Attacks Against 3 Mobile Phone Towers

you love to see it! (also, fun fact: "ácrates" is a gender-neutral way of saying "anarchists" in spanish)

from attaque, English translation via, by cretin

Full title: Saint-Etienne, France: Coordinated Attacks Against 3 Mobile Phone Towers by A.C.R.A.T.E.S (Coordinated Associations for the Anti-Tech Revolt and Eco-Sabotage)

Machine-assisted translation of this article:

Saint-Etienne area : Attack

In the night of November 2nd to 3rd 2021, we led a coordinated attack against three cell towers around Saint-Etienne by setting them on fire.
( And not one, as the media tried to make it look like! )

This cut off telephone communications and momentarily interrupted the dependency that the techno-world needs to survive.

(We could take as an example the Thales arms factory in the neighboring town or the 80.000 people deprived of telephones for the week but there are many others...)

We did not want to attack only a new aspect of technology (5G), but to assert our hostility against this society as a whole.

Long live the revolt
Long live fire
And long live more waterproof K-ways!

From A.C.R.A.T.E.S
(Coordinated Associations for the Anti-Tech Revolt and Eco-Sabotage)

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so good of these anarchists to give people the unexpected opportunity to learn to deal with life-threatening medical emergencies on their own instead of calling an ambulance.

So good of a non-anarchist to spend all day every day trolling an anarchist website bitching and moaning about how great the status quo is instead of spending time out helping people who are having life threatening medical emergencies.

Cool! Stop that 5g Soros Illuminati nanobot corona hoax, feral individuals!

the communique says none of that, and was made precisely to preempt being lumped-in with all that mess

this is bad optics that make all of us look bad, it runs a real risk of undoing all the good public relations work involved us real anarchists have done since a bunch of us invented the very popular, media-friendly concept of mutual aid back when the pandemic began.

brb omw to firebomb a wambulance rn





I was on my way to hard-facepalm at the start of your comment but then it went into the territory of very acceptable sarcasm.

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