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Anarchism Around The World

I made this article which displays a series of interviews, recorded for a documentary, never finished by it’s original producers, which hoped to show anarchism in all it’s forms around the world today and in history. But, I think it succeeds even better at that task as a video catalogue for those interested enough to find the clips that peak their curiousity.

The playlists were already on, so feel free to share that link with friends. I just wanted to create this article and put them on youtube to make them easier to find and more accessible to researchers.

So, click here to see - Anarchism Around The World -

Finally, this will be part of a series of posts where I try to help add to other people’s projects, and ideally get volunteers involved in a rare anarchist media archiving project. The next task will be making playlists out of a bunch of rare anarchist documentaries which Stuart Christie collected on his website over many years. A lot of them are to do with the Spanish Civil War. So, if you like that idea or want to lend a hand, check out the spreadsheet, maybe share my tweet asking for help &/or contact me.

And here's a preview of all the playlists:

  • Gabriel Kuhn – author and translator, Austria and Sweden
  • Felipe Correa – FASP (now OASL - militant, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Allan Antliff – author, Victoria, Canada
  • Aileen O'Carroll – Workers Solidarity Movement (, Dublin, Ireland
  • Jose Antonio Gutierrez Danton –, Dublin, Ireland
  • Donato Didero – FdCA (, Italy
  • Lekhetho Mthetwa – Landless Peoples Movement & Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Saul Newman – post-anarchist author and academic, London, UK
  • Judith Suissa – author of Anarchism and Education, London, UK
  • Peter Marshall – author (, ecologist and sailor, Devon, UK
  • Donald Rooum – cartoonist and writer, Freedom Press, London, UK
  • Juan Carlos Mechoso – Ateneo Herbert Nieto (, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Suzy Subways – Philadelphia, USA
  • Lawrence Jarach – Anarchy, A Journal of Desire Armed (, Berkeley, USA
  • Howard J. Ehrlich – editor of Social Anarchism journal (, Baltimore, USA
  • Joaquin Cienfuegos – Anarchist People of Color (, Copwatch L.A. (, USA
  • DiAngelo – Copwatch L.A. (, USA
  • Cindy Milstein – Institute for Anarchist Studies (, San Francisco, USA
  • Tom Wetzel – WSA (Worker Solidarity Alliance -, San Francisco, USA
  • Jean Pauline – Berkeley, USA
  • Audrey Goodfriend (RIP) – lifelong anarchist (and black diaper baby), Berkeley, USA. RIP
  • Barry Pateman – Kate Sharpley Library ( and Emma Goldman Papers, Grass Valley, USA
  • Lara Messersmith-Glavin – Institute for Anarchist Studies (, Portland, USA
  • Jen Rogue – Worker Solidarity Alliance (, Tacoma, USA
  • Joel Olson (RIP) – Bring the Ruckus (, Flagstaff, USA. RIP
  • Kenyon Zimmer – Dallas, USA
  • Kate Khatib – Red Emmas ( and AK Press (, Baltimore, USA
  • Kevin Tucker – anarcho-primitivist author (, USA
  • Wayne Price – author, New York, USA
  • Biko Mutsaurwa – Toyi Toyi Artz Kollective, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Mix/ Michelle – Ativismo ABC (, Santo Andre, Brazil
  • Renato Ramos – FARJ ( militant, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Annick Stevens – Refractions Publishing (, Marseille, France
  • Michel Némitz – Espace Noir ( and Fédération Libertaire des Montagnes - Switzerland
  • Daniela Zarro – anarca-bolo publishing (, Locarno, Switzerland
  • Lia Didero – FdCA (, Italy
  • Pablo Abufom – Libreria Proyeccion (, Santiago, Chile
anon (not verified)
The kolektiva link says:

The kolektiva link says:

"Some of whom have since, unfortunately, passed away and others have passed on in their beliefs. But many are still very active."

This list says who has passed (RIP) but it doesn't say which have passed on in their beliefs and which are still very active. Does anyone know?

anon (not verified)
after watching a couple, most

after watching a couple, most of these seem like a bunch of dorks, Jean Pauline and
Audrey Goodfriend were pleasant but they definitely have an old-fashioned view of anarchism, and Saul Newman seemed like a stuck-up nerd that seems to express an anarchism that doesn't seem different than what any postmodernist university professor would say about any subject

anon (not verified)
What about Howard Besser --

What about Howard Besser -- Professer Besser? He has a pretty impressive T-shirt collection!

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