May Day Is (Y)Ours

  • Posted on: 13 April 2019
  • By: thecollective

From Conflict Minnesota

Call for Autonomous and Decentralized Anti-Capitalist Actions on May 1st in the Twin Cities

The first of May is a day for commemorating International Worker’s Day, and before that, the welcoming of Spring. While these traditions live on in near-petrified form, we can bring them a new life. We: you, and I, and all our friends.

This is a call for autonomous and decentralized anti-capitalist actions to take place on May Day around the Twin Cities. This means that anyone seeking a more dignified life—a life beyond cops, work, prisons and borders—take their own initiative to act in whatever way they see fit. Autonomous, so that we don’t need anyone else’s permission to act; decentralized, so that we can be everywhere, centering ourselves instead.

We wish to emphasize both creativity and flexibility in this call. Creativity can push us beyond the stale forms that activism accustoms us to, encouraging us to forge new paths of acting in the world. While centering ourselves means giving us an ease of flexibility by allowing anyone to act on their own time, with their own means.

Do not be daunted. Surely, it’s easier to show up to a protest march organized for you and follow along, but it’s far less fun. There is no greater feeling than acting in a way that is in every way y/our own. We are so used to being guided and governed by the economy, that even our resistance tends to fall along the same lines. This too we must refuse.

As others have said elsewhere “May Day is our day to imagine and bring forth a world of ecstatic sharing and joy in common.” So get going—make plans and together we can make May Day ours!


Im curious to see if much comes of these types of calls. I remember kinda hearing of something out of Seattle last year.

You can have "y(our)" May Day to be autonomous and everywhere together, and some of us will continue not needing holidays to motivate our attacks.

"There is no greater feeling than acting in a way that is in every way y/our own."

"So get going—make plans and together we can make May Day ours!"

Your anti-individualist double speak still makes you sound like a creepy cult. You'll probably be back to writing academic shit-people-can-barely-read essays like "joyful militancy" the very next day. You all sound like The Parent who has to guide and channel us crazy wild kids into the Proper Revolutionary way of life.

Go fuck yourselves.

-Your sworn anti-collectivist enemy

11/10, would form affinities

You fuck off too, young blood! You barely do anything except talk shit online and you know it! Maybe if you thump your chest hard enough, somebody'll give a shit, right? Cockadoodle DOO

hi, senileoldtroll.

how are you this fine day?

i’m not this anon you’re replying to, but i just wanted to say hi.

also cuz i’m someone who really “barely do[es] anything except talk shit online” (we might not get to know if that applied to the anon you replied to), but i never thump my chest tho

Hi anon! Love your work.

I'm gooood, you're sweet to ask. Usually try to match the tone of the people I'm engaging with. Don't have any real opposition to pissing away our lives on the internet. We're all obviously doing it, to varying degrees. Recommend occasionally thumping your chest, it loosens the phlegm!

haha, i prefer firm taps on the back for that, but that would require another person, now that you mention it i think i do thump my chest rare occasions to help loosen phlegm or scratch an itchy cough

So you lied to me. Heaps of shame anon.

yes, i can’t be trusted. sorry to disappoint

You dumb ass you couldn't thump your chest even if you wanted to cus your pacemaker would go on the fritz.

This is always hard, I have some bad news: it looks like your shit-talk didn't make it. I'm so sorry … I'll give you some time.

If you think about it, the Imaginary Party is surprisingly congruent with the DSA. ;-D

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