Publication of 'I Want To Kill Cops Until I'm Dead'

  • Posted on: 24 January 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)

Publication of the text 'I Wanna Kill Cops Until I'm Dead' in zine format.

Quotes from the text:

“Destroying police will no just take mass murder, it will take a great undoing, a collaborative revenge aimed at those who have perpetuated the nightmare of police officering. It will mean showing up at the doors of dawdling grandpas with parade uniforms pinned up on their walls and letting off a 9mm in their face.

“Towards the annihilation of police and the destitution of humanity.”

The plain text can be found on the anarchist library, and both English and French versions of the zine are to be downloaded here:


What would be the legal ramifications of this being found on your hard drive in the US, I wonder?

Why? What about it seems sketchy to you?

It's like you're kidding... but I've seen a few supposed anarchos who're THAT dumb.

I was definitely kidding. My sketchometer melted.

Ramifications?.Probably a group of vigilante cops from your town visiting you late at night despite all the security software and locks on your doors, there's 4 of them standing over your bed as you wake up out of a dream you're having of you about to marry Stirner's great great great granddaughter. What follows next follows the script of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!
Go ahead tough guy, download it, have reading sessions with your radical hiphop friends, sweet dreams!

Is it legal to own literature calling for the killing of Police in open way? Rap songs sure, but literature? In Trump's America? Asking for a friend.

property is theft, and theft is illegal, therefore you can get some serious jail time for owning literature.

everyone’s a cop, even the writers of this zine, even the commenters on this thread, even me, and being cops is great, thanks.

I was kidding earlier. Of course this is fukin sketchy!

Very easy to rely on externalities. This is what society teaches us.

hmm they shoulda put that in the zine.

Stirner was a spook killing cop!

stirner was a scribbler
othernwise knownst as a writist

The only potential legal ramification would be using it's existence to malign your character during the prosecution of other crimes.

your ramifications have prop roots

I have not yet BEGUN to malign my own character!!! Challenge accepted.

Now this is some vague attempt at edgy internet humor.

It's probably a good idea not to have a pathological 'kill em' all position'. Focus on eliminating the overarching system of law and state that creates them.

Yeah but they'll shoot you for trying dumbass.

I am better than the police!

If you download it over Tor nobody can tell you have it (barring having a Tor workaround and TALKING ABOUT THAT TOR WORKAROUND which NSA will not). If you keep it on a hard drive encrypted with a complex passphrase and NOT using Windows Bitlocker (might have a backdoor in the TPM), than nobody can read anything on your hard drive to determine whether you posess this or anything else.

How can one think of privacy/security and be using Windows at all!? I thought this point was made clear centuries ago.

Or the reversal of circumstance--
I want to make love to cops until they reprieve my death sentence and take me off death-row :p

Imagine a place where you aren't just legally allowed but officially encouraged to murder real estate parasite promoters and other wannabe billionaires. Around here I'd get a life sentence and probably could get shot in the process... all in the name of property.

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