The Anarchist Library announcement, September 2k21

Library announcement September 2k21

From The Anarchist Library

Library announcement September 2k21

New torrent, new libraries, onion services, library IRL AFK, and more!

Kindest greetings from the library project. There are some new announcements that we would like to share with you.

New libraries

We would like to announce the launch of three new library projects:

Southeast Asian Anarchist Library:
(multiple languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia & Melayu, Tagalog, Bisaya, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, 中文, မြန်မာစာ, ພາສາລາວ|ភាសាខ្មែរ )

Announcement for the Southeast Asian Anarchist Library:

Korean Anarchist Library:

Greek Anarchist Library:
(only one text up currently, works in progress)

Tor Onion Services

When using the Tor Browser, the onion addresses will automatically load for libraries we host. Having an onion address like this means that your connection never leaves the Tor network, from departure to arrival (Exit nodes are the end point of the Tor tunnel that goes back to "clearnet". Our onion address is hanging out in that tunnel). You can read more about it here (and suggest you bookmark the specific Tor link as well):


On September 2, 2021 a new torrent was released from the library that includes all the texts and formats as of the release date wrapped up into a 3.5gb file (English language project only). Download and seed the magnet link with your preferred Torrent client here:


The library also released a HTML offline version of everything via the ZIM file format with the snapshot taken on April 2, 2021. It’s a little outdated at this point, but idea of sharing easily accessible file of everything, seems pretty useful. Hope to update it in the future and have more frequent releases.

(without images) 180MB
(with images) 450MB
Instructions: Open ZIM file using software like: or read more about ZIM here:


The Anarchist Library will be in real life | away from keyboard this coming October 2, 2021! We are going to have a table of free zines printed from the library and curated by us at the New York City Anarchist Bookfair (or is it book fair?). Come say hello and grab a free zine! We’re trying to share all the possibilities of printing and sharing anarchist texts from the library.


For 13+ years and counting of The Anarchist Library project has been funded by the participants, largely in part by one person. Recently, some participants and users of the project have asked how they can help support the cost of maintaining the library, which is hosted on our own infrastructure that we maintain. We asked our friends at Little Black Cart to help setup a donation page for us, with everything going to library project. Help us out if you'd like at the following link:

The Anarchist Library – Little Black Cart
(Unfortunately for the time being International donations cannot be accepted, but perhaps a method will be devised to allow for them in the future.)

Social Media stuff:

The library has an official social media account over on the self-hosted Anarchy Planet Pleroma instance here:
We share more frequent updates there and occasional new and old texts published on the library that we find intriguing.

There is also a Twitter page, that used to be a robot retweeting new things, but is now curated by a human:

Twitter page of the Southeast Asian Anarchist Library

As usual


You can add new texts to the library here. You can also edit each text on the library if you find any errors and would like to help out. No username or login required.


If the library is ever down, you can find a mirror of the project here.

If you can help mirror the project, it would be nice to have more mirrors of all the projects available as old mirrors have disappeared.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

You can find the library on Internet Relay Chat(IRC) by pointing your favorite IRC client to:

channel: #library server: port 6667 port 6697 (SSL)
iofdnzyvag7ncw63.onion port 6667 || 6697
Or via the web client:
Electronic Mail

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