Announcing the 2021 Portland Anarchist Bookfair

Poster for Portland Anarchist Bookfair. A dragon breathing fire. The poster reads: Portland 2021 Anarchist Bookfair. Free. All ages. October 9-10. 1-6pm. Buckman Elementary. Books! Zines! Food! Workshops! Anarchy! Fun!

Announcing the 2021 Portland Anarchist Bookfair!

October 9th and 10th
Outside Buckman Elementary on SE 18th and Pine
1pm to 6pm both days
All ages.

We're really excited to announce the 2021 Anarchist Bookfair in so-called Portland, Oregon.
The weekend of the 9th and 10th will include books, zines, art, food, friends, workshops, and other fun shit. We'll be able to share and connect with anarchist publishers, artists, distros and other anarchics from all over Turtle Island. Please wear a mask.

We welcome folks to show up and table on either or both days. There is also still space for more workshops, talks, and other activities.

If you plan on tabling, please try to bring your own table. If you need a table and cannot get one, reach out to us beforehand.

Email if you have any questions or need anything.

For joy and anarchy in Portland and everywhere!

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Isn't this supposed to be the green scare bookfair put on by warzone? I hope so and they didn't let the boring anarcho-liberals take this over.

No. Green scare kiddies got run out of Portland by Gillis and his superior transhumanist jedi council. Live by the dangerous space policy, die by the dangerous space policy and the force punch of an anarcho jedi master.

Again with the masks? At an outdoor event? How is there any semblance of logic in that? At least the NYC bookfair, unlike Montreal and Portaland, didn't announce it as official policy on their web site I guess I'll find out for myself.

Are you so fragile that anarchists asking people to please bring a mask shatters you?

What anarchist is opposed to mask anonymity? That’s right, no anarchist.

Its the anarcho-democrats who push this shit. The Portland "anarchist" scene like 96% people who are 1 false promise of student loan forgiveness away from going out and canvasing for elizabeth warren. It's a joke here, these mfers here will unironically say things like Joe Biden saved the US from fascism. They simp hard for the CDC, Fauci, scienctism the technocracy, and openly say that the US should have a Chinese/Australian style authoritarian lockdown.

Hi NM!

Every time you use the science (like "since the risks of outdoor transmission are generally acknowledged to be negligible") to try to oppose the other science you oppose (like 'masks reduce transmission of the deadly coronavirus'), an innocent baby is drained of its adrenachrome to feed the pro-mask reptillians running the shadow government. It also makes you look incredibly stupid...

Did anyone else notice that the dragon in the bookfair poster is basically a leviathan filled with zeks? That the red and gold are the symbolic colors of imperial China. What's with that? Too busy worried about masks to not see the obvious authoritarian communist conspiracy staring us right in the face??!?!?

They're the people, and attendees are inhuman passive observers.

Wierd, but 5 years ago every activist anarchist's number one item to take to demonstrations was a black mask, and now, when the government makes them compulsory, the anarchists activists are opposed to masks, and then get identified and arrested. This is plain dumb contrarian politics and just shows how vacant the activist's claim to intelligent dissent is.

never got the point of an anarchist bookfair

if you are comfortable enough meeting in large groups, in state-owned spaces, are you that much of a threat to the state?

The point of anarchist bookfairs is to replicate capitalist booksellers but only more anarchisty. Also sexual hookups and to see the latest fashion trends.

Maybe see-through transparent masks will equate to not REALLY wearing a mask, thereby nullifying the authority of mandated masks, and satisfying the rebellious defiant stance whilst still maintaining obedience, which then transforms it into a hipster fashion statement and finally nullifying the presumption of the bookfair being anarchic!
Or maybe cling-rap rapped around the head as an anarcho-nihilist protest ending in death, the ultimate nullification of law and obedience.

It is not mindless adherence to State dictates. The State does not dictate wearing masks at outdoor events. If anything it is a signaling of NOT trusting the CDC's claims that masks are not necessary outdoors. If anything it ALSO increases anonymity AND certainly increases the reduction of deadly viral spread. So calm your pants, NM.

The masks does little to prevent the spread outside. Outside environments help in themselves against the spread, as the open air and microbial diversity of external environments make it harder for any virus to be of any effect. Poorly-ventilated interior spaces are the best environment for a spread, and not only the CDC recognizes that... it's a scientific consensus that's long-established, even more established than Climate Change.

You're ridiculous to be wearing a mask outside, unless it's for hiding your face from the view of others, for some reason.

Oogle-0 is an unvaccinated, asymptomatic covid-19 infected close-talker. They decide to not wear a mask to show off to the world and the Portland PD surveillance cameras their rad new facial tattoos. They also recently got a new tongue piercing which that promotes salivation.

Tabler-X is an unvaccinated and uninfected extrovert and is very excited to show off their new offerings and sets up a table under a nice tree in the tabling area. Tabler-X unfortunately broke their ankle doing parkour around Portland so they've been spending most of their time seated. Because Tabler-X is new to the bookfair they want to show how brave they are and maybe pickup a few cuties with their dashing good looks so they decide to forego wearing the mask.

Oogle-0 approaches Tabler-X's table. Tabler-X has always had a thing for pity fucks so they say a nice thing about Oogle-0's face tattoos and tongue piercing which sends Oogle-0's mind racing. Oogle-0 leans close to show Tabler-X a close up of the hand-crafted popcan-top tongue jewelry and accidentally releases a number of droplets from their open moth into the mouth and nose of Tabler-X.

Tabler-X becomes infected with covid-19 and dies later that week. Oogle-0 hears the news but doesn't give a fuck but falls from a moving train and becomes paralyzed from the neck down and later arrested because the Portland PD matched their face from the bookfair surveillance cameras with the security camera footage of an armed robbery at the local Subway. Now Oogle-X is facing armed robbery charges.

This all could have been prevented had they both worn their fucking masks at the bookfair.

Also..... no u.

Also, your scientific consensus is hilarious. I wonder what your "scientific consensus" says about wearing masks to reduce the spread of droplets containing a deadly virus...

so wait, did they pity fuck or not?! you buried the lead!


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