Call for accomplices: Portland Free University

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Call for accomplices: Portland Free University

Via PDX Activist, with a big shout out to Anarchist News for giving us an amazing site structure to plagirize! I see it, this is precisely the nature of a real struggle against intellectualism. It is not a glorification of ignorance, but a defiant refusal to be dispossessed of one’s capacity to learn, think and understand."

Wolfi Landstreicher, Against the Logic of Submission

It's no secret: education has, increasingly, become commodified and subject to capitalist logics. Neither is it a secret that a good portion of radical folx today were initiated following their realization about the state of the world brought on by soul-crushing student debt. In accordance with the anarchistic desire to take what we want and burn the rest, some of us crazy anarchists in Occupied Chinook territory AKA Portland, OR are attempting to liberate education in the here-and-now, and thus, we're setting up the Portland Free University. We're going to echo our comrades at the Brisbane Free University:

We believe that a more just world is possible and that this is one way of bringing it into being. We want to re-imagine education by bringing conversation and critical thought into the heart of the city. We want to challenge the divide between the academic sphere and the public forum, between the sandstone and the street corner, and remember the sheer, simple joy of learning for its own sake.

Want to share your knowledge?

Get in touch!

anon (not verified)
Wtf is wrong with you not

Wtf is wrong with you not fucking answering to emails when we wanna send you audio mixes that could be relevant to your project? Or are you so bitchy as to be refusing anything from your boycotted sources? What's with those mute tactics that make you feel so *dominant*?

We almost never reply to

We almost never reply to these comments, but we have absolutely no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

anon (not verified)
this person might’ve been

this person might’ve been upsetand rude about it, but i think i know what they’re referring to, and may have experienced it myself.

it was simply an issue with your email in the context of your call for noise/experimental music submissions “hate music, hate fascism”. i sent an email with a song attached and it bounced back.

afterwards i commented in the article from anews to get an answer, but did not investigate further. i figured it must’ve been a technical issue, something with the server having a storage limit, or a spam filter, or the address being wrong, or maybe i had to use an austici or riseup account for it to work.

anon (not verified)
to heresydistro

Sent on last March 21st:

Title: "audio"

"Hey! I already mixed 2-3 pieces of noise/experimental that I think would be
very fitting for your distro."
(rest of message edited for confidentiality reasons)

And there was no audio attached, obviously because it's Riseup mail. I coulda posted a link to a download host, but I needed to know if you're still taking audio for your project, or would be taking noise, before remixing and sending anything. Thank you.

anon (not verified)
I guess one word sez it all:


Education cannot be reimagined in anarchy

Education is a linchpin of civilized hierarchical authority and mediation. Education requires a total critique with the alternative being personal willed(not representational) learning.

anon (not verified)
so how long this one gonna

so how long this one gonna last before it fades out to nothing; two seasons?

anon (not verified)
it doesn't have to be an

it doesn't have to be an institution to be meaningful

anon (not verified)
how did it go?

how did it go?

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