The Undying Appeal of White Nationalism

  • Posted on: 20 December 2014
  • By: worker

From Candles and Torches

Neofascism in the Cultural, Artistic, and Ecological Movements

The earth is firmly enveloped in crisis. This crisis is at once material and existential. The economy can no longer support the human weight that bends it at its foundation. Can not, or will not. The aftermath of the recession has produced only one reality: an intensified stratification of global society.

The crises have created a world devoid of meaning. Everywhere, people question the bold political narratives of the present, exposing them all as being without purpose. Democracy appears as the ridiculous theater that it always was.

In much of the world, young people found solace in the lack of meaning. They embraced cynicism and insincerity as responses to the real situation. As time went on, they found that this ironic perspective failed them in the very same way as did the dominant paradigm.

The recession of 2008 propelled the earth into a state of delirium. Over the following three years, the world fought to materially answer the existential crisis; to existentially answer the material. These popular movements posed a question. Is it even possible, in the 21st century, to imagine another way of living? All of society was exposed for its repressive essence, and people began to appropriate buildings, parks, universities, vacant lots, and city centers to begin directly creating a different way of life.

The question of the people fighting in occupied buildings and sleeping in city squares never received a response. Echoes, but not answers. The militants of 2011 reluctantly returned to life in the void.

We are still living with the same crisis. Meaning has yet to be restored. Around the world a new movement is emerging.

Across the globe, a reactionary wave has presented itself as the answer to the question posed six years ago. In Greece, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela, Russia, and Italy, neofascist parties have reemerged in the form of militant street-level uprisings. In the United States, fascist influences have begun to permeate the cultural, artistic, technological, and deep ecology movements.

In particular, the strong historical precedence of fascist influence on the legacy of ecological movements illuminates a need to take this situation seriously.

Esoteric fascism is growing in the ecology movement. This is nothing new. The term “ecology” was coined by the racist, white nationalist, eugenics enamored German biologist Ernst Haeckel in the 19th century [1]. Haeckel founded the eugenicist and white nationalist Monist League in 1905 to propagate his racist views. Haeckel later joined the occultist Thule Society, a spiritual organization that sponsored and helped to develop the Nazi Party.

The German concept of “blut und boden” (blood and soil) traces its origins to the ethno-nationalist Volkisch movement. The belief insists that a people are connected to a historical territory, and that whites must protect the health of that land in order to ensure the continuity of the Aryan race.

Inspired by this view, German philosopher Rudolf Steiner founded Anthroposophy in 1912. Anthroposophy was a school of ethno-religious mysticism that promoted the idea of a race’s spiritual connection to a local environment along with the belief in a hierarchy of human races and the need to keep these races separate. These beliefs were heavily influential in the Volkisch movement of the 1920s.

The Wandervogel (wandering bird) youth movement was a strongly influential back-to-nature cultural force in Germany in the early 20th century centered around environmentalism, communal living, eastern religion, and staunch nationalism. Wandervogel youth believed political action to be incapable of correcting the deeply entrenched societal crisis, so they looked instead to personal and cultural transformation. The immigration of some Wandervogel youth to America in the early 20th century helped to inspire the Hippie movement [2]. Initially, the Wandervogel movement was comprised of people from somewhat disparate philosophical backgrounds, but by the 1930s most of the tendency was absorbed by the Nazi Party.

The Wandervogel subculture was a reflection of the larger The Lebensreform (life reform) movement. Lebensreform advocated organic diets, sexual liberation, vegetarianism, and a deep respect for nature. The tendency was popular in Switzerland and Germany in the early 20th century. Anarchists were very influential in the Lebensreform tendency, people like painter Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach and poet Gusto Graser promoted liberatory ideas among the movement. Graser, along with cultural libertines Henry Oedenkoven and Ida Hofmann, founded the Monte Verita commune in Switzerland in 1900. The commune initially existed as an experimentation in living according to communist ideals, promoting a way of living modeled after “primitive socialism”. Anarchists from around Europe flocked to Monte Verita. The communards were largely vegetarian, and practiced polyamory and held a deep respect for the environment.

By the 1930s, many of the anarchists of Monte Verita abandoned their long-held ethics and joined the Nazi Party [3].

The same trend occurred in the Lebensreform movement in general. Richard Ungewitter, a white nationalist pioneer of the German nudist movement and advocate of cultural upheaval, wrote and distributed white supremacist and anti semitic texts. He insisted that the seemingly emancipatory cultural trends of the time would be the way that the Aryan race would reestablish its dominance over “the diabolical Jews”. This reactionary tendency within the Lebensreform movement later inspired leaders of the Nazi Party.

The environmentalism of the Third Reich largely came from the mystical and anti-rational fascist lineage promoted by Richard Darre, Alfred Rosenberg, Rudolph Hess, and Heinrich Himmler [4]. It was Darre who introduced the blood and soil ideology to the NSDAP (Nazi party). As the Nazi movement was very dynamic in its early days, there was tension between the spiritualistic, anti-rational tendency and the cold, calculating, efficiently rational wing of the party.

Likewise, there was conflict between the ostensibly workerist and often openly gay wing of the movement (the Sturmabteilung, abbreviated as “SA”), and the rest of the NSDAP. The “blood purge” of the SA has become a focal point for some people in the current Neofolk subculture.


The neofolk genre is loosely based around traditional european cultural heritage, practices, and music. Many of the bands that popularized the genre have current or past allegiances to fascist politics. Death in June, perhaps the best known name in the genre, is the project of third-reich obsessed musician Douglas Pearce. Pearce named the band in honor of the SA stormtroopers who were violently expelled from the Nazi Party in the Night of the Long Knives blood purge of 1934 [5].

Death in June has a history of collaboration with Boyd Rice, a somewhat more obtuse performer whose usage of third reich imagery is equally unironic. Rice appeared as an outspoken guest on the television show of Tom Metzger, founder of the well-known neo nazi group White Aryan Resistance. Rice has toured the US extensively with Cold Cave, an act founded by Wes Eisold. Eisold was a well known figure in the hardcore scene; his band American Nightmare was very popular in underground music scenes in the early 2000s.

Both Death in June and Boyd Rice have had several of their shows canceled due to pressure from anti-fascists over the past few years.

For the most part, bands in the neofolk and neo dark-wave scenes eschew overt fascist politics in favor of “apolitical” stances and a fixation on cultural heritage and “traditionalism”. Artists often state their insistence on playing “white” or “european” music that is free of “negro” influences such as rock and roll, jazz, or rhythm.

Stella Natura is a large neofolk music festival held in the Tahoe National Forest of Northern California featuring dozens of acts and hundreds of attendees. Though the promoter, Adam Torruella, claims the event is non-political, he has invited the white nationalist publisher Counter-Currents to table at the event [6].

Counter-Currents (which recently had its San Francisco office smashed up in a late night attack) primarily sells white supremacist literature from esoteric fascist authors such as Julius Evola and Savitri Devi. Devi, a Nazi sympathizer who served as a spy for the Axis Powers during WWII, was born in France, moved to India, converted to Hinduism, and was an animal rights activist and deep ecologist. She promoted the idea of the supremacy of the Aryan race and the need for whites to respect other “noble races” such as Indians, who were believed by the nazis to be the racial relatives of white Aryans.

The festival is sponsored by the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA). Asatru is a pagan faith founded in the 1970s based on ancient Norse beliefs. Early on, there was a split in the Asatru movement around the issue of white nationalism. The universalists opposed racism, the tribalists focused on ethnic and cultural heritage, and the folkish tendency advocated an entirely racialized conception of Asatru . The AFA comes out of the folkish lineage, meaning that it is part of the white nationalist wing of Germanic Paganism.

The AFA provided security for the festival as the “Viking Brotherhood”; the original name of the organization. According to reports from concertgoers, the Viking Brotherhood roamed the perimeter with zip-ties on their hips while maintaining a diligent eye for anti-fascists.

The festival’s lineup has included several post-fascist acts and performers. Blood Axis, the band of neofascist author Michael Moynihan performed, as did Changes, a band founded by white nationalist Robert Taylor [7]. Fire and Ice and Waldteufel have also played the festival, both acts having ties to white nationalist movements. Neofascist bands Die Weisse Rose and Of the Wand and Moon were scheduled to perform in 2013 but could not enter the country due to visa issues.

This cultural tendency has grown among the hipster crowd, many of whom naively believe that the fascist aesthetic is merely ironic or just an added effect for shock-value. It has also grown among young white people from black metal and dark-wave scenes who feel alienated by the emptiness of modern society and desperately reach back to a romanticized and fictitious ancestral past.

Nihilism as Question and the Suppression of the Hipster

The epoch of the hipster has been marked by an irrepressible irony; a tangible insistence on the meaninglessness of things. The entire world appears to rotate without purpose; the era of metanarratives has long since passed and history seems to stand still. This tendency’s ascension coincides with a social era widely referred to as “liberal multiculturalism”. This multiculturalism is widely seen, by white people at least, as having reached a state of hegemonic dominion over all societal affairs. In this context, nothing can truly be racist, as the institutionalization of political correctness has seemingly relegated the older, more blatant forms of racism to the margins of culture and of society.

Because of this, the era of the hipster is not anti-racist, in fact it has no need to be. The ideology of the present era is better understood as post-racial; the apparent suppression of the old forms of prejudice have rendered white supremacy a phantom of the past only seen presently in the most anachronistic vestiges of white provincial society.

Racism is thus perceived as being powerless and therefore either innocuous or ironic. The hipster appreciation of Boyd Rice and Death in June is the result of the assumption that the resurgent fascist movement cannot possibly be sincere (as sincerity is impossible) and that, if by some far-fetched chance it were, it would be incapable of attaining meaning, as such overt racism cannot be a threat in a post-racial world.

In the world of pop culture and in the world of the anarchist, nihilism has firmly taken root. The rejection of all values, with the exception of the interests of the self, stems from a dissatisfaction with the meaninglessness of modern life. The hipster nihilist surrounds himself with accumulated symbols of irony, as sincerity has become impossible in a world without direction, and true meaning no longer exists. The anarchist nihilist maintains a steadfast refusal to participate in any political activity other than the occasional online cheering for the smashing of windows, as activism reeks of leftist naiveté
and fails to comprehend its own pointlessness amid the magnitude of the present subsumption of the world.

Until now, nihilism has been addressed as a solution. But nihilism is a question. It is a passionless cry into an indifferent distance that continues to await an answer.

What will bring meaning to the world? What force can again restore a sense of purpose to those without direction? For many, reaching back toward the dirt-covered hands of long-buried ancestors has been a starting point. A normative vision of the past harkens back to a simpler era. Young people everywhere are again discovering religions and the languages of their ancestors. Many have begun to experiment with the assumed eating habits of someone’s distant ancestors, and are convinced that the paleo diet will bring them back in tune with what humans are supposed to eat in their natural state. On trendy shopping strips in America’s cities, artisan boutiques are again emerging. Micro-brewing and woodworking are regaining prominence. Experienced beard trimmers and butchers skilled in charcuterie are again making a living as men once did in a bygone past. Young men in Red Wings and work shirts revive the wardrobes of white men before their supposed systemic emasculation by liberal feminism; they appear identical to their grandfathers walking to work in those old segregated factories. Levi’s commercials speak proudly of pioneers and territorial expansion into both the wild west and into the untamed and pre-gentrified neighborhoods of America’s rust belt.

The neofolk movement is merely the avante garde wing of this diffuse and growing cultural tendency that longs for a romanticized and uncorrupted past.

Radical Traditionalism, Revolutionary Reactionism

Presently, the mystical current of racist ecology is slowly gaining traction among some circles of former anarchists. Most notable is Olympia, Washington, where two former Green Scare prisoners and ex-anarchists have turned to white nationalism, citing a desire for white-only spaces, a respect for neo-nazis, and a pronounced disdain for “the Mexicans”. Nathan “Exile” Block and Joyanna “Sadie” Zacher were heavily influential in the green anarchist tendency prior to and during their incarceration for late-night arson attacks against industries responsible for massive environmental degradation. Disconcertingly, these two influential former Earth Liberation Front militants were initiated into the world of political violence while running through the streets of downtown Seattle in the anti-WTO Black Bloc in 1999 [8].
Several other people associated with the green anarchist movement in Olympia have followed their reactionary trajectory.

The quasi-spiritual works of ego-fascist Julius Evola and the “esoteric hitlerism” of white supremacist author Miguel Serrano [9] have been heavily influential in this growing circle. A webpage [10] operated by Nathan Block appears as a cascading scroll of imagery adorned with swastikas, black suns, and Anglo-Saxon runes complimented by an assortment of quotations from obscure neofascist theorists. This cult-like formation has expressed a sincere admiration for would-be race war instigator Charles Manson [11], particularly his environmental decree “ATWA” which stands for “air trees water animals” or “all the way alive” (the latter was used as the title of a 2012 public statement from Zacher published in the Earth First Journal). A 2007 communique written by Block and Zacher makes several vague references to the need to continue the ecological struggle in the name of the white race (often hidden behind double meanings) before concluding with an allusion to Manson’s environmental decree.

“[A]nd let those of us who heed the calls so often ignored stand upright, with clear vision, whether illuminated by the great Sun or by a more obscure Light, which rides with the night terror with all creatures of the hidden hours: the clawed, the winged, the hoofed, and also with those beings referred to by the euphemisms of ‘the ancestors’, ‘the fair folk’, or indeed, the ‘elves’.

air trees water animals [12]“

As with the Apoliteia tendency (explained below) and the Wandervogel movement, they claim an aversion to the political and a focus on individual and cultural pursuits such as touring in Neofolk bands and practicing Germanic pagan rituals.
Unfortunately, many green anarchists do not fully understand this resurgent white nationalism. Many assume that any apparent fascist sympathies must be purely aesthetic or symbolic. This willful ignorance will likely allow the trend to continue to grow, particularly in the white counter cultural enclaves of the Pacific North West.

Retreat from Politics

The current resurrection of fascism continues virtually unchecked due to the insistence of its authors and artists on their supposedly “apolitical” stance.

Apoliteia, as described in the early 20th century by the currently influential post-fascist author Julius Evola, is the rejection of compelled allegiance to the realm of traditional politics. For Evola, this did not mean that all political action is problematic, only that individuals should base this activity solely on their own personal interests.

Evola, promoting the concept of a hierarchy of races that placed blacks at the bottom and whites at the apex, also fixated on the mystical realm of race. He believed that race was manifested both in the body and in the soul, and that the ideal human being embodied the Aryan race both physically and spiritually [13].

“Our position, when we claim that race exists as much in the body as in the spirit, goes beyond these two points of view. Race is a profound force manifesting itself in the realm of the body (race of the body) as in the realm of the spirit (race of the interior, race of the sprit). In its full meaning the purity of race occurs when these two manifestations coincide [14].”

Evola promoted a sort of egoist fascism; the individual was to seek to become an “aristocrat of the soul” and to embody the brutality and order of the Holy Roman Empire within their own individual essence.

Evola objected to many of the visions of the PNF (Italian National Fascist Party) because of their focus on material conditions and relative lack of attention to spiritual and racial considerations. Though never a member of the PNF, he was an associate of Benito Mussolini and his writings eventually influenced the racial perspectives of the PNF hierarchy.

“And if Fascist Italy, among the various Western nations is the one which first wished for a reaction against the degeneration of the materialist, democratic and capitalist civilisation…there are grounds for thinking,…that Italy will be on the front line among the forces which will guide the future world and will restore the supremacy of the white race [15]“.

Evola was a bizarre character. At the peak of WWII, he would walk the streets of the city during allied bombing raids in order to “ponder his destiny”. One one such stroll, he was maimed by a Soviet bomb and as a result spent the remainder of his life paralyzed from the waist down [16].

For Evola, as for many of todays’ esoteric racists, a retreat from the political realm is accompanied by a rise in the cultural and artistic worlds. Liberal social-democracy has dominated the globe and vanquished its opponents on a political level. Post-fascists advocate remaining in the cultural sphere until the moment that social-democracy begins to collapse as a result of its own decadence; this fall will be the moment to again emerge into the world as a material force.

Modern society is meaningless, directionless, decadent. A new way must emerge to once again give purpose to life. For many, this force will resurrect the spirits of the ancestors, a reincarnation that is starting to appear in the world of culture.

The New Force
Third-positionism is a political tendency that seeks to synthesize aspects of anarchism and communism with white nationalism or extreme ethnic traditionalism. This tendency has grown significantly in Europe over the past few years. In Italy, the neofascist squatters of Casa Pound are occupying buildings and organizing militant demonstrations against the proposed construction of a high-speed rail that would be heavily damaging to the local environment. In Russia, fascists have used the anarchist black bloc tactic to anonymously march through city centers.

Today, neofascism appears much more exciting and radical than did the far right organizations of decades past. The images of popular unrest in Ukraine during the winter months inspired people around the world. It was not long before it became clear that violent neo-nazi street movements were responsible for instigating much of the anti-government unrest.

The May 22 military coup in Thailand came as the result of months of reactionary struggle, with many militants finding an ideological base in third-positionist (though not white supremacist) inspired politics [17].
In America, some third-positionist groups have been bold enough to refer to themselves as “anarchists”. BANA (Bay Area National Anarchists) was a short-lived white nationalist organization based in San Francisco and Dublin California. The group dissolved shortly after members were publicly beaten by anarchists in San Francisco following BANA’s counter-protest of a May Day immigration march [18].

In New York, NATA (National Anarchist Tribal Alliance) members were forcibly ejected from the anarchist bookfair last year, making it clear that the presence of neofascism will not be tolerated in anarchist circles, regardless of what name white nationalists choose to hide behind.

Nothing Before the Earth

At the time of its inception in 1980, the radical environmental group Earth First! took its name literally, avoiding broader social issues and focusing exclusively on a militant commitment to the preservation of the environment.

A decade later, the dedication of Earth First! attracted many anarchists to the group. These newer members were interested in developing a movement that, in addition to defending the earth, fought against racism, sexism, homophobia, and capitalism. This new political direction caused a split in the group with some of the founding members eventually leaving the organization in disgust.

David Foreman, Earth First! cofounder, went on to cofound the Wildlands Project and later joined the Sierra Club’s board of directors. His virulent anti-immigration views have caused many people in ecological movements to distance themselves from him, however his reactionary ideas have a surprisingly strong following. He was described by anarchist theorist Murray Bookchin as a “macho mountain man”. Bookchin, on the Foreman tendency:

“There are barely disguised racists, , macho Daniel Boones and outright social reactionaries who use the word ecology to express their views, just as there are deeply concerned naturalists, communitarians, social radicals, and feminists who use the word ecology to express theirs. [...] It was out of this [former] kind of crude eco-brutalism that Hitler, in the name of ‘population control,’ with a racial orientation, fashioned theories of blood and soil that led to the transport of millions of people to murder camps like Auschwitz. The same eco-brutalism now reappears a half-century later among self-professed deep ecologists who believe that Third World peoples should be permitted to starve to death and that desperate Indian immigrants from Latin America should be exclude[d] by the border cops from the United States lest they burden ‘our’ ecological resources [19].”

Foreman currently acts as the President of the Board for Apply the Brakes, an anti-immigration campaign initiated by white environmentalists [20]. Last year, he published a virulently xenophobic article for the green nativist “Earth Island Journal” obtusely entitled “More Immigration= More Americans= Less Wilderness [21]“.

For some reason, Mexicans only become a problem for the environment once they cross over to the white-man’s land. On the other side of the line, their impact on those fields and deserts who don’t yet know of borders doesn’t seem to be of concern to these environmentalists.

In spite of their disdain for indigenous “immigrants”, even the conservative ecological tendencies often maintain a fetishistic reverence for “The Indian”. In this Jeffersonian view, indigenous people are the archetypal noble savages presently confined to history books; the current realities of most indigenous communities are of little interest. For many white environmentalists, indigenous people are a natural extension of the local environment much like a wolf or a tree. In spite of this exoticization, indigenous people from south of the Mexican border are often viewed as alien trespassers on America’s soil.

Paradoxically, indigeneity is conceived of within the confines of colonial borders.

For David Foreman, the earth’s population has grown to unstable levels, and people in the third world must be purged to bring humanity back into equilibrium with the environment.

From an interview with Bill Devall (author of “Deep Ecology”):

“When I tell people the worst thing we could do [during the famine] in Ethiopia is to give aid—the best thing would be to just let nature seek its own balance, to let the people there just starve—they think this is monstrous. . . . Likewise, letting the USA be an overflow valve for problems in Latin America is not solving a thing. It’s just putting more pressure on the resources we have in the USA [22].”

Foreman’s views are unfortunately commonplace in the deep ecology tendency. If anything they are merely an echo of an earlier wave of reactionaries who offer an academic counter to Foreman’s simple-minded, He-Manish, backyard wrestling, Macho Man Randy Savage approach.

Lester Brown, a renowned ecologist and prolific author, also speaks on behalf of the Apply the Brakes campaign. Brown is a staunch nativist and promoter of the reduction of human population in the developing world. Much of his focus has been on China and the role that its growing population may play on global food prices.

American zoologist, microbiologist, and ecologist Garett Hardin was fixated on the forced reduction of human population as a means to ensure the longevity of the environment. Hardin advocated for coerced abortions, eugenics, and forced sterilization until his death in 2003 [23]. Hardin promoted a pseudo-scientific concept of a racial hierarchy of intelligence, and in 1994 he was one of 52 signatories to an editorial published in the Wall Street Journal on the genetic basis of racial superiority. In 1974, Hardin argued against sending food to people starving to death in the Ethiopian famine as a way to reduce the human population, decades before Foreman crudely parroted his ridiculous statements.

Like Hardin, Finnish ecologist Pentti Linkola argues that human population must be drastically reduced for the health of the earth. An advocate for eugenics and totalitarian state control, Linkola stated that the “massive thinning operations” of Hitler and Stalin were a step toward establishing an equilibrium between human population and the environment. He states that global chemical or nuclear warfare would be an ideal way of swiftly reducing the human population.

While Linkola’s wingnut ramblings are unlikely to develop directly into a global campaign of genocide, watered down variations of his ideas have a material base in the reactionary corners of deep ecology.

Left-Right Collusion and The Technocratic Future

Bizarre fascisms are starting to appear everywhere. Two of the three members of the board of directors of the Occupy Solidarity Network (Occupy Wall Street’s nonprofit wing) have at times publicly expressed vaguely fascist sentiments. Micah White, former Adbusters editor and cofounder of Occupy Wall Street, has traveled across the country promoting a populist left-right alliance, recently going so far as to advocate working alongside the violent Greek neo-nazi party Golden Dawn.

While it would be comforting to attribute this prospective collusion to naivete, it is clear that White is by no means unfamiliar with the dynamic nature of fascism. He has studied political movements for years and even authored an article exposing Pentti Linkola and other fascist influences in the ecological movements in 2010.

On August 12, 2011, a month before the start of Occupy Wall Street, White was interviewed by Nathan Schneider, author of “Thank You, Anarchy”:

“The worst outcome would be to get there and they just fumble it by doing this whole lefty game we always play, which is self-defeatist. We go there, make some unreasonable demand, like, we want to abolish capitalism and we won’t leave until we do. And well, that’s like the war on terrorism; that’s an impossible dream. Or they just squander it by being some hipster, anarchist insurrection like, we’re gonna smash some stores and make a spectacle. And everyone’s like, ‘Why?’

Because we have something beautiful going here. So we’re trying to rise above the sectarian clashings of whether or not US Day of Rage is tweeting too much or whether or not the libertarians are – you know? And reach out to the Tea Party too. This is a moment for all of America.

I don’t see why this has to be a lefty moment or a righty moment, because this is a moment for us to reinvent democracy in America, because it’s getting to be too late. If we don’t do it now, we are reaching the end [24].”

While the far right Tea Party is not technically a fascist formation, White’s proposed nationalist left-right collusion is cause for concern, especially in the light of his statements about Golden Dawn. A proposed collaboration with the Tea Party is ridiculous, yet it must be mentioned that, in real terms, the Tea Party was the initial popular response to the economic crisis of 2008. This street-level conservatism spanned the nation with demonstrations against the bailout of Wall Street nearly three years before the left decided to occupy it.

While White’s dream of left-right collusion is disconcerting, it is important to note that he is not alone. Justine Tunney, creator of and the Occupy Wall Street twitter account is also a member of the Occupy Solidarity Network board of directors. She currently works as a software engineer for Google. Recently, she used the official Occupy Wall Street twitter account to publicly advocate a corporatist political agenda:

“Ending poverty isn’t a political problem- it’s an engineering problem [25]”

“I want to make clear that this is not an anti-corporate movement. This is an anti-wall street movement. [26]“

In an interview with Business Insider about her role in Occupy Wall Street, she stated that “democracy never works [27]“. From her personal twitter account she attempted to bolster her image of Google as a revolutionary force by insisting that “Silicon Valley is firmly post-capitalist” because tech companies like Google “expropriate ad money from capitalists to build a superintelligence & don’t pay dividends” to “entitled shareholders”. In March, she posted a petition to the White House website demanding the termination of all 4.3 million government employees, the resignation of Barack Obama, and the appointing of Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt as CEO of America [28].

Google, the largest collector of private personal information the world has ever known, acts as a giant data mine for advertisers and the state. The mere suggestion of granting the giant surveillance apparatus even deeper governing power is troubling.

Google’s rigid hierarchical structure has been (positively) likened to a monarchy by some reactionaries. Shareholders have virtually no voting power in the company as the company’s two founders control the vast majority of votes through the organization of shares. The workforce is organized into veritable castes delineated by colored badges. Most employees enjoy high pay (median salary $125,000), free gourmet meals, and a relaxed work environment. Lower-paid yellow-badge workers are confined to a separate building and excluded from the free food, limousine shuttles, or usage of company bikes. Their jobs consist entirely of tedious data-entry. These workers are not permitted to speak with the rest of the workforce. Filmmaker and former Google employee Andrew Norman Wilson stated that the yellow badge workers were mostly people of color [29].

According to its own numbers, Google’s overwhelmingly male American “tech” workforce is a mere one percent black and two percent latino [30].

Both Tunney and White have advocated raising funds to sustain a mercenary “non-violent militia” to take to the streets. Recently, Tunney suggested that her twitter followers “read Mencius Moldbug” referring to the pseudonym of computer programmer and aspiring writer Curtis Guy Yarvin. Yarvin, along with English philosopher Nick Land, is among the best known names in the “Dark Enlightenment” movement. This tendency, also referred to as the neoreactionary movement, promotes a pseudo-scientific notion of the racial superiority of whites under the guise of “human biodiversity”, opposes egalitarianism and democracy, and supports autocratic governance [31].

“Human biodiversity [HBD] is the rejection of the ‘blank state’ of human nature. Creepily obsessed with statistics that demonstrate IQ differences between the races, the darkly enlightened see social hierarchies as determined not by culture or opportunity but by the cold, hard destiny embedded in DNA…

Cue the adherents of The Bell Curve, eugenics enthusiasts, believers in white supremacy and sympathizers of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. In the Dark Enlightenment, we seem to have stumbled across a place where pseudo-intellectually grounded racism is flourishing in a way it hasn’t since before World War II.

In our discussion, [Nick] Land was explicit in his view on this: ‘HBD, broadly conceived, is simply a fact. It is roughly as questionable, on intellectual grounds, as biological evolution or the heliocentric model of the solar system. No one who takes the trouble to educate themselves on the subject with even a minimum of intellectual integrity can doubt that’…

Is this fascism? Desire for genetically determined ruling classes, distrust of popular democratic reform, distaste for the aesthetic standards of mass culture, and nausea over the political correctness of modern life—the Dark Enlightenment does have all the markings of a true neo-fascist movement. It’s here that the dangers of the Dark Enlightenment are hard to dismiss [32].”

They advocate a return to feudal city-states as a counter to democratic governance while maintaining an almost religious reverence for technology.
Yarvin advocates a form of total corporate domination of society he calls “neocameralism”:

“To a neocameralist, a state is a business which owns a country. A state should be managed, like any other large business, by dividing logical ownership into negotiable shares, each of which yields a precise fraction of the state’s profit. (A well-run state is very profitable.) Each share has one vote, and the shareholders elect a board, which hires and fires managers [33].”

While ridiculous, the ideas of the neoreactionary tendency have attained some degree of support in the world of Silicon Valley tech workers.
Balaji Srinivasan, Computer Science lecturer at Stanford University and current partner in Silicon Valley venture capitalist firm Andreesen Horowitz, promoted “dark enlightenment” inspired ideas during a speech to a crowd of tech entrepreneurs last fall. He encouraged the dawning of a Silicon Valley secessionist movement that would break away from the United States and establish authoritarian city-states run by technology firms:
“We want to show what a society run by Silicon Valley would look like. That’s where ‘exit’ comes in .. . It basically means: build an opt-in society, ultimately outside the US, run by technology. And this is actually where the [Silicon] Valley is going. This is where we’re going over the next ten years …[Google co-founder] Larry Page, for example, wants to set aside a part of the world for unregulated experimentation [34].”
The contrast between this hyper-technological conservatism and the right-wing traditionalist ecological movements highlights the pluralistic essence of fascism. Throughout history fascism has been a movement that is at once rational and anti-rational, secular and spiritual, traditional and futuristic, capitalist and socialist, authoritarian and anti-statist, social and individualistic, luddite and technological, nationalistic and international. Fascism is a rigid paradox that does not fall in the face of contradiction. The Third Reich was at once the mystical and environmental perspective of Hess, Himmler, Rosenberg, and Darre and the hyper-rationalist and industrialist reality that flattened much of Europe. Mussolini was as influenced by Julius Evola’s esoteric traditionalism as by Filippo Marinetti’s rejection of of the past and advocation of a technological and artistic “futurism”.
The commonalities shared by these ideologically diverse reactionary movements are concerning: the belief in racial, ethnic, or cultural superiority, the revival of The Nation, the concept of a superhuman ubermensch at the individual or the racial level, fearsome disdain for groups considered “inferior”, an aversion to collective desire, and a reverence for force and brutality.
Realization and Confrontation

Autonomous from the directives of any centralized institution, neofascism exists as a single point in a perpetually expanding galaxy of state prisons, renegade police, urban developers, realtors, Sheriff Arpaios, minutemen, neo-nazis, militaries, psych wards, public education, and George Zimmermans. The new fascism is merely a third position of domination, another knot in the repressive net of state, patriarchy, and racism. Its hegemony comes not from its own virtue, but from its position in the wider network of white supremacy. It does not walk alone, but travels through the night guided by the spirits of overseers and pioneers, its path illuminated by fiery crosses and the barrel flash of vigilantes’ guns along the border.

Although the beneficiaries of American reactionary politics are almost exclusively white and gender-normative, it is important to remember that the token mouthpieces need not fit these descriptions. While the spokesmen of green fascism are mostly male and exclusively white, it is notable that Micah White is black, Justine Tunney is transgender, and Curtis Yarvin is Jewish.
While neofascist ideology does not appeal to most Americans, white supremacist and corporatist rhetoric has a clear resonance among powerful people with substantial means at their disposal. The whims of such people have always yielded a profound social impact.
Although the technocratic aspirations of Justine Tunney and the Dark Enlightenment scene seem far fetched, the social implications of the currently thriving technology industry must be taken seriously. In the Bay Area, the influx of highly paid mostly white Silicon Valley programmers and software engineers into low-income black, brown, and broke communities has dramatically altered the urban landscape. Around the Bay, a racialized reconfiguration of urban neighborhoods is occurring; blacks and latinos are being forcibly relocated or incarcerated to make room for the Justine Tunneys and Curtis Yarvins. When not exiled from their communities, the immiserated populations live stacked atop each other in overcrowded units while the wealthy newcomers build their technocratic dystopia.
Like virtually all Silicon Valley empires, Tunney’s beloved Google is wholly unapologetic about its role in steamrolling California’s cities, as are the majority of the high-paid workers who have no problem participating in the expulsion and confinement of black, brown, and broke people.
In a global sense, the role of blacks in the tech industry has been most clearly represented in the coltan mines of war-torn Congo, excavating the precious minerals necessary to power Silicon Valley’s digital bubble.
At times, the vast displacement of black residents has been accompanied by a more blatant racism, though generally this position is obscured through the lens of economics.
Bill White, prominent third-positionist and former national spokesman for the National Socialist Movement, owns nine properties in a low-income black neighborhood of Roanoke, Virginia. As a landlord, he engaged in a project of harassment and gentrification that he referred to as a “ghetto beautification project” [35]. He raised rents, evicted tenants, and was alleged to have patrolled the neighborhood carrying a shotgun to intimidate local blacks.

In more general terms, the whitening and gentrification of black and brown communities is materially congruent with neofascist ideology. The vaguely liberal sentiments of a handful of landlords and developers does nothing to change the real situation.
While the most recent waves of resistance in America have been leftist and at times even revolutionary, modern history has made clear the entirely unpredictable nature of white-majority subcultures and movements. Much of the 60s generation that shut down America’s thoroughfares in opposition to the war in Southeast Asia grew into the right-wing formation that elected Ronald Reagan in 1980. The America of Golden Gate Park’s drug loving hippie acid freaks metastasized into the war on drugs within fifteen years, with many middle-aged former leftists leaving their convictions behind with their youth. For the most part, white America sat by and watched as military-style raids into black and brown communities fed the expansion of a draconian prison slave-society that expanded over 700% since 1970.
From a global perspective, the socialist sensibilities of Mussolini and his associates transformed into an uncompromising fascist state, just as many the libertines of the German Lebensreform movement eventually joined the Nazis.


In May, the European Union’s parliamentary elections saw the rise of fascism in traditional politics. In France, the National Front won the parliamentary election, while in Greece Golden Dawn received enough votes to enter the European parliament for the first time [36]. Fascist representatives were also elected in Denmark, Germany, England, Austria, and Hungary.

As fascism views itself as a revolutionary tendency, it will not cease its attempts to disfigure the beautiful trajectory of radical movements. The current momentum of the New Right will smash up against a blockade of material resistance. The Tunneys and Whites, affixed to the most senseless fringes of the Occupy movements, along with the washed up Earth Liberation Front militants currently agitating in the ecological scenes of the Pacific Northwest, will not turn popular resistance into reactionary foolishness.


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YAAAAWWWWWWNNNN the usual incoherent rubbish from the usual suspects

incoherent? its perfectly coherent.

Its tagline is WN, a rump ideological movement and conflates it to other tendencies that are not necessarily nationalism. It also continues the leftist abuse of the term fascism by throwing it at people that are not fascists however you feel about them.

For the umpteenth time nationalism is not necessarily fascism, neither is traditionalism and some of the figures mentioned like Boyd Rice don't fit into any of those boxes.

Fail essay fails.

It sorta reminds me of that time when The Based God fucked my bitch and I didn't even care.

wrote a better essay on nationalism 31 years ago.

Kind of a different context tho, no?

Isnt fascism just restraining our desires?

fascism is the merge of economic capital with political/social capital.

to be apolitical is to support the status-quo, bureaucratic progression toward total fascism.
To denounce collective direct action demonstrations and safe-space agreements are things only a true fascist does.

\the text above seems to contain Evident genetic fallacies and guilt by association tactics.
\furthermore, \esoteric fascism isn't defined.
Also, ecology is merely addressed as term, and not in its contexts, its traces.

oh fuck yeah I love that "anarchist nihilists" rejecting leftist trappings are, when stripped of the theoretical gymnastics and redditor demonization of the "hipster" identity, is an othering best summed up as working class white people that don't buy academic bullshit but still want to get rowdy with their people in their same economic station or people that are too cool for school that give the finger to activist bullshit.

as someone self-aware enough to know they fall somewhere in between that go fuck yourself. shit like this makes me want to bite somebody's face. put this same exact tonality and subject matter on its head as a condemnation of ungovernable majority people of color in revolt and your white liberal guilt professionals, safe from ever interacting with anyone that actually matters or deserves to have an opinion would have your head perched on a gargoyle's perched on your Ivy League library.

The arguments coming from academic and theoretical postionists against nihilism, insurrectionist theory, and anti-political hooliganism are dangerous and provide as apt traps to diffusing navel gazing and infighting. The equations made to a new rise in fascism are absurd. From what were once arguments about the futility of being vehemently against formalized organization have sprung accusations of a secret conspiracy for covert supreme organization.

Two hundred and fifty kids across the United States who all are into Orchid and think meetings are boring are the new black shirts, you guys. Maybe quite being a constant barrier to real struggle, leftist, and stop using antifascism as a front to co-opt kids who want to break some jaws into your Maoist bullshit.

Guess what? There are fascists attempting to use nihilist, anti-civ and post-leftist ideas to recruit a new generation to their cause. Welcome to the club, over there you'll find socialism, syndicalism, Bolshevism and environmentalism, with christianity and creepy occult satanism off in the other corner... Fascists try to rebrand themselves every ten minutes in the hopes of co-opting some new trend.

Their presence doesn't prove a lot, but the reaction to people pointing it out is pretty fucking telling. If all you can do is allege a vast leftist-academic conspiracy against "ordinary folk"...well...I have to say I've heard that one before (to say nothing of the great irony implicit on blaming "leftists" for excluding people of colour and the working class). Nobody wants to admit the fertile ground that's being created for ultra-reactionary and how quickly it could turn against us. Ukraine showed how quickly so-called many "anarchists" were willing to start marching with Right Sector once they started winning victories in the streets.

the ukrainian situation is actually on point and I'll give you that, this comment is pretty solid.

-aforementioned drunk antifascist nihilist who is pro-vandalism (I dunno maybe "I hate skinheads and have read some stuff" might be a better title)

Did you read this? This shit isn't academic at all. Also this is clearly not a condemnation of insurrectionist positions or anti-political hooliganism. If you only knew. There is something called nuance.

No. I'm drunk. I'm a nihilist who loves broken windows I don't fucking read. I quit reading years ago.

If micha white really is supporting groups like the golden dawn that's a pretty good indicator that this essay hold water

it'd be cool to get a source for White's statements on Golden Dawn...

Ten fucking punk points to whoever cites that quote.

It definitely wouldn't surprise me, the guy's been advocating left-right populist alliances for a while now. He's mentioned the Tea Party and praised the Italian M5S to no end, though I can't find any direct quotes about the Golden Dawn. In a lot of way the Teabaggers and M5S are a lot more dangerous - it isn't hard to mobilize against blatant neo-nazis but it gets a lot more difficult once they trade in their swastikas for flags and intersperse their anti-Semitic rants with tidbits about chemtrails and 9/11.

How would that be so surprising? The guy's been promoting some terrible Obama gangster politics as well as the fucking Tobin tax. He's from that ugly corner where people like the SA and the Fabian socialists used to meet up.

I don't think it's surprising, the guy is a fucking tool. I'd just like to see what he actually said, instead of some vague allusions to what he said.

Simultaneously driving Antifa and the trolls towards the skirmish line whilst peering and laughing maniacally from the sidelines

Sir Einzige posted a positive mention to a link to a video on Ferguson when I posted "ferguson fighting fear with fire: a compilation" on A news which was taken off for purely technical reasons, and which now no longer exists on A news as a lot of texts seem to have been lost towards the end of October. I didn't retain a link to the video, but the video was grotesque: it supported the cop version of the killing of Mike Brown, presenting them as incontestable "facts" and was in fact quite racist - firstly in mentioning right at the beginning of the video the fact that Eldridge Cleaver raped a white woman as if this had the slightest relevance to Ferguson other than some purely racial connection, and then assuming that all the looters - which he condemned as thugs - were black - which they clearly weren't. The rest of Sir Einzige's post just rubbished my compilation without argument, but if this unique aristocrat complains that this very interesting text on white nationalism is ("YAAAAWWWWWWNNNN") boring and "incoherent rubbish" that merely indicates how implicated he is in its critique. People who do not want to question their own contribution to the present forms hierarchical power take - in this case, the connection between identification with a nation and identification with race - that is, people who do not genuinely want to struggle for their and others' freedom - will invariably dismiss something as "boring" because the emotional and intellectual repression that this anxiety-free complacent complicity entails invariably results in boredom , in being boring and in finding "boring" everything of interest to those who want to contribute to the end of this society.

Nationalism might not automatically mean fascism (but the article doesn't say that all nationalism equals fascism anyway) - but certainly submission to and embracement of the ideology of the nation leads to a totalitarian mentality that identifies with hierarchical forms of "community" that have fascistic absolutist "solutions" to contradictions.

What I would say is limited in this text is the way that, for instance, Steiner is portrayed as racist; he might well have been, but a common friend of both mine and the author's has told me that there were contradictory aspects to Steiner - he was in many ways very anti-German in an epoch where being a German anti-German had some radicality (not like now, when the Anti-Deutsch people are totally reactionary). Besides, almost everyone of note had racist aspects to them 100 years ago or more: Bakunin came out with terrible anti-semitic remarks, and Marx expressed a very hierarchical racist attitude to "Slavs". Which is not to say Bakunin and Marx shouldn't be critiqued, but let's put them in a historical context - epochs when very few people who wrote things and coming from "privileged" backgrounds, who were not victimised for racist reasons, understood what racism was.

I remember that video, that was some fucking gross racist shit, pretty much indistinguishable from the Fox News official position.

Of course, if the archives were working better we could also pull up his praise for Evola, Nick Land, National anarchists, etc...

If there would be a coherent banning system in Anews, Sir Einzinger would have been one of the first to go, for being a crypto-fascist anti-anti-racist and probably not as non-White as he pretends to be, but just another Stormfag whitey crackhead. He's been consistently attacking antifa and anti-oppression texts and comments alike for a long time, while sometimes linking to obvious YT videos from neonazi boneheads. No matter what, he's definitely not anywhere near being a legit reader and commenter on this site.

Sir Einzinge is legitimated by his considerable and apparently unopposed presence on this website. He is one of the heaviest commenters on A-News in terms of volume, his comments often going unopposed and supported by a few friends. His pseudo-intellectual arguments draw on the most apparently radical currents of anarchist thought -- post-left, nihilist, insurrectionist -- intermixed with mystical, aristocratic and anti-egalitarian ideas often of a fascistic or quasi-fascistic hue. While some commenters criticize him and most presumably attempt to ignore him, his presence frustrates authentic anarchists whilst potentially confusing and retarding the consciousness of political newcomers or the curious. No matter how incoherent or insignificant he may be, A-news is giving this crypto-fascist a stage for propaganda and therefore cannot be taken seriously in my opinion.

This. This shit right here. Then this shit again.

This is why I do what I do. Not because I ever think he'll ever learn or admit that he's wrong, but just so that it's clear that his opinions aren't unopposed.

You keep it retarded DZ:)

Fuck You, s.e. . Seriously and emile, too.
you guys are the fuckiest fucks of all fucking fuck

"and anti-egalitarian ideas often of a fascistic or quasi-fascistic hue."

If you remember retard I posted a sweet 1984 video of the Waorani indians that emile further commentated on. Seems a strange way to be anti-egalitarian(the I don't think pro need mean equality which is indeed a spook). The simple fact is I am beyond leftist heuristics unlike you and to someone like you that translates as the enemy.

Honestly anon you are probably some late teen early 20 something who still lacks good intellectual acuity as well nuance. If you want to know my views in a more substantial manner...just ask.

No, stop trying... You've exposed yourself as a rabid, reactionary racist just by automatically associating antifascists and antiracist people with "marxism" or egalitarianism. I know reactionary trolls when I read them, and I take this from my online PhD on trolling, analyzing and disrupting right-wing nut forums and YT pages. Yeah, sometimes it's necessary to look down at the scum of mankind, though it quickly gets distasteful.

Among other things, you got this common tendency at attempting to exert your domination (rooted from an inferiority complex and general ignorance) through an endless cascade of replies where having the last word means "victory on those leftist inferiors" to you.

Anon. "I take this from my online PhD on trolling, analyzing and disrupting right-wing nut forums and YT pages."

LOL I assume this is good trolling on your part.

Did you even finish reading their comment because … you're becoming an unwitting parody of yourself

Still not sure if serious.

Among other things, you got this common tendency at attempting to exert your domination (rooted from an inferiority complex and general ignorance) through an endless cascade of replies where having the last word means "victory on those leftist inferiors" to you.

when Sir Einzige said that black ppl needed to 'go back to the cottonfields cuz that's the only place their brains work'? cuz i do

What? Unopposed? Come on … if you spend any time here, you quickly gather that everyone else here hates his guts and can't be bothered to argue with him. His sheer output indicates a serious mental illness much like emile, if some lunatic was screaming hateful bullshit on a street corner every day, would you blame everyone for rolling their eyes and continuing about their day? Fuck ziggy, he matters as much as anything on the internet (not much)

on a rabbit hole note and in light of the snowden revelations, I'd leave the door open that trolls like ziggy and emile get paid to make places like this in to toxic environments for serious dialogue, not because I think the cyberspooks are that clever but because I think they're fucking idiots who would do something that stupid because their entire existence is predicated on flushing tax dollars down the toilet and calling it counterinsurgency. Its POSSIBLE but occam's razor says they're just narcissistic idiots with a ton of free time. Either way, I'd laugh while they died slowly in a fire. Har dee har har.

The ‘incoherence’ in Western authoritarian society is captured in statements like this;

Me, I thought you were fucking with the purpose of the marching, so I blocked your path with my bicycle. You sucker punched me in the face. WTF?

“the purpose of the march” is a statement that suggests that a group of people should all be marching to the same tune, and those ‘that are not with us are against us';

“I'm just sick and tired of your kind of mostly white prics taking over the very serious activism against police murder for your own juvenile smash-up.”

this kind of attitude, where the ethic demands that every notional independent-reason-driven human-being in a common-interest based collective goose-step to the same intellectual program is the problem in the first place. it is authoritarianism and corporatism; i.e. it is organizing around ‘common anthropocentric intellectual interest’.

if one organizes around ‘common purpose’, then there will be experts aka ‘politicians’ who best articulate what that ‘purpose’ is, ... and in an atmosphere of 'protesting', there is always a pissing contest between 'our purpose' and 'their purpose' and experts will be nominated as ‘negotiators' and then there will be negotiations with ‘those in control’ with the aim of ‘furthering the purpose’ of the common interest group. 'fighting for freedom' in the sense of 'the freedoms won' being 'a relaxing of some of the controls'.

but the whole point is to get those 'in control' to back off. the most powerful influence that can bring that about is an angry crowd that has no leader and has no common goals nor common purpose other than to get the monkey of control off their backs so that natural organizing influences are restored, ... an angry crowd with which there is no possibility of negotiated settlement because there is no common purpose in such a crowd and thus no negotiator who can represent the angry crowd.

bioregionalist anarchist communities and/or indigenous anarchist communities are not 'common purpose oriented' groups of human beings whose community behaviours jumpstart from some kind of intellectual mission, vision, goals and objectives,... these groups are animated by ‘watering-holes’ of diverse sorts, that source organization, just as with animals, birds, insects, plants; i.e. they are attracted to ‘fishing holes’, ‘berry-growing grounds’, game-rich forests, grain-growing prairies, like ants are attracted to honey pots. mutual support, symbiosis, ecosystemic relational dynamics gather naturally here, where central control based on ‘common purpose’ either never existed or has been withdrawn or pulled its horns in [e.g. Chiapas]. people have a natural right to choose bioregionalism [fielding-induced-hitting] rather than the ‘all-hitting’, ‘no-fielding’ of anthropocentric intellectual purpose driven organization, which was ‘the popular people’s choice’ at some point; i.e. on what grounds does ‘democracy’ exclude from the ballot, the choice for bioregionalism [anarchism] as the organizing paradigm over ‘common intellectual purpose’ with its centre of authority the serves as the ‘keeper’ and ‘enforcer’ of the ‘common purpose’?

the common purpose mode of organization proposed by this author is the essence of the social dysfunction and incoherence that ‘anarchism’ has been locked in struggle with.

If there's going to be chaos, you need to lead, follow or get the fuck out of the way.

the world is only given once and it is the Western culture's habit [supported by noun-and-verb language-and-grammar] that breaks it up into small scale local bits. this 'small scale' intellectual representation is not 'physically real', it is intellectual representation, illusion, Maya.

every time you observe something in a small scale frame and make sense of it 'locally', you are working with a representational tool that is in no way 'physical reality. the world does not start with local events and build up from there. the domestic economy of the United States [notionally 'an independent sovereign state driven and directed by an internal centre of intelligence and authority' that operates in a habitat that is notionally independent of itself.] is not 'physically real', the physical reality is the world that is given only once and when the belief in the 'independent existence' of the United States came along [when believers gathered together at some point in space and time and said 'it is so'], the physically real world that is given only once never skipped a beat [the faithful who wanted to believe, heard the message and committed to 'making believers out of the savages and infidels, leaving the animals, birds, winds and rivers to go about business in the 'one-world' as usual], and neither does the physical world that is given only once skip a beat as 'sovereign states' disappear from the globe and are replaced by others, usually by way of some politician signing a lawyer architected document [how real is that?]. as law historians note, the notion of the 'independent existence of the sovereign state' is 'secularized theology'.

if you figure that your understanding of some way of organizing some kind of 'small scale system that works' is physically real, you are deluding yourself. There is no physical reality that can be captured in the small scale. As Derrida observes, 'there is nothing outside of relational context'. What is going on in the ballroom of the Titanic is not 'physical reality', it is intellectual representation built from limited visual and tactile sensing. Physically real 'life', the life of our natural experience, is 'what happens to us while we are busy making other plans'; ... would you like the next dance? ... oops, why are my ankles feeling wet and cold?

of course my/our experience informs me/us that there are people who believe in the 'independent existence' of 'sovereign states' and 'human beings' and in the 'physical reality of what goes on in the local small scale', ... in spite of modern physics reminding us that we live in a continually transforming relational space; ... a physical reality affirmed by our natural experience that does NOT 'affirm' the 'independent existence' of ANYTHING, and particularly NOT, a 'local independently existing system that works'. indigenous anarchists have made it clear that they do NOT 'believe' in the 'independent existence' of 'sovereign states' [the 'necessary device for European colonial expansion'], nor in humans as 'beings' seen as 'inhabitants' that are 'independent' of the habitat.

You re-cite the article which is saying;

"Truly effective response to Ebola requires community involvement and active participation in prevention education, treatment, and alterations to daily routines of life"

That is the typical Aesculapian response to imbalances in the terrain; i.e. plug in 'terrorist', 'criminal', 'mentally ill', 'black bloc' or whatever you want in place of 'Ebola', and the topo-logic is the same. 'ebola' is regarded as a 'real thing' just as 'scurvy' was regarded as a 'real thing' and the concept of the 'pathogen' is regarded as a 'real thing' that is threatening everyone and that we need to 'prevent' from doing so via 'early identification' and 'rapid isolation/extermination'. The pathogen is seen as an 'alien thing' that is trying to break and enter and disrupt if not destroy our established smoothly functioning operations. But are our operations 'really' smoothly functioning? In the ballroom of the Titanic, everything appeared to be functioning smoothly, and the wild North Atlantic that held the Titanic in the palm of its hand, was 'independent' of the inside of the ballroom, was it not? ... in the same manner that the wild world of the unbounded wraparound biosphere space that includes the middle east is 'independent' of the 'United States' is it not? After all, there was the 'Declaration of Independence' that said it was so, and there are the internal centres of intelligence and authority in each sovereign state that claim to be the authoring source of the behaviour of each independent, internal process driven and directed sovereign state that operates in a habitat that is independent of the inhabitants that operate within it, ... so we portray things in our noun-and-verb language-and-grammar and present them on the evening news.

If you want to discuss how;

"Truly effective response to Terrorism requires community involvement and active participation in prevention education, treatment, and alterations to daily routines of life"

then my comments on Ebola can be taken in the same vein. The colonial powers that operate out of sovereign states that declare themselves to be 'independent' systems pursuing their own self-interests in a shared habitat that they deem to be 'independent' of the inhabitants that reside within it [if not, they could not declare themselves to be 'independent'] insist the everyone, themselves included, is fully and solely responsible for our own behaviour. Once we declare ourselves 'independent', whether at the level of the relational forms in the relational activity continuum we call 'humans', or at the level of social collectives or people-nations, we are then logically entitled to insist that we are responsible for no more than our own inside-outward asserting behaviours, and this then defines alien aggressors' aka 'pathogens' that threaten to attack us, as something whose engenderment we could not possible be contributing to the engenderment and violent animating of [WRONG!].

There is no such thing in the physical reality of our natural experience as 'independent being', ... and 'human beings' and 'sovereign states' and 'ebola' and 'terrorists' are no exceptions.

Pathogens are like match-tossers to a tinder-dry forest. It is the experientially preconditioned forest that is the source of the pathogenic power. if you pour a gallon of gasoline over your head, you are creating pathogens out of any innocent child who can work a Bic. Le pathogene n'est rien, le terrain est tout. if you eat the industrial spillage that west africans eat, you are pouring a can of gasoline on your head. ebola is a brand of matches.

So, by all means, continue your ballroom dancing and pretend that all is well in your 'reality'. I understand how comforting this local reference framed 'reality' can be but I do not personally choose to limit myself to those narrow 'language conventions' that build intellectual representations on a base of idealized absolutes such as 'independent being'.

You dumb ban hammer wannabe. I bet a leftist dipshit like you would love those mods in these parts

And this ain't Fascistnews you privileged dickhead.

How fascists like you parasite on the free speech through the internet, where in real life you wouldn't last long spewing your desperate crap in my presence, sweating and shaking like the wimp you really are. No I'm not begging for mods. I'm waiting for the right time to crush your face with a bat and your shitpile of a body naked in a Black neighborhood with a swastika cut on your forehead.

Trolls are everywhere trying to impede social justice online and the streets. Just deal with them in the streets and ignore them on the internets.

FASCISTS FUCKING EVERYWHERE!!! You guys...;). You are the ones that are far more likely to be cointelpro derivatives then me or my boy emile.

Needless to say your just a white skinny bitch who's all huff puff n' no wolf. And I doubt you actually live in a negro neighborhood like most of the pathetic members of your milieu.

Racism is being perpetuated in the prison system. Hardcore militant activists who get harsh sentences in America are going to have to face the harsh reality of having to decide what race they belong to in the coming years of rebellion when they go down in the America justice system and meet the big boys on the inside. You have no choice in their. Either you go with your own or you get punked everyday for your commissary and get punked for being a loner and being weak. A white antifa facing jail time in America will have to go with the whites where the are skin heads or else get beaten by white and blacks and other gangs inside. When are we going to have that uncomfortable discussion since America is on topic about the uncomfortable thing that no one wants to talk about right now? Race wars are constantly happening in state pens over commissary and other bullshit reasons. And how are antifa prisoners supposed to adjust back into the movement after going through harsh segregation and constant racial tension/war on the inside?

The only way to defend antifa/anarchists in jail from having to submit to racial jail politics is to have an anarchist/antifa group in every jail and without anarchist/antifa organization nationwide, our comrades will forever be subject to inmate violence from all sides if they refuse to make a decision what race to click with. The movement for militants in the united states have not thought about this because resistance is very new in the United States.


Right on. I've been saying this for years. It is great and all that we can summon legal funds for our favorite inmates, but for anarchists to be anarchists in the system we need collective power. There would be far less snitching and more chance of action if we had a real presence in prison.

I don't know what could be done about it though. Probably the best would be to make bold group actions where arrest was likely, but accomplished something of point. For the non-militant radical, occupying a bank, hacking from the inside and erasing debt would be a near guarantee for arrest, as an example of something that might be worth the arrest.

I think you are taking about the Russell Lindquist video months back that dealt frankly with black violence. If you take racism from that then that is your analysis to make however, as someone who is familiar with where he is coming from I can tell you he nor that video was racist. Ironically he has a fair amount of black viewers that are willing to confront the facts he puts out. I have issues with him here and there however on American race relations he is more accurate then the various ideological talking points from whichever wing.

I'm not implicated in that 'critique' at all. I'm just tired of it. I would like to see an anarchism that actually uses terms like racism, fascism, nationalism ect in their proper historical context and not cloud things with active or even latent leftist sensibilities. When one sees people like Boyd Rice and Doug Pierce as part of fascism that is simply not a serious analysis. I never new all that much about them but just doing some cursory looking into these individuals set the record straight for me.

As far as nationalism and fascism, yes the former can lead to the latter, but so can leftism, what's your point. Any person steeped in elective positions and proposed solutions and an overall logic of movement could go down that road.

Fact is not only have the phantoms taken over antifa, Phantoms have been what have generated that 'radical' tendency from the very beginning.

Sir Einzige is a racist scumbag. He's referring to this Russell Lindquist, who goes on a rant on his odd looking webpage about Mike Brown being a piece of shit. Is this guy a cop, along with Sir Einzige ? Is that fuzzy fedora and Matrix-style black trenchcoat covering your police uniform underneath ?

Hey, Sir Einzige, check out, Alex Jones, and Glenn Beck's radio show. That will be more to your liking.

Yeah, antifa is a bunch of white misfits. Like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, they are always in search of that isle of misfit toys and when not searching for it, they try to create it in their "safe spaces" (not to be confused with a "private area", which are genitals).

By these misfits are still fighting the bumbles of the region to assert they are the edge of whiteness, the frontier of cracker land. Cast off by normal crackers, antifa still hope for acceptance and normalization, to leave their little island of misfits and rejoin a more socially conscious society, one where the misfits are normal.

Unfortunately, they don't realize they are normal. Antifa trick themselves into fighting rival white gangs by asserting their humanity and inclusiveness as a point of not just unity, but morality. Their rivals, their mirror images, are misfits that read something in a different way and feel moral superiority as they do. But all white people are racist. Its just antifa are Tom Cruise white saviors instead of Norman Rockwell white saviors.

How about instead of being the last samurai you antifa white people organize your own damn community. Black people are not your personal army antifa vanguardists! Mass society is the problem so instead of thinking you are isolated individuals making morality through abstract reasoning, actually engage the people that surround you and understand the environment surrounding you. This is your context once the atomization of mass society is stripped from how we relate. Some could be racist, still others imperfect in many other ways the contemporary enlightened find barbaric. If your ideology is so aggressive and militant that you can't talk with your neighbor, perhaps your hubris blinds you with its righteousness?

Yes … because you're talking to every antifa ever … and they're a homogenous completely white entity

They usually are a homogenous completely white entity. As such no one on the regular or of radical value takes them seriously.

Not in my town. Plenty of mutts and POC fly the antifa flag, myself included

And POC have never supported a white agenda? POC antifa are traitors that abandon their own oppressed neighborhoods to hang out in white dominant leftist culture. Or perhaps they are like me, searching for accomplices? Regardless, they fell into a trap. That trap is called "reification of revolt", which the antifa are masters of. Masters of distraction, masters of manipulation. Offering a lie to dupe POC and whites alike. The lie that racism will end through militant engagement with a political fringe, which occasionally spills into street battles with the police, which most POC rightfully identify as not a false enemy, one that is charged with disempowering black people.

On the flipside, since antifa are a bunch of guilty white leftist gangsters black demagogues may try to manipulate antifa into fighting for black nationalism, which is often rather successful and yet another distraction antifa willingly embraces. Anything but actually take on a real problem. Anything to be able to walk away from real resistance to the interventions of the social order. Antifa is one of the mechanisms of deferment of rebellion.

ugh, this is really uncomfortable to watch. "total unification and liberation under one scientific socialist system". what a fucking horror show.

Also take note of how close it is to socialist eugenics and "Power through Unity"..

Alex Jones town has infiltrated @news. Everybody refusing to bow to authority in his mind is an agent of the state where as you bow to the law, it some makes you anti-authoritarian and rebellious. This man will keep everyone stuck in the awareness phase a the way to the gulag if he could get away with. Just keep buying his DVD's. That'll really save yah. NOT!

Wtf are you talking about? Relevance to comment you're answering to is...?

I'm talking about mama crama in you pama mama jama and crama mama in yo pama jama! Sea Turtles

You make it seem like antifa is a one way trip on a space ship instead of a basis for temporary affinity … antifa also isn't a permanent organization of any kind around here … simply a group of folks who got together to menace the boneheads when they made some half-hearted attempts at organizing. Anyway, nobody had any delusions about "ending racism" … we just wanted them to crawl back in to their holes.

Yeah, nice try at promoting racist division tactics, fuckface. We here fully know the New Black Panthers and Al Sharpton good ol' Cointelpro antics. Buncha shills... no matter the skin tone.

I'm sorry I don't know what you are talking about. I'm talking about antifa being a tool of deferment and reification. I used to think beating up Nazis is cool, but also I knew many racist/racially prejudiced people of all colors and it just didn't seem like anything that could unite in my neighhorhood.
Neighborhood to neighborhood, job to job, it is prevalent everywhere. And antifa make a big deal out of a fringe of a fringe? Sorry, that's subcultural youth hype that I have no connection to any longer. I don't think I'm right enough to fight small militant political gangsters when real targets exist.

Antifa is divisive in most neighborhoods because the antifascist assumes correctness and superiority through reason, ignoring the importance of context. Democrats and Nazis can share a neighborhood you want to intervene in...which do you try to get the neighborhood to chase out? Democrats are by far a more superior threat, yet antifa are typically on friendly terms with liberals.

You're going to "chase democrats out of the neighbourhood" ..? What the fuck are you even talking about? Antifa is a specific tactic just like black bloc .. you're dangerously confused and sound a little unhinged on top of that.

ha! wrong! it is WAY more that just a tactic. it's a fucking ideology! the people who engage in antifa also, with damn near total unity, respond to anyone who they deem outside of their accepted ideological bounderies to beat them up and expel them.

they have no interest in ideas and conversations that nuance where people come from and why they come from where they do. they KNOW who is bad and they KNOW they are good. a bunch of fucking Christians..

Anarchist: Racism is something that should be rejected in total.

Sir Einzige: Fuck off, you post-1968 leftoid.

*Sir Einzige adjusts his fuzzy fedora covering his lumpy head and then begins to play with himself for 7 hours before falling asleep*

I stumbled upon Nathan Blocks blog and the StuffBlackPeopleDontLike blogs around the same time and they surprised the shit out of me. Im glad I read this article right now. This article called me out just right. Fucking anticivilization brainwashing.

Poor white kids grew up without culture and think lord of the rings viking worship will give them history. Ive been hearing alot of subtler prejudices from my scene and in the broader context of reactions to ferguson/etc alot of opinions about the "race situation in America". There is no race only culture and Fuck this dominant culture. Corporate Black culture may be a big double standard and in alot of ways hypocritical, but creating some corny white subculture isnt gonna change anything.

Anarchists for black nationalism? an anarchist fail, oxymoron and headdesk all at once. :)

Alexander Reid Ross is not an anarchist, he's an Earth First! person. scott crow self-identifies as an anarchist, but he helped prop Brandon Darby, while that scumbag ran the Common Ground Collective with Green Party leader Malik Rahim.

Beware of scott crow and his liberal activist bullshit. He'll help another FBI informant like Brandon Darby take advantage of people.

This is about antifa and what it attacks buddy, and the fact that anarchists make up the major meat of a leftist current that has no problem with the ARRs of the world. That an anarchist was part of the organizing is just salt in the wound and further backs up my point about how silly anarchism and antifa is.

I hope you're white ass gets beat by the ARA and antifa crowd, Sir Mein Kampf. If that happened, I think I would start paying attention to them again.

Thanks for calling it out for what it is. Putting nationalism in same sentence with anarchism is like holding a rally for jewish black klansman for tolerance and understand. TOTAL FAIL!

Nationalism should have no place in left-wing politics. There should be a no exception policy especially if you're claiming anarchist of all other things.

"Nationalism should have no place in left-wing politics."

'Shoulds' got nothing to do with it. Fact is this has been a problem since the 3rd international. It's not my problem because I am not a leftist. I just knock the low hanging fruit.

Nationalism black or white is a mistake and to prefer one over the other sets a dangerous precedent for race relations within the activist community. No to nationalism like racism is one of many anarchist principles. Anarchists in pure form do not prefer one kind of nationalism over the other but condemn nationalism in its entirety. No tribal anarchism. No anarchist nationalists. No anarcho capitalists No false revolutionaries.

How about no to watered down versions of anarchy by other outside influences?

Doubtless he's getting off on all the attention, but pretending to make some serious comment doesn't hide the fact that he responds to nothing of what I've said. Merely stating the video is not racist doesn't make it so. He can claim anything in the world ("The Earth is flat", "Superman is a real person", "Sir Einzige makes a genuine contribution to the struggle against this sick world", etc.) but merely claiming so without responding to the criticism doesn't make it so. He doesn't respond to these 2 points: "in mentioning right at the beginning of the video the fact that Eldridge Cleaver raped a white woman as if this had the slightest relevance to Ferguson other than some purely racial connection, and then assuming that all the looters - which he condemned as thugs - were black - which they clearly weren't." Nor does he post a link to this pseud's video (I could only find small snippets of it by googling the guy's name), which would help readers make some independent judgement of his claim that it's "not racist". Nor does he respond to the point "the article doesn't say that all nationalism equals fascism anyway", which he implied the article said. And to anyone not attached to some ideological one-upmanship, to the desire to dismiss anything challenging in a sneering superior manner, this article is very interesting. It's a pity there's little discussion of it here.

As for the lack of A news moderation - I guess that would require a lot more time and effort on the part of "worker" or some people he trusts. Probably too daunting to contemplate. However, I think that it should be something that should be seriously considered and eventually done; the articles are often good, interesting and useful but because the site is full of all these usually contentless insults and other rubbish, these trolls ruin any sense of communication on this site. And usually make it tedious to scroll down through all the empty comments just to find some pertinent point here and there. Though it's not a good idea to get into the hypocritical censorship that libcom practices, there must be something that goes beyond the false choices of manipulative censorship and openness to utter crap. I'd guess the reputation for interminable trolling on this site probably puts off those who feel that they might have something worthwhile saying because such needles would either simply get lost in the haystack or be ignored or be rubbished with the usual contentless put-downs. If the reputation of this site changes through some kind of moderation policy (which could be preceded by users arguing about it openly) it might well create a different expectation and culture that would encourage previously reluctant potential contributors to go ahead and discuss things.

Moderation would also require some registration of names: all these "Anonymouses" make it very hard to respond to as you don't know who's who - which Anonymous has posted something once, twice or whatever.

I'm not exactly sure which video you are talking about but it maybe this one.(I remember it ruffled emotional feathers)

You're the one that's going to have to explain what is racist about as far as I am concerned. MY definition of what makes racism is the minimum definition of judging character content based on phenotype. In this video what I see is a hard hitting point that not everyone wants to step up to. I would advise you to actually consider the current top comment by Trudi Time as he/she appears to get it. I'm also not sure what you are getting at with the Cleaver point. I recall Bob Black saying something similar in 'The Press of business'. I think the point is there are genuine misogyny issues.

I'm not saying that they said that nationalism equals fascism. I'm saying that they are selectively going after a particular nationalist expression and making loose associations between this nationalism(white) and fascism where they do not for the colored variety.

The Based God fucked one of Bob Black's bitches and he was like "OMG thank you Based God!"

Not the video you originally posted - it was much longer and excruciating to watch (particularly the desire to make it seem more interesting than it was by him constantly moving around like some imitation of a US series that wants to pretend to social realism, with constant camera movements somehow wanting to imply that it's just like life). You posted it - you should know what one it was. I suspect you do know but just wanted to post a different utterly racist video instead. It doesn't show a single white guy killing or beating up someone. You disgust me - not that you give a fuck: you remain stuck in your idiotic pretensions to having something worthwhile to say and in your ideological identity and have no desire to communicate other than in the traditional forms of smug non-communication that this society relentlessly manufactures.

What has what Eldridge Cleaver did over 40 years ago to do with the situation in the US today and the murder of Mike Brown other than some tenuous racial connection? What has black mysogeny to do with the murder of Mike Brown other than some racist connection? If I talked about all the endless killings, beatings and rapes by whites in a video attacking white rioters/strikers/occupiers, etc what connection would there be other than the implication that because whites kill, beat and rape we should condemn everything that whites do? Why make out that the looters were exclusively black? And why oppose looting in the first place if not to defend the essence of this society (private property as a means of exchange value, etc.). That you claim not to see how racist this video is shows that you are utterly imbued with an ideology that because - surprise surprise - some blacks do nasty things we should accept the cops' version of events when they kill blacks (which the video in fact did - it took Wilson's version of events as fact). The constant barrage of "look at how many black on black murders" there are by cop-lovers and cops after Ferguson as a means of distracting from cops murdering blacks who don't even pose a threat to them should - if you had any integrity - make you question this racist video. But you don't have any integrity (as for black-on-black killings, this is largely down to the fact that the drug industry is about the only way of making money for many blacks; in the 1920s during Prohibition it was white on white killings that hit the headlines).

Regardless of whether you're part of COINTELPRO or psyops or a "genuine" sicko, I have no desire to engage in a polite dialogue with such a self-deceiving individual as you, who clearly likes to think of himself as "intelligent" but is stuffed full of received ideas that are quite clearly a defensive conservative force frightened of the subversive truth - and will not reply to any further disingenuous evasions of the obvious on your part. You lie to yourself and others. I'd get more sense from talking to a wall.

Hey SamfranciscoSam,
What's so wrong with accepting that every white person is racist and potentially treacherous, then moving forward from there? There is no safe space for POC in white circles. All white people are crackers for a reason. Most will flip on POC at first chance of a deal. Though black people can do much the same, the police know to press on the white kids first. White allies and accomplices are all a threat to the black liberation struggle.

The best we can and should do is not force integration, but accept it as it comes. White people help black people by driving for white decolonization in our own neighborhoods. By white neighbors being more of a threat, the police won't focus on suppressing black neighborhoods in revolt. Just like the indigenous, we can drive to make the land one of subsistence, aiming towards a healthy habitat. We can pressure our townships and counties, our states to remove compulsory policing, opting instead for neighborhood volunteers to do security, chosen among all who work together to ensure the safety of our neighborhood, not just the militants.

Many poor neighborhoods won't get this option, but anti-police sentiment can be made permanent, changing the potential for revolt by saying no to police and yes to neighborhood warriors.

or better yet The Based God could fuck your bitch and you could be like "OMG I'm totally cool with that!"

"What's so wrong with accepting that every white person is racist and potentially treacherous"
I'm white. I don't think I'm either racist or "treacherous" except insofar as almost everyone has elements of racism that they either choose to combat in striving to overcome the separations imposed by this society (and not just the separations based on race by any means) or become stupid and brutalised by accepting and reinforcing these separations. Your "White allies and accomplices are all a threat to the black liberation struggle." doesn't make sense to me - for one, liberation is not a question of race but a question of a total struggle against the market/state/ hierarchical forces destroying the planet, all sense of community and all sense altogether; for another, even though racism is something to combat in order to liberate ourselves from these forces, blacks cannot liberate themselves independently of whites also liberating themselves, and alliances have to be made regardless of race - they have to be made on an internationalist class basis, on a proletarian basis, however stratified proletarians are.

As for the rest, I'm not even really sure what you mean in practical terms. Anyway, I'm mpt really qualified to comment clearly on the nuances of ghettos divided by race as I don't live in the USA, and though there are areas of France, where I live, that are predominantly Arab, there are no such things as ghettos, and nor are there in London, the UK, where I come from.

Re. the original article, here's another link on the connection between hippie ideology and the New Right (European version):

I'm speaking in terms of the historic existence of white supremacy in the colonial cultures that still exist and exert their influence. Listen to the latest Ex-Worker by Crimethinc. White Supremacy, as Crimethinc discusses, is tied to colonialist racial domination in the specific area of the Americas. Australia, to me, is like India, with a specific Empire, so perhaps for these regions we are talking more about British supremacy.

Globally, white people are dominant with several empires from Europe that have fallen to neo-colonial rule to maintain their dominant status. By the complaints of the Russians about the global institutions, we might call the global racial dominance Western dominance or simply "the West". We are still a part of history and despite the heavy PR campaigns of unity and freedom, the West is still the same beast. Of racial stereotypes, white people of all sorts are known for being backstabbing liars. "Egalitarian" and other rebranding efforts to speak of how white dominance should be displayed.

The only honest white people are Nazis. The rest are two faced and will sell their colored neighbors out to the pigs. A Nazi won't sell out black people to the police, though they might be the police. But they let you know the truth. They aren't fighting for white power, they are defending white power.

As you note, their rivals are of the Jewish faith and culture. Rival white mystics with a rival vision of white power. The Zionists won World War 2 and for good reason. The protestants of North America are strongly pro-Zionist. I was taught that the Jewish tribes are all destined for heaven as they are the chosen of God. The pro-zionism of America is the scariest of all ideologies as the Jewish people are forwarding a drive towards apocalypse where the chosen will ascend to heaven. Forget Valhalla and dying in battle, forget Stalin and his threat of
nuclear annihilation. It is this uncomproming and joyous drive towards prophecy and destruction that affects the tenability of American dominance.

Anti-fascism enables this project by violently aggressing those that see pro-zionism as bad. To me it is the gentiles that are the powerhouse. Their mystics learn from the Jewish tradition and they fraternize with the judges, police officers, local representatives, procecutors, administrators, business owners, priests, pastors, rabbis etc. in the area through the community Free Mason lodge.

To me, I don't see a central conspiracy, but I do observe bases of white power and white supremacy is more the free mason lodge than the KKK lodge. More the Republican party than the NSM. By seeing pro and anti Zionism as two rivals and not some side to pick between we can easily see the same in fascism and anti-fascism. Western dualities are far too common and sense they want to universalize their values, everyone is pulled into their pathetic political struggles.

Seeing as you see the Nazis as the best most honest form of white folks why not join them. At this point there is no real difference between you and the national anarchists. And as retarded as cospiracy theorists can get it doesn't chart in the full retardation that you display.

I don't pick sides and I'm clearly speaking in a context you nonce. Speaking as among the historic forces manipulating white people, Nazis most overtly show their hand while all the others hide behind jargon, misdirection, innuendo and other obfuscations.

I knew it! Those fucking Jewes are still behind it all! But, shhh, we had better ignore that half of the world's Jews who aren't white... True story, bro.

Thus spoketh the white power Jew.

You are like the kool aids man, busting into my conversation with your exceptions "not all cops", "not all Jews", but pretty quick to declare your absolutes "yes all churches", "yes all black people" and so on. It is ridiculous! Two faced white man, say "burn all churches" then burn a bunch of black ghetto churches. Oh our savior! That bad religion was only creating a social fabric where the white man usually goes to destroy and yup, sure enough, you helped the agenda. This is your white privilege blinding you. Every white person is an ancap whether they like it or not. Every broad declaration in favor of black liberation, black autonomy crackers from left and right come a bleeting, come a squealing, come a slithering, to shoot them down or coopt their efforts. You, my cracker, are part of the "shoot em down" crowd, always trying to take the black people's power. I'm tired of your lies you two faced devil!

Thanks for displaying the depravity that is the nationalist coloring bloc. Honestly just go hook up with the likes of Troy Southgate and Andrew Yeoman already. You have enough in odious common.

Pffft. I learned from Crimethinc just a few days ago about White Supremacy and now I'm a Nazi? You are one dumb child molester! I'm talking about black autonomy, black freedom. In case you haven't noticed, your cracker culture is killing black people. Your lies of freedom and utopia lead only to further white power. You are more like Stormfront than anyone and you have the gull to toss that as an insult?

The simple fact of the matter is that black people need to control their own neighborhoods because having white people do it, having them do it with a boot to the face or bullet in the back, have them do it with promises of more freedom, even an entire world of freedom...all of it is bullshit! Fuck you cracker! Liar! Snake!

I see your white power, cracker. I know you lie like all of them. Black people don't need white allies, we need white family. We know when the police are raiding neighborhoods they beat our white mothers and black fathers for coupling despite and in spite of cracker politics. They beat our mulatto children as much as they beat any black. We know whites that really join blacks will sleep in beds together. They will stay in our neighborhoods and they will give safe passage from aggression, which you and Mister Honky would never do. You both like to pretend you live in continental Europe and act like the Social Democrats are your main hatred. This is such bullshit. You are in a context and a habitat. The habitat is your North American region, the context is historic white supremacy has taken over your habitat and totally fucked it. But crackers and Uncle Toms can't seem to adjust, so wishing it were still 19th century Western Europe you can't see the oppression around you. I bet a sovereign anarch has a comfy job and stays within white circles. I speculate on your context because you can afford to spend your time reading fascists, pro-fascists, nationalists and others while obfuscating your bias for white culture. You'll read these white thinkers and find things that help white culture. You never talk about your culture, why you abandoned your parents and other things that really define a radical struggle with white dominance for black autonomy.

As Emile points out, these things are very important, yet your theory remains abstract, all hitting, no fielding.

There are 2 variants of fascism. One is extreme nationalism which can be executed by one group based on racial or social politics and the other is Mussolini Fascism which both are being experienced in the USA. Talk about a double wammy.

but i want the licorice flavored one they dont even give you a third choice?? :(

various cointelpro type trolls are taking such an interest in this site is because a lot of these articles are ending up on twitter feeds on some pretty big twitter accounts with thousands of followers so this has meant a huge increase in traffic for this site. they are not happy that dissenting views that are anarchist in nature are no longer the domain of a tiny audience so they are resorting to some pretty desperate and transparent shit including all the 'concern troll' type bullshit we have all been seeing around here of late. I think some type of comment moderation is long overdue, but in the meantime what most peeps are starting to do is to twitter link the original source for the article as generally most articles posted on here come from sites that don't have open anonymous comment policies. so troll away all you like cointelpro trolls, you will not be reaching that huge audience you thought you could reach by posting your pointless psy-op garbage on here, just reaching the same old @-news cynics who are well versed in your complete and utter fuckery.

Professor Rat? Are you Ziggy's concern troll follower? Hey PR! APster! Caw!

good call, I'd noticed the recent spike as a loose correlation to the ferguson stuff but you spelled it out. thanks again

Am I allowed to make a non-trollish comment here?

It could be im misunderstanding some of the antifa articles being posted here, but it seems like the definition of fascism being put forward around this DIJ and neofolk stuff to be way broader than the one I'm used to. This is probably in order to un-veil the veiled fascism those tendencies are (apparently) advancing, but the definition seems something like

+mostly/entirely white people
+social context of white supremacy
+romantic mythology of the past
=mystical fascism

Add into that a very loose understanding of what nations/nationalisms can be, it seems like it captures a huge number of tendencies. Which may well be true, especially in the ecological movement. I know some of the coalitional organizing spaces I'm in, it's not unusual to hear about the need for authoritarian rule (often justified by a need to follow "the science") and population control to deal with climate change.

What worries me in the broadness is that many tendencies that I think are positive only lack one element of the above. For instance, most approaches to decolonization in anarchist spaces lack only nationalism; indigenous sovreignty movements lack the "mostly white people"; conservationists lack (in the ways these articles are describing) a romanticised mythology of the past. Looking more broadly, even anti-state nationalisms like in the Kurdish territories (as well as Catalan, irish, tuareg and other anti-state nationalisms (although all of these do have statist iterations too)) would meet the definition these antifas are putting forward.

My usual definition of fascism includes an economic and organizational component that favers strict hierarchies (including racial hierarchies) and integrated production connected to militarism. I have trouble seeing anything like organizing in what's being described by these antifas -- even if I accept all their claims, such as the one about the adbusters person <3ing the Golden dawn, then at most what we're seeing is individuals attempting to influence heterogenous organizing spaces. It doesn't really seem to be much of a threat, so I wonder about the value of such a broad understanding.

Is the broad definition of fascism useful? Am I just misunderstanding these articles? Am I gonna get called out as a cryptofascist for even commenting here? Thank goodness for the unmoderated comments...

"My usual definition of fascism includes an economic and organizational component that favers strict hierarchies (including racial hierarchies) and integrated production connected to militarism."

That's a good definition. The above or anything leftist nowadays(such as the above garbage) is not.

Why even complain. The non association of anarchism and white nationalism is simply a non controversial position. Pointing out that a variant of nationalism is not enough to be fascism is simply being descriptively precise as opposed to legitimizing. Also no one is saying don't talk about and analyze race, however if your analysis sucks(structural Marxist assumptions ie privilege and supremacy) it sucks.

Well there are actually 4 types of fascism:

1) People who dislike gays or beat up gay people have been called fascist even though they don't necessary have to endorse that of Mussolini

2) People who hate blacks and other minorities and commit hate crimes such as Nazi, KKK or other hate groups. These people get called fascist by antifa all the time in Europe.

3) Nationalist Socialists get the treatment too because nationalism can and usually will lead to extreme forms of patriotism and pride for a ones state and ethnic background which usually means one color, one culture one religion , one etc. Even though socialism is better than capitalism. The nationalistic aspect is where you meet most of your troubles. Extreme forms of skin pride, nationalist pride and extreme patriotism leads you into trouble with others. People senselessly lose their lives over this non-sense. Racism is not always as bold as you may think. It can disguise itself in the form of nationalism with all the justifications in the world.

Then there is Mussolini Fascism: The man who invented the merger of state and corporate dominance. Which is really just capitalism at its climax like in the USA. I mean who would have thought a morally bankrupt system solely based on maximizing profits would have led to only a few business entities concentrating a majority of the economies wealth and then when profits dry up, they threaten the government with collapse if not granted special rights and privileges to use the tax payers dollar for an endless supply of emergency bailouts and stimulus? HAHAHAHA!

And then you have people who use fascism to describe all of the above or call everything fascist that they don't agree with like Sean Hannity on FOX calling people he disagrees with fascist even though the man works for a fascist regime/empire himself.

The word fascism has been expanded to mean so many things that it has lost a lot of its meaning and that is why most Americans don't even speak the same language anymore. We us words in so many different ways.

Take the word "revolutionary" for instance. It used to mean rebel freedom fighter but you have corporations using the word "revolutionary" to describe their latest hot product on the market.

The more the English language and literal definition of words expand, the less meaning they will have to everyday people.


Wanna talk precise definitions? Ok. I'll gladly join the chorus saying that we need to stop using this term as a slur, but a good first step would be to stop referring to regimes like America as "fascist", which it clearly isn't. Their poison of choice, liberalism, is horrifying and awful in entirely different ways, and calling it fascist only lets the liberals of the world off the hook.

Second, look up "corporatism". It actually doesn't have a lot to do with corporations in the capitalist sense so much as a view of society like a body with various kinds of workers as organs functioning together as a whole. This was a popular view at the time (even with some Syndicalists) and that's pretty clearly what Mussolini was talking about, rather than the "climax of American capitalism".

Third, I could easily list seemingly unrelated followers of any worldview/ideology/philosophy like this. What do those kids at the FNB table have to do the Black Bloc, and how the fuck does that tie in with a bunch of dead bearded Russians? Fascism, like anarchism, is a complex phenomena which doesn't fit well into the traditional political spectrum, but becomes a lot more coherent once you know what to look for.

Physically attacking marginalized groups and political dissidents, for instance, is a very common tactic among fascist groups (blackshirts, brownshirts, Right Sektor, Golden Dawn, even Lyndon Larouche for a while) for a couple reasons. Strategically it forges alliances with extreme elements in the establishment who like having someone to do their dirty work. Ideologically, it happens because their worldview is based on a broad-based conspiracy of elites, radicals and minorities, meaning that they think they can stab at the heart of "what's wrong with society" by attacking hippies and cab drivers (which, tactically, is much easier than murdering Rockafellers). When you start really looking at groups like the Klan it becomes clear that there's a lot more going on than rednecks who don't like black people - they've got all the other hallmarks too, from bizarre esoteric rituals to deep-rooted historical connections to the Southern land-owning establishment.

How many different kinds of "fascist" are there? It's endless. Some are utterly terrifying, others are far more moderate and speak in much more veiled terms. Every day another wingnut is trying these pieces together in a slightly different way, and eventually one of them will stumble on something that works. A hundred years ago the Jews were "working for Satan", today it's the "reptile aliens", but the Protocols (themselves drawn from earlier anti-Masonic texts) are still there. Fascism lies not in disliking the blacks or Jews, but in the specific way that hatred is used to unite people for authoritarian ends.

As for nationalism, it's clearly not something fascists invented. Liberals, conservatives and communists have all used it for at least as long (see Perlman), much like homophobia and racism. "Nationalist", however, when it's somebody's primary political identity, is usually a polite way of saying "fascist" (especially in Europe). Black/native/etc nationalists are a tricky topic and don't usually fit the wider reactionary model described above as well as white nationalists, but are still pretty fucking problematic for a lot of the same reasons.

Much the same could be said for populism, third-positionism, anti-intellectualism, esoteric irrationalism, bastardized nihilist philosophy, conspiracy theories, military fetishism, cultural traditionalism, or any number of other classic hallmarks of fascist groups - if someone has one or two of these traits they might just be one of our friends - if they have most of them, they probably aren't.

And no, beating the fuck out of boneheads won't get rid of the state, cops, racism, heteronormativity or any of the other nasty things we're against. It might, however, help. In stable times, fascists tend to be found on the lunatic fringe, but as crises erupt they pick up steam, and that includes pretty much anything anarchists might aspire to (see the Klan's freak-out in Ferguson or Right Sector in Ukraine). They recruit from all the same places we do (and many we don't), readily appropriate any of our tactics/symbols/slogans, have a very long history of violence against people like us in service of their political ends and an extensive history of collaboration with state security forces. Also, it's not a bad way of showing solidarity with the other kinds of people they target.

Apologies for the emile-length post.

So basically we aren't allowed to complain about white nationalists any more because "they aren't really fascists" but if we dare talk about race we're going to be accused of Maoist black nationalism?

This place is becoming more like stormfront every day...

If you say so … I sure as fuck don't think anyone here (who matters) is saying you can't.
Then again, complaining isn't much of a thing in the first place.

i am quite happy about the dividing lines between different kinds of anarchists. much to the chagrin of social anarchists who want to unite us all under a single banner and cast out anyone who disagrees or considers nuance and anti-social implications.

i must say, these lines, especially for those who embrace them, are quite anarchistic.

Take white and black nationalists and throw them into a blender. Problem Solved! XD

I'm sorry, I'm not racist but I just think white people are the devil and can't be trusted. I'm saying this from the historic context pointed out in Ex-Worker about white supremacy. It makes them real black allies unlike Mister Honky and friends. The next white boy to get slapped might wake some of you up.

Mister Honky and friends like to nay say and nit pick black people, while at the same time downplaying the threat of the police. Mister Honky also likes to threaten the social and cultural centers of black life, just to make a semantical point that is so out of date and out of context it fails the qualities of mention.

Then Mister Honky's mulatto buddy tries to out honky the king of anarchist honkies! You can't dethrown that crazy cracker, but that "nationalism" bullshit. Yeah, you got me fucked up. Black people are being screwed by white people on a massive level, that is the context you dick. Then you run off at the mouth that nationalism is what I want? Fuck you Sir Tom, black people are getting murdered by the police over and over. Black people are humiliated over and over. Black people are passed over, over and over. Then you want to pull some shit about us taking care of ourselves? Defending ourselves? You got some nerve you sellout cracker wannabe.

You should read Jarrod Diamonds 'Germs , Guns, and Steel' and get a more comprehensive understanding of historical context dating back 10,000 yrs, then maybe you won't be the inverted racist that you are so sorry about having become!! Think geographical latitudinal privilege and the species of animal/plant which gave white races a privileged head start in technological supremacy. Nevertheless, ironically the non-technological societies evolved highly refined social structures which are now only being realized as sustainable and mostly non-destructive and harmonious with egalitarian existence and the natural environment.

PS, Have a look at what the effect of guns has on any society, its not about race, its about ideological brainwashing and damaged emotional individuals. You sound damaged, what happened dude?

We aren't talking ancient history young cracker. White supremacy exists now and its arc begins in reaction to the fall of Constantinople. I've watched your cracker expert on TV. That exact thing. That cracker didn't talk about why white pigs are shooting black people. He ain't talking about shit right now and that's what I'm talking about you racist devil. "Inverted racist", is that cracker for being a smartass? You offended? Is that why you want to call me an inverted racist? Always trying to run away from the guilt when you should just accept it.

Okay, listen up white people, here are things to help you:
1. You are a treacherous devil.
2. You are racist.
3. In North America and South America, we call your racism "white supremacy".
4. Globally you are part of the West, which is dominant in the world, a legacy from previous European empires.

Black supremacy exists, so does religious or ideological supremacy! 'Cracker' is a racist term until white folk can parody its use and refer to themselves as 'Crackas' in the same way that the racist term 'Nigger' was annihilated by black folk calling themselves 'niggas'. Otherwise I don't wish to discuss these issues with you because you are obviously embittered and resentful towards all white people, thus a racist, and you just seem to me to be an ignorant stupid ass who I would punch with a left jab and right hand left hook combo if you charged me with a maniacal grimace of hatred upon your face. That's just my own particular tendency. Mkay?

By Jared Diamond. Consider how the San and Pygmies feel about what happened and then get back to me TT. That actually was a concrete example of supremacy.

I think imagination makes for 90% of worthwhile theory, and the other 10% is recycled rhetoric. I don't know if it was Jared who coined the word 'Kleptocracy', but to me, the eloquence of the imagination to concisely describe a ruling system's method of government in a single word is exceptional, yes, imagination rules! The San and the Pygmies have no resentment when considering past historical events. And this isn't because the urgency for survival denies them the time to ponder past grievances, its just that their mindset is of a spontaneous and daily re-emergence into a creative nothingness, from which they must create something. Their whole social paradigm is adverse to the Western consciousness. To summarize, the future of human history is uncertain because it is such a flash in the pan explosion of dominance. Compare the human timescale to that of the dinosaur's. Duration of existence doesn't really have relevance. Depletion and entropy is the ultimate fate, and the universe is nothing, and there only exists The Now. Thus, the San and numerous other indigenous peoples live a far more intelligent way, despite their suffering and slaughter. Have you seen 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'? There's hope still!

Good point on that. Overall they see us with the problems and not themselves(the land of clothes and problems as one culture put it). I haven't seen Dawn(saw rise), need to check it out sometime. I did see Snowpiercer. Bong Joon-Ho really gets it when it comes to civilization.

Yeah, Snowpiercer is a classic movie, Bong Joon-Ho is really avant-garde!

'Dawn of,,,' rekindled my faith in humanity lol its the best movie I've seen in 2014!

"Cracker" ain't a racist term motherfucker. First, only white people are racist. Black people are responding to your racism when they call you cracker. A cracker is a slave driver, cracking his whip. You take offense? Well you should you honky motherfucker. I'm a threat to your white order.

But seriously, you can say cracka all you want. I know you are the cracker that says nigga all the time. I pay attention, watch you foolin'. There ain't no black thought police, lurking everywhere looking to get crackers saying nigger. I know you are dying to say it. Just say it, get your racism out you devil.

Patrice O'Neil explained "this racism that I can't prove". White people being racist without knowing they are racist! And when we point it out, always the back peddling, "oh no you got me wrong, I'm not racist". Oh you crackers always dodging the truth so badly, you are in denial.

Anyways, I'll check Sir Tom's cracker expert video sometime after I hear a good story on how Sir Tom is helping his people fight for bioregional autonomy. Actual practice would be nice, but plan of action is also acceptable. I imagine most of Sir Tom's vision is going to be clouded by universalizing all humans as individuals, then proceed to help a bunch of white people with an open group POC could join and look, a token POC found in Sir Tom. Some progress going on in Canada. Pffft!

igtt: 8/10

Lol, you're the same inverted racist troll from before aren't you? Haha, amazing, you actually spend your free time cruising websites spewing out your psychopathic venom concerning 'The white devil'?! Truly amazing to be happening in the 21st century, evidence of the systems failure, obvious is obvious!

PS, I've gathered some friends around the computer screen as I type this comment and they are all giggling and chuckling at your comments and muttering about the possibility that you are an inverted racist moron AND I'm actually in the process of explaining that, no, you are not a racist, you only lack an awareness of empathy!
I never use the nigga term in whatever context, there still lingers, despite its disempowerment, memories of when it hurt people. Like the term coon, I just find it brings back memories of racist hatred and ignorance which I had to confront in my childhood.

'gave white races a privileged head start in technological supremacy.' This is a glaring error on my part! I should have included the Asian, Euro-Asian, and middle-Eastern peoples who developed highly refined civilizations yet ultimately fell to the barbarian hordes. No one will ever know if these hordes opposed the structure of complex national regulation and taxation, although this seems to be the most likely reason for opposition. To yoke people to a system creates the chains and walls which imprison the innate anarchist spirit!

Help me, I've been yoked!

Cerebral bolt-cutters mkay!!

LOL @ Jared Diamond
- Anthropology

This guy's job is filling corporate bookshelves and hasn't written anything that anybody who actually studies this stuff takes seriously since long before Guns Germs and Steel. I mean, sure, it was a neat book, but it hardly rewrites the history of civilization.

Imagination vs neatly arranged linear Western historical context. You're saying take your pick or STFU?

I'd say Diamond counts as both "imagination" and "neatly arranged linear Western historical context". That latter part is mostly what anthropologists take issue with - oversimplified, historically determinist western apologism.

I'm sure there's some truth to the whole idea of latitudinal/longditudinal axes and their effects on the progression of civilization, but to pretend that's the whole story is just narcissistic showboating. Such is the way with besteller pop-academia.

I've read GG&S and found it to be well researched and meticulously written. Pop academia would be someone like Steven Pinker. I simply can't take some anonymous nobody seriously who invokes an alien reference of scientists and what they think when he himself probably isn't even on the level of pathetic pinkerton.

Exactly! GG&S was a thorough and broad dissemination of an era few anthropologists had ventured into. Within the hidden 10,000 yr lapse of recorded history following the last ice-age, here existed an unknown quality of human experience and social evolution, which made the Dark Ages of post-Byzantine Europe appear in comparison like a spotlit Superbowl historical dissection of petty Vatican induced X-tian anxieties.
Jared bravely avoids the post-colonial methodology applied by most Western anthropologists when studying indigenous cultures, thus his work set a precedent in its approach to understanding humanity's real significance within the global historical arena.

While it seems like most of this article is fairly well written, from my perspective as an Oly local the authors' understanding of the situation in Olympia is outdated and somewhat ill-informed. Olympia is not complacently standing by, watching Nathan Block build an army as the article makes it sound. People actually acted pretty decisively in response to the now months-old situation, a lot of friendships and connections were terminated, the whole "scene" got pretty shaken up and now pretty much everyone knows the situation. Anti-racist and anti-colonial folks are and have been coming up with various responses to the whole mess.

From up here it sounds like Eugene is actually in a much worse place than Olympia. The last story I heard from Eugene makes it sound like essentially an "apolitical" swastika fest.

Accounts of reality based on noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar are intellectual representations that fail to capture the physical reality of our natural experience. One of the implications is this tendency for ‘the left to transform into the right’; i.e. when those people who are fighting for civil rights start winning their battle against the fascists, as they become the new leaders, they become fascists.

This schizophrenia is the product of confusing the intellectual REpresentations of noun-and-verb language-and-grammar for the physical reality of our natural experience. Our natural experience cannot be REpresented in terms of ‘things’ and ‘what things do’ because we live in a relational space.

For example, if we believed our intellectual representations that are in terms of ‘what things do’, we could describe, in great detail, the actions of an individual living in a common space [e.g. a house] with several others. The detailed description of the actions of an individual and what he did would be missing something essential that has been pointed out by Mach and also by Einstein and that is ‘the relational geometry of space’. Let’s examine the biggest, toughest guy in living in the common space. He uses the toilet and bathroom and leaves it in a mess, ... he raids the pantry and leaves it empty, he uses the pots and pans and dishes and utensils and leaves them dirty and all of this can be described in great detail, and we can hear him talking grandly about ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ and arguing in scientific terms which are also in terms of ‘independent things’ and ‘what things do.

If we bring in Mach’s principle and Einstein’s reminder that ‘space is not empty’ and that the relational geometry of space must be taken into account in any understanding of physical phenomena, then we can see that the CONDITION OF THE toilet and bathroom and pantry and dishes and utensils are in a relationship with the other residents of the house, and they may feel humiliated by the libertarian actions of the brute they are living in a common relational space with [they have to clean up the mess he leaves and replenish the pantry etc.] but if he is more powerful than them, or has better weapons, then they must bide their time and submit to his ‘power to humiliate’.

Of course, when he ‘writes his history’ or his ‘résume’ and documents all the positive things he has done, it is like the story of the man who builds a house in the forest, without acknowledging that constructing is, at the same time, destroying [it is impossible to construct a house in the forest without destroying some forest].

This is the point that Howard Zinn makes in ‘A People’s History of the United States’, ... the mess and the resource depletion of the colonizers has ruined the lives of indigenous peoples; i.e. it is a mess that is impossible to clean up, yet the actions which messed up the common living space were the actions of people who believed themselves to be ‘independent’ of the ‘habitat’ in which they reside and operate, ... and who describe their actions in noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar, which, as Nietzsche and Whorf pointed out, misrepresents physical phenomena by artificially RE-PRESENTING activities as nouns/subjects. In the example of shared household activity, the man, in the flow-based language of indigenous aboriginals and in the relational phenomena of modern physics, would be the ‘manning’, an activity rather than an ‘independently-existing thing’ i.e. a ‘relational form in the relational activity continuum’ for whom Mach’s principle applies, as it is applies generally;

“The dynamics of the inhabitants are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat at the same time as the dynamics of the habitat are conditioning the dynamics of the inhabitants”. – Mach’s principle

For those of us who have lived in ‘third world’ countries, the actions of the ‘big guys’ [Western corporations] in dirtying up the common space and depleting its resources, are far more obvious than in the first world, where the same behaviours are transpiring. Economists have only had a term for this since Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel prize in economics, 2003) coined the term ‘externalities’, ‘results’ that someone has to pay for that are ‘not on anyone’s books’.

This ‘power to humiliate’ on the part of the ‘big guy’, the ‘manning’ who shares residing and operating in the common living space of the household, and the ‘big corporation’ or big ‘organizing’ who shares residing and operating in the common living space of a third world regional commonspace, operates on the same principle. The ‘big guys’ speak only of ‘the spectacular results that they produce’ and they are helped in this one-sided all-hitting-no-fielding intellectual REpresentation by noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar, ... making it seem as if one can ‘construct a house in the forest’ [without destroying some forest].

In other words, the only possible dynamic in the relational space; i.e. in the physical reality of our natural experience, is ‘transformation’ in which ‘construction’ and ‘destruction’ or ‘hitting’ and ‘fielding’ to use a baseball metaphor as Stephen Jay Gould did, ... are intellectualized aspects of the one physically real dynamic of transformation [of relational space]. As ‘hitters, ‘when we write our résumés, we speak of the results of ‘our hitting’ as if we are the full and sole authors’ of them, while ‘everybody knows’ that, for example, white crony groups, or any type of crony group, will deliver easy hittable pitches to its cronies and leave lots of space to accommodate their hitting, while delivering tough pitches and closed down space, disaccommodating the hitting of non-cronies.

these one-sided ‘all-hitting, no-fielding’ résumés are also known, on the macro scales of sovereign states and corporations as ‘history’. history is written firstly in terms of ‘what things do’ as if a sovereign state and/or corporation is an ‘independently-existing thing-in-itself’ that does stuff, is a ‘hitter’ whose results are fully and solely attributable to its inboard constituents and processes, ... the messes it leaves and the resource depletions have to be dealt with by others sharing the same common space, but this will never show up on the ‘books’ of the doer-of-deeds that claims credit for what he produces as if ‘what he produces’ did not depend on the ‘fielding’ [accommodating nature of the relational space he is operating in] he is situationally included in.

the ‘big guy’ who humiliates others sharing residency and operations in the common living space while bragging about ‘his achievements’ [out of the context of the accommodating contribution of the relational space he is hitting into, which is the primary source of ‘results’ that he is taking credit for] is the fascist with the power to humiliate that he exercises while taking credit for what everyone else in the common space has to compensate. the big guys who are getting wealthy and powerful by exploiting the finite resource of fossil fuel may have the funds to move on into the hydrogen economy or whatever, while those at the ‘bottom’ will pay the price of early depletion of resources by the rest; i.e. the externalities will never have to be paid for by the ‘big guys’ who will keep messing up the space and depleting its resources to stay ahead of the reparations which show up as a debt that those at the bottom are obliged to pay off.

The point is that all this talk in terms of ‘things’ and ‘what things do’ is ‘economy of thought’ that does not accord with the physical reality of our natural experience. Since we live in a common relational space, whatever we do can mess it up and deplete needed resources, and nothing anyone does can be understood out of the context of transforming the relational space that we all share inclusion in, ... regardless of the fact that the intellectual REpresentations of noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar reduce physical phenomena to the over-simplistic terms of ‘what things do’ as if we could separate out ‘hitting’ from ‘fielding’, when to do so is to cultivate schizophrenia and megalomania, ... a combination which manifests as ‘fascism’.

Those living in the same relational space with the big messy guy, who are continually humiliated by his messing things up and depleting the common resource base, may one day ‘bring him down’ and when they ‘take over’, if they continue to believe in the intellectual REpresentations of noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar, they will continue to embrace the combination of schizophrenia and megalomania, that constitutes fascism, REpresenting themselves/ourselves as the paragons of virtue and goodness, general doers-of-good-deeds, saviour of the world from the forces of evil and general notionally ‘independent systems with our own internal process-driven and directed behaviours that operate in a habitat/space that is notionally independent of the inhabitants that reside and operate within it. This is the source of ‘power to humiliate’ that many people have claimed is the real source of ‘terrorism’ and ‘criminality’ and the rising tide of ‘mental disorder’ in global dominating Western colonizer culture.

Misguided ‘literal’ belief in the intellectual REpresentations of noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar is taking Western civilization ‘down the tube’. ‘Fascism’ is the general recipe for this process; i.e. it is an intellectual cocktail of schizophrenia [splitting us apart from our innate habitat-inhabitant-interdependency] and megalomania [attributing to ourselves the monotheist God-like power of jumpstart authorship/construction of results].

This article, by 'taking itself literally', promotes the intellectual cocktail of schizophrenia and megalomania that characterizes both 'fascism' and 'Western civilized beliefs'.

A very interesting dissection of the mass collective political identity. Nice!

Chained once more to the yoke of generalization. It simply never ends.

William Blake wrote;

“To Generalize is to be an Idiot. To Particularize is the Alone Distinction of Merit — General Knowledges are those Knowledges that Idiots possess.” – William Blake

what Blake intended, as is clear from his overall philosophical context, is that our experience is particular, ... we are each uniquely, situationally included in a complex tapestry of relations. It is idiotic to think we can generalize an individual’s experience and, for example, judge his ‘hitting’ out of the context of the ‘relational fielding’ that is hitting is relative to. but this, as philosophers like Nietzsche have also pointed out, is exactly what noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar allows us to do.

Fine, the intellectual REpresentations of language generalize our non-generalizable experience, and so if we are amongst a group of people who are all saying ‘living in the U.S. or community X is a good experience’, if we are the have-not that is being continually humiliated by the ‘haves’, only an idiot would utter such generalization and take it literally.

Generalization is impossible to avoid in building intellectual REpresentations based on noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar constructs. Fine, ‘generalization’ delivers ‘economy of thought’, but the ‘listener/reader’ is not obligated to ‘take literally’, the intellectual REpresentations of language. He can bring his own unique and particular experiences to bear in fleshing out the language-based generalizations transmitted to him by others.

This is what Blake is talking about. You can’t believe what you hear or what you read [language-based intellectual REpresentations] because they are generalizations. That applies to all of the propositions of science since they are all generalizations. As Mach puts it, science REpresents the physical phenomena of our experience in purely mechanical terms [‘all-hitting’, ‘no-fielding’] and pure mechanics are impossible.

Blake pointed out that poets put God-like spirits-of-nature into activities like waterfalls, and cities and people, portraying the activities as ‘thinks-in-themselves’ animated by God-like internal spirits, ... and then ‘priests’ declared that this was really the case, ... that God really was inside of relational forms in the relational activity continuum, ... relational forms such as rivers, humans, cities, nations etc. Attributing an internal personal God to reside in the interior of the relational form (essentially, ‘an activity’ within the relational activity continuum) produced an intellectual REpresentation of the activity [e.g. a manning aka ‘human’] that depicted it as an ‘independently-existing thing-in-itself with internal powers driven and directed development and behaviour that operated within a habitat that was notionally ‘independent’ [with the internal God-spirit powering it, it no longer needed to be understood as an inherently included relational form in the relational activity continuum aka ‘the world’ in the physical reality of our natural (inherently relational) experience.].

Blake describes this hijacking of language by the priesthood in, for example, Plate 11 in ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’;

“The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods or Geniuses, calling them by the names and adorning them with the properties of woods, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities, nations, and whatever their enlarged & numerous senses could percieve.
And particularly they studied the genius of each city & country, placing it under its mental deity.
Till a system was formed, which some took advantage of & enslav'd the vulgar by attempting to realize or abstract the mental deities from their objects; thus began Priesthood.
Choosing forms of worship from poetic tales.
And a length they pronounc'd that the Gods had order'd such things.
Thus men forgot that All deities reside in the human breast.—William Blake

Blake is talking about the generalizations of science and rationality that put a notional personal God-like power inside of particular activities that show up as ‘relational forms’ so as to portray them as ‘independent beings with their own inboard powers of animation (development/behaviour). However useful these generalizations are [i.e. they deliver great ‘economy of thought’], they can’t be taken ‘literally’ since the physical reality of our natural experience, which is the unique source of establishing ‘what is true’, is inherently ‘particular’, deriving as it does from the unique and particular web of relations we find ourselves situationally included in.

Fascism is the mix of schizophenia [belief in inhabitant-habitat-independence] and megalomania [belief that one is powered by an internal personal God] that is an intellectual inside-the-head voice directing the behaviour of individuals and common belief based fascist groups [as now characterize the globe-dominating Western culture dynamics (modern society) thanks to colonization].

Fascism is the operationalizing of secularized theological belief; i.e. fascism is where intellectual generalizations [the stuff that science and rationality are made of] are taken literally.

emile’s writing is generalization as all noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar based intellectual REpresentations are inherently constrained to, ... but the message is never in taking the content literally, the content is simply a means to develop relational context so as to tweak the listener’s/reader’s own particular experience.

to say ‘please don’t generalize’ is to say ‘please don’t write or speak’. hopefully, the author of the ‘please don’t generalize’ comment does not believe that it is possible to convey ‘particular experience’ via the dumbed-down intellectual REpresentations of language (as contrasted with using such intellectual REpresentations to appeal to the listener’s own particular relational experiences, insofar as he has sufficient variety of them to flesh out the generalizations being presented to him via language).

William Blake wrote;

“To Generalize is to be an Idiot. To Particularize is the Alone Distinction of Merit — General Knowledges are those Knowledges that Idiots possess.” – William Blake

what Blake intended, as is clear from his overall philosophical context, is that our experience is particular, ... we are each uniquely, situationally included in a complex tapestry of relations. It is idiotic to think we can generalize an individual’s experience and, for example, judge his ‘hitting’ out of the context of the ‘relational fielding’ that is hitting is relative to. but this, as philosophers like Nietzsche have also pointed out, is exactly what noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar allows us to do.

Fine, the intellectual REpresentations of language generalize our non-generalizable experience, and so if we are amongst a group of people who are all saying ‘living in the U.S. or community X is a good experience’, if we are the have-not that is being continually humiliated by the ‘haves’, only an idiot would utter such generalization and take it literally.

Generalization is impossible to avoid in building intellectual REpresentations based on noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar constructs. Fine, ‘generalization’ delivers ‘economy of thought’, but the ‘listener/reader’ is not obligated to ‘take literally’, the intellectual REpresentations of language. He can bring his own unique and particular experiences to bear in fleshing out the language-based generalizations transmitted to him by others.

This is what Blake is talking about. You can’t believe what you hear or what you read [language-based intellectual REpresentations] because they are generalizations. That applies to all of the propositions of science since they are all generalizations. As Mach puts it, science REpresents the physical phenomena of our experience in purely mechanical terms [‘all-hitting’, ‘no-fielding’] and pure mechanics are impossible.

Blake pointed out that poets put God-like spirits-of-nature into activities like waterfalls, and cities and people, portraying the activities as ‘thinks-in-themselves’ animated by God-like internal spirits, ... and then ‘priests’ declared that this was really the case, ... that God really was inside of relational forms in the relational activity continuum, ... relational forms such as rivers, humans, cities, nations etc. Attributing an internal personal God to reside in the interior of the relational form (essentially, ‘an activity’ within the relational activity continuum) produced an intellectual REpresentation of the activity [e.g. a manning aka ‘human’] that depicted it as an ‘independently-existing thing-in-itself with internal powers driven and directed development and behaviour that operated within a habitat that was notionally ‘independent’ [with the internal God-spirit powering it, it no longer needed to be understood as an inherently included relational form in the relational activity continuum aka ‘the world’ in the physical reality of our natural (inherently relational) experience.].

Blake describes this hijacking of language by the priesthood in, for example, Plate 11 in ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’;

“The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods or Geniuses, calling them by the names and adorning them with the properties of woods, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities, nations, and whatever their enlarged & numerous senses could percieve.
And particularly they studied the genius of each city & country, placing it under its mental deity.
Till a system was formed, which some took advantage of & enslav'd the vulgar by attempting to realize or abstract the mental deities from their objects; thus began Priesthood.
Choosing forms of worship from poetic tales.
And a length they pronounc'd that the Gods had order'd such things.
Thus men forgot that All deities reside in the human breast.—William Blake

Blake is talking about the generalizations of science and rationality that put a notional personal God-like power inside of particular activities that show up as ‘relational forms’ so as to portray them as ‘independent beings with their own inboard powers of animation (development/behaviour). However useful these generalizations are [i.e. they deliver great ‘economy of thought’], they can’t be taken ‘literally’ since the physical reality of our natural experience, which is the unique source of establishing ‘what is true’, is inherently ‘particular’, deriving as it does from the unique and particular web of relations we find ourselves situationally included in.

Fascism is the mix of schizophenia [belief in inhabitant-habitat-independence] and megalomania [belief that one is powered by an internal personal God] that is an intellectual inside-the-head voice directing the behaviour of individuals and common belief based fascist groups [as now characterize the globe-dominating Western culture dynamics (modern society) thanks to colonization].

Fascism is the operationalizing of secularized theological belief; i.e. fascism is where intellectual generalizations [the stuff that science and rationality are made of] are taken literally.

emile’s writing is generalization as all noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar based intellectual REpresentations are inherently constrained to, ... but the message is never in taking the content literally, the content is simply a means to develop relational context so as to tweak the listener’s/reader’s own particular experience.

to say ‘please don’t generalize’ is to say ‘please don’t write or speak’. hopefully, the author of the ‘please don’t generalize’ comment does not believe that it is possible to convey ‘particular experience’ via the dumbed-down intellectual REpresentations of language (as contrasted with using such intellectual REpresentations to appeal to the listener’s own particular relational experiences, insofar as he has sufficient variety of them to flesh out the generalizations being presented to him via language).

whereas language, which can only deliver generalizations, as in the generalizations of science and rationality, tends to be 'taken literally' by some, transforming them, if they let their intellect get hijacked, into fascists, ... art is a 'hot medium' in Mcluhan's terms that, instead of spelling things out to us in 'cold medium' KISS-generalized detail, delivers its presentations in ambiguous form that teases out of us recollections of our own felt experiences that bypass intellectual analytics. McLuhan notes that such hot 'acoustic space experience' [acoustic space is like gravity and electro-magnetic/thermal fields, 'everywhere at the same time'] is inherently more complex than the cold visual space voyeur observations of a notional 'objective world out there' as conveyed through the visual space intellectual REpresentations of noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar

I'd still like quotes of Micah White supporting Golden Dawn...

to whomever wrote this: i would like to send you flowers and maybe champagne. i withdraw all of my skepticism about black seed as a publication based on this article alone. thanks forever

A lot of interesting points but lacking in focus.

The Baffler has published several articles: Thomas Frank on Occupy, Corey Pein on the Silicon Reich for instance, that cover much of this ground rather more succinctly.

On purely historical grounds would quibble that Mussolini was not so much influenced by Evola as only barely aware of his existence (his only position in the Fascist state was as literary editor of a magazine and many of the ideas that so influence neonazis now were only given published form after the war).

One aspect of the lebensreform movement worth remembering is that past membership of any left-wing organisation was a dangerous thing in the Third Reich and anarchists, socialists, communists and liberals were often driven to join Nazi organisations out of sheer self-preservation as well as careerism and ideological conversion.

They even had a contemptuous expression for it - beefsteak nazis - brown outside and red inside.

The process of gleichschaltung or 'coordination' also systematically nazified a vast range of social, professional and community organisations which would have included those associated with lebensreform and whose officials would have been faced with the dangerous (though generally not at least in 1933-4 lethal) choice of resignation or of continuing in place under the new order.

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