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At dawn on 11 November, a number of searches were carried out in various Italian cities and six comrades were served with orders for precautionary measures: in prison for Alfredo, under house arrest for Michele, and an obligation to remain and sign three times a week for four other comrades.

The comrades are suspected of the crime of art. 270 bis (subversive association for the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order) for the conception, editing, printing and dissemination, including via computer and telematic tools, of the anarchist paper “Vetriolo“, for wall writings with content considered outrageous and instigatory and for an episode of damage. They were also charged with Article 414 (incitement to commit crimes), for drawing up and disseminating communiqués containing incitement to commit crimes against the State in person, for the purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order.

In addition to this, two counter-information websites, and, were obliterated because they were considered an aggravating factor in the specific crime of incitement (through a digital instrument).

The investigation starts in the year 2017 in Milan, from the beginning of the newspaper’s editorial experience, then was passed to the Perugia prosecutor’s office until today, and reviews the content of the anarchist propaganda articles that are declared dangerous for their communicative effectiveness and the spreading of the radical idea.

This is not an attack on freedom of the press and ideas. The State is doing its job of controlling and managing its internal enemy in order to maintain its authority, and publications that resolutely assert a certain kind of content that undermines its interests are clearly attacked, as has always been the case throughout history. In the current democratic and technocratic regime characterised by an authoritarian turn of events, the ‘permitted’ remains confined within the limits of maintaining the economic and capitalist profits of production and consumption. As is evident in the piazzas of the current dissent against the political and health impositions, the boundary of the permissible is defined by the institutions and the boundary of the freedom to protest is being increasingly restricted.

Anyone who takes it upon themselves to openly publish a newspaper such as “Vetriolo“, giving support and a voice to anarchist and revolutionary prisoners, is well aware that repression will take its steps, with investigations laced with sensationalist tones. But this does not mean that we will complain about the lack of democratic ‘freedoms’ of expression and of the press, which in fact have never existed and today even less so.

The investigators argue that it is the effectiveness of the message that determines the 414 offence. Thus, in addition to the content itself, how well it could be received, and therefore more so in times of social tension, i.e. when a certain type of content is more widely shared. A distortion can be detected in the cop narrative, namely that an immediate direct cause-and-effect relationship characterises propaganda and action. This is a banal simplification. Anarchist ideas have made their way through society, in different historical periods and in different ways, they have animated individual and collective acts, deeds have characterised the struggles for the liberation of the oppressed, illuminating thoughts in a relationship of reciprocity and union, not in a static relationship of causality decodable by the interpretative codes of Jurisprudence.

In the same way the Circolaccio Anarchico space in Spoleto, defined the organisational headquarters of the association, was also criminalised. Certainly the activity promoted by Space, even in times of lockdown, the numerous events in the struggle against the Snam gas pipeline, the discussions against the green pass and employers’ policies, the analyses of the crisis in the Middle East have always stimulated the spirit of criticism and encouraged free thinking, and are therefore considered potentially dangerous.

One of the most striking aspects of this investigation, after the closure of spaces and the attempted dismantling of anarchist newspapers and sites, is the persistence with which the State is perpetrating its vindictive coercion on prisoners who keep their anarchist and revolutionary ideas alive. The constant efforts to isolate imprisoned comrades and promote desolidarisation are proof of this. In this investigation is applied the measure of remand for Alfredo Cospito, already in prison since 2012: a punishment in an attempt to discourage his convictions, a warning also for all prisoners who, far from the logic of distancing themselves from anarchist ideas and practices, maintain dignity, conviction and vital determination. Other devious attempts have recently been made against prisoner comrades in this regard, such as the notification in the prison of Messina of a new 270 bis to Anna in February 2021, basically for the loss by the prison police of a hard disk during her transfer to the prison.

It is evident that those who give their lives for anarchism and continue to hold their positions give a slap in the face to power and continue to do so. The comrade Alfredo’s intransigence is attacked in an attempt to silence him by charging him with offence 414 for a contribution sent to the anti-prison initiative held in Bure, France, in March 2020, a contribution sent for an anti-prison assembly in June 2019 in Bologna, and for the interview “Which International?”.

We reiterate our solidarity and closeness to our comrade Alfredo.

We express our closeness to all those under investigation.

The organs of power might repress and imprison the individuals who resist authority, but the demon of revolt will continue to haunt their dreams of social peace.

The social war is on, between the State, capitalism and their enemies…


Some of the suspects and comrades in solidarity


Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!

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Thus the one thing that is most likely to deter them using force on us is a credible threat that we can use force in them. Italy and Greece in particular should understand that a shooting war with the Left won't be any more pleasant for them than it is for us.

Imagine being a judge deciding whether to issue arrest warrants for anarchists after seeing photos of a Killdozer-style improvised armored vehicle in an unidentifiable location. Imagine deciding about those warrants knowing wherever you send our people will face a literal tank attack from one or more of these things-and that your cops have no antitank weapons.

This has been done before. In the US we have had one attack with a stolen Army tank in San Diego, plus the "killdozer" made from a large bulldozer and used to assault an entire town Lots of those can be found in places like pipeline sites.

No more bullshit, time to meet force wirh force

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