I purposely and carefully chose my wording on each letter to not incriminate anyone by responding. It started to crush my spirits. I now realize that if I want a change in Solidarity that I must represent that desired change .

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