Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode Fifteen - Doing the Dishes

  • Posted on: 12 April 2019
  • By: anarchybang

From Anarchy Bang

This week we are going to discuss doing the dishes. The dishes are both code for the kind of responsibility we need to take in 1000 different contexts and the kind of gendered behavior that burns people out, makes our relationships boring, resentful, and disappointing. For some people this is a reason to put a poster on a wall, for others it is the reason they want to live alone, but our conversation is how do we do better, how do we frame the relationshiships we have and want, and how do we, as a category, do the dishes.

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washing dishes while

i listen to a podcast

everyday's the same

"Asking questions while doing the dishes", or... "Asking questions to bother the one who does the dishes all the time"...

Doing dishes is nothing to me, its mind over matter. I. astound my friends when I say I love doing the dishes, its like breathing to me, trance food. I travel to other galaxies whilst washing dishes.,.

yes, i'm glad to do them. it's one of the few productive things i can do while ruminating on negative thoughts.

But if you ruminate on negative thoughts, the dish must have been bitter, and the thoughts you dish out must be depressed.,.

especially when you don't work in a restaurant. The thing I semi-dread is all the upcoming yard work i have to do this week...

put woodchips over everywhere, nothing will grow until you plant some trees or something

thanks! unfortunately i do the yard work for other people, but i will keep that in mind...

How are you sure that the wood chips you use aren't contaminated with mercury, asbestos, microplastics or other pollutants?

Think of what you're doing, damit!

i already went down to lowes and bought their special radioactive wood chips

Well at least it was in special...

Mutations in soil bacteria may be beneficial that's how nature works.

i dunno, this guy says woodchips good.

you can also use branches and leaves from trimmed trees, and even dry palm tree leaves as mulch
using locally sourced and repurposed stuff can be good

and throwing them in a wood chipper, hopefully that's affordable around here...i would bet that the wood chips i can find are not contaminated with mercury and asbestos

well it's mindful of you, but if you have enough of these around, you can just recycle out of rotten dead trees. Put on some gloves and with an axe or pike you just remove all the soft rotten wood then reduce it to about the same kind of "forest compost" you get from stores. This is actually better than industrial wood chunks since, aside from avoiding the likelyhood of contamination, you also get some matter that's already composting. Blending it with poor, acidic soil will also "break" it, oxygenate it, then start making it fertile again.

Yeah sure, change the subject away from the kitchen chores by introducing lumberjacking axe wielding masculine work by chipping away at a log looking busy with all the males and leaving a pile of dishes inside the house where you know the women will end up doing them COS ITS MAN'S WORK OUTSIDE IN THE GARDEN.
Even this thread has been cunningly hijacked by men and drifted outside into the patriarchal work narrative.

if grass dont grow, then men can wash dish


dish only came into existence because of


dishes are patriarchal and civ

One more joke you kept under the rug like a poo-lit surprise! Now gotta wash my feet...

and this is why thought experiments are not supposed to be confused with doing things with your hands. Would it help you to know that i've already cut off my manly genitalia in an attempt to escape from politicizing hypocrites?

20:08 returning --> I want to see your masculine consciousness severed, not its anatomical MANifestation ;)

i am now in touch with gaea, every tortured vestige of my previous man-conciousness is now severed, i shall no longer tame the flora and fauna, but nurture them, thank you

Nice work! You're gettin there...



I, WILD feral warrrior of untold battles of lore, DEVOURER of all things Existent (as per continental ontologies well-understood by our Ancestors yet didn't read academic books!) will HUNT these dish-washing machines of civilizational oppression, these KITCHEN TEMPTRESSES, with by spear dipped in the blood of a human academic marxist, and for an eternity, shall I STRIKE those white metal demons of accommodating domestication and human subjugation, eyes BURNING with fearsome gleeee!!!

good job on italics

There may be some truth to these conquest narratives, ironically, " doing the dishes " is regarded by many as a form or penance for a guilt associated with the primitive sacrificial rites and feastings of earlier time.
Feasting in itself is an expression of having gleefully succeeded at the hunt and having appeased the natural gods.
Or cleaning up after the feast was a task given to the lowest caste or slaves of a tribal society, who would actually enjoy the task and devour the leftovers for their own mini-feast.
I remember how as a dishwasher I hungrily crammed fillet steak and waldorf salads down during breaks between sessions. Some of the waiters would bring them and with a wink say the plate hasn't been touched. Then back to washing 1,000 dishes.

Also as I said elsewhere, mycelium, which plays a central role in enriching soil, is often found already in rotting trees in the forest.

"i was thinking about cutting down ailanthus trees"

be careful, a lot of people get gnarly allergic reactions to ailanthus. i wouldn't wanna breathe it, or handle the chipped stuff.

Wasn't familiar, even tho I learn methods that are close. Low effort for maximal long-term results... that should be the motto in permaculture, instead of over-sophisticated workaholism that leads you pretty much at the same place. Awesome trick for transforming a lawn into a garden.

For more long-term, larger-scale farming, there's the Holzer method:

Beyond using ponds, he developed "tree mounds", where you do mounds out of burying tree trunks and branches at the bottom, then adding a layer of branches, then cone tree offshoots and needles.

Then you topple with a thick layer of mulch (i.e. woodchips, but partly-composted) then top soil, or the soil you dug up to make the hole. Every year you add these two layers of mulch and soil as the mound lowers. Cover with dead leaves or straw during the winter so to accelerate the fungi and compost buildup. The tree stumps at the bottom provide with fertile soil for decades, as they retain moisture, keep the "foundations" breathing while slowly giving out compost matter to the soil.

Plant associations are important, as like Holzer says, some plants provide with what others feed upon, and also may help countering some parasites and insects.

Experience (H)abituation is defined in more detail by a number of parametric properties, involving such factors as stimulus frequency and intensity, spontaneous recovery of the habituated response, etc. Sensitization is defined as an increase in response as a result of (usually strong) stimulation.

I'm glad that in a description of the process, the clients level of empathy and genuineness are paramount and that its not a system of healing learnt from a book but an attitude to existence which rewards the action emotional fairness and mutual respect with the positive all round nihil-esque health.,.

In layman's terms, there can be no spooks in the kitchen sink!

Does a hurricane do the dishes, Aragorn?!

Obvious issue for automation to deal with!

this sunday: what it consists of and how it challenges today's mainstream nightmare and I will listen to your responses when I download the episode? thanks.

I would really like to hear an episode or two on what Aragorn and his friends think the post-left consists of today, including current threats and opportunities for anarchism in general.

40+ years of various "rads" lamenting gendered chores, a talking schtick for "better relationships". Isn't there some old adage about coming in with a BANG and going out with a whimper?

jerking off is a gendered chore
emotional labor/doing the dishes
i do it all by myself
i’m a good boy
not bothering anybody

Dishwashing liquid, oddly enough, is a good lubricant ;)

Wouldn't it?!

Note to self: Don't get sexual health advice from anews comments. It's realllll red down there now and feels like there's bees in our pants. Thanks anon

of that which this isn't

Hey piston fist, that was a technical point, not behavioral advice!

yes, there was this small town (in italy, i think) that used this concoction of soap and i don't know what else (oil?) to stop tanks and vehicles from rolling in (the street was slippery and there was a slope or something)

After my soap lube experience, I take what you are saying here with the tanks is: Love is a battle field.

I was to be your lover 4 lyfe!

It was SAND that was mixed with the soap. For your information, I don't recommend this for your behavioral perversions mkay, and I should know from personal experience from making out down the beach on those warm sultry summer nights,*sigh*
You'll notice how I've cunningly diverted the conversation yet again from drudgery of women's chores washing dishes to the masculine patriarchal conquest narrative again!

in the event im referring to, i think it was the women of the town that prepared the mixture and poured it on the streets

'xcept not everybody's like that, and neither everyone went on these same conveyor belts.

I went into rioting during my '30s while I was a pretty delusional normie in my early '20s, after being a sorry attempt at being countercultural (not skinny enough to fit in most crowds).

There are people going with with a bang when they're old. Like that old family man who went on bombing oil wells in Alberta a while back, not long before he died of old age.

Generalizations are leaning toward essentialism and eventually some totalitarian determinism. Get rd of those, they're your own enemy.

It was I who suggested it. I can only download podcasts and subject comments during public library opening times in the UK. The question is really to ascertain as to whether post left anarchy offers anything by way of ANY challenge to current state of affairs. Yes, leftist tactics have proved fruitless by and large: demonstrations don't work. direct action doesn't get us anywhere, I understand all that. However, where does post left anarchy get us? Is it just another way of supporting anarchism (in principle) but recognising it is dead as a serious way of challenging power relations with the mainstream? It is the penultimate stage of not being an anarchist at all? Personally, that's the only value I see in it. I could be wrong and that post left anarchy has a lot to offer, hence my initial comment which you read out on Anarchy Bang. Thanks

Some Post-left anarchist writing that could be helpful to some of your questions.

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