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The seventh issue of Black Seed (a journal of indigenous anarchy) is now available. Find it at Little Black Cart.

It contains 24 pages of content. Finally finishing the interview started in issue 5, and starting one with the Anpoa Duta Collective, featuring two pieces each by Aragorn! and Dominique, provocative and brilliant and engaged thoughtfully with issues, many of which others don’t even begin to address, like the relationship of indigeneity to antiblackness, questions about context and online communication (aka why we are vague), what tokenism looks like in today’s green anarchism, why anthropology is such a problem (most of the time), and so on. This issue also brings us a review section, including Goat’s thoughts on Ellul, Voyer, and Paoli (and we welcome Goat as a new editor!), and Mallory Wournos’ review of An Uninhabitable Planet, a book that is getting lots of air time right now on mainstream media.

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This is an excellent issue, friends. The reviews by Goat and Mallory are great, but my favorite piece is 'Post-Indian Aphorisms' by Dominique.

Why should I have to pay to read a dialogue, an opinion? Are these so called anarchists making money off their writings? I don't. Why should they? Are they in a better class than me? I think not. "LIttle Black Cart" is such a cutesy name, like Instagram. LOL
According to their "about us:" "a group of anarchists who have known each other for years, a few of us for decades." So what have you done in all those years? Stop the war machine or defeat the oil-based economy that kills millions a year? I think not. Indigenous people need warriors, not armchair rebels with keyboards in their abundant laps.

abundant laps?
UwU you’re making them sound attractive!

y u mad they sell prints? prints cost.

OwO their laps are abundant? so many laps to sit on while Aragorn gives me head pats.

saxxonwulf, not that your comment really needs a response after everything you solved there, but just in case you're wondering, you can read the first four issues online for free here:

It seems that after each new issue, the older issues have been posted under that topic on t@l. BTW, for what it is worth, I always thought it was free as individual copies, or you could order a bundle for some $$$, to help distribute to your friends and neighbors.

Why anthropology is a problem? LMAO! Anti-science strikes again!

anti-science is not anti-knowledge or anti-“reality”. it’s about other cosmologies being as valid.
“science” is not a bare methodology, it’s long conveyor belt of cultural baggage.
and we know in part thanks to anthropology of science!

Knowledge is the object of science. To be anti-science, is to be anti-knowledge.

You're not fooling anyone with your sophistry.

In a qualified Stirnerian sense. I have an alternative theory of knowledge that I call neotenous knowledge which means what you expect it to mean, juvenile ludic learning. It builds on the ideas Stirner put forth in The False Principle of our Education but pushes it radically further in an anti-educational direction. An anarch neotenous conception of knowledge is neither forbidden fruit nor knowledge worship but willed knowledge which is not like anything offered by the civilized models of knowledge which are driven by reified representational building and reinforcement via antiquarian and critical dogma and with the result being mediating and hierarchical institutions, discursive control via knowledge power brokers and gate keepers along with power apparatuses.

Willed, neotenous anarch knowledge is invention and reinvention without hierarchical mediation and discursive ancestral worship. It is an impediment to hierarchical civilization. Think of Sugata Mitra's experiments with adolescents but completely unleashed.

Yep, the juvenile experience is devoid of vertical social power structuring and flows within non-hierarchical creative interrelationships, therefore maturing to adulthood whilst still maintaining its organic equilibrium within a complex intersubjective social matrix.
The present method of filling the young mind with old impractical knowledge which has no relevance to everyday life can only result in young minds cluttered with irrelevant data and unable to survive anywhere.

wow, your epistemology is so deep and great, you actually think science=knowledge.

did you ever consider that math and philosophy are not (necessarily) science?

did you ever consider that knowledge based on personal experience, anecdotes, oral (and written) history, parables, leyends, heuristics, are not (necessarily) science?

have you heard of art?

i’m not a teacher, i don’t which to school you, but you seem to lack intellectual honesty and curiosity.

if only you knew the importance of other forms of knowledge to the development of science, maybe you’d recognize them and value them. but they are valuable in themselves, and maybe even in their role of curtailing science’s encroaching role as conqueror, and servant of the “death machine/civilization”.

Ok Mr. Pedant Pants. Let me elaborate and clarify by saying there are different kinds of knowledge and not all knowledge comes from science. Science does produce knowledge about the world we don't always have direct experience of.

But to say that "anti-science is not anti-knowledge" is still false. Anti-science is an opposition to the above mentioned kind of knowledge.

science-the-word covers a lot of territory, but mostly it means a method and a testing. it's an approach to knowledge, not knowledge itself.
you have apparently drunk the koolaid though, 23:12.

It takes knowledge to produce more knowledge.

Apparently your Kool Aid is stronger than mine.

like, literally, there are words that say nothing. would you like to say a bit more? or is this more about slogans than about communicating?

I see the @news censors are at it again.

What exactly was confusing about my words?

isn't limited, it is BAD. Therefore ALL the " findings of science " Are Nothing But Lies!

i believe you're being sarcastic. also, i look forward to your take on the new black seed.

Knowledge without wisdom or understanding (what most modern/corporate science is) is no measure of intelligence.

Is there a place in the bay i can buy a copy?

My understanding is the first few were free. I guess now they wanna cover a portion of their inevitable losses. Thats fine. News print is a novelty nowadays so its worth it.

Single copies are free, it says so right on the cover.

Yes, there are some copies at the Long Haul and maybe at Moe's too.

me, please : )

ew no stop :c

Shame there doesn't sound like another installment of Sever's brilliant essay series that have graced previous issues of Black Seed; imo the best and most exciting green anarchist voice at the moment, at least out of the non-indigenous ones. Will they be back do you think?!

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