Abolitionism & the Threat of Reformism

from It's Going Down

An Online Panel Hosted by Forest City Anarchists

Announcing an online forum on abolitionism and the threat of reformism. Hosted by Forest City Anarchists.

On Saturday October 23rd at 7PM EST, join us on Twitch for a live discussion about abolitionism, the threat of reformism, and how it all relates to the state. We have several guests lined up to cover these topics and then follow up by answering questions from the audience.


“Beware the co-opting liberal creep. It comes from the suburbs & poisons the streets.”


  • Shemon is a Fanonist and Jamesian communist. He has been involved in a variety of struggles since 9/11. He currently lives in upstate New York.
  • Malik is an anarchist and a member of RAM, a militant abolitionist organization based in NYC.
  • Tom Nomad is the author of Master’s Tools and Toward an Army of Ghosts, as well as being a contributor to It’s Going Down, Crimethinc, and a number of other outlets. He is an anarchist organizer, writer and commentator living in the Rustbelt.

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What is Abolitionism? Ideas/an ideology borrowed fourth or fifth hand from early 1970s US New Left Maoism.

yeah well, the critique still stands, just the what-to-do portion that's the hard part and in case you haven't noticed, that's true for the rest of anarchy and the less bloodthirsty left as well.

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