New English edition of Orkanen (eng: The Hurricane), an anarchist newspaper from Copenhagen, Denmark

From Act for Freedom!

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Hearts of night
 – About the falseness & absense of darkness in society and life.

An attack on identity politics
 – Self-expl.

 – Self-expl.

Black Horizons
 – A pace towards the unknown future of anarchy.Insufficiency
 – A critical stand against incomprehension in insurrectionary text material.

What about the kids?
 – About the children as a tool for reactionaries to pacify and distract.

1st of March in Copenhagen
 – On-site account of this year’s (2019) 1st of March.

Rebellion continued
 – Dealing with ageism and adulthood amidst the struggle of freedom

Editorial: The Hurricane is still raging

Approximately one year ago, Orkanen (The Hurricane) published its first English edition, wherein we attempted to translate a few articles in correspondance with the repressive world of today. Following that publication, surely, we had the intention of completing yet another English edition soon after, but alas, so much to do, and so little time to do it.
   Now, we have finally come to the point where the second edition in English is ready, and for us this is a joyous occation. We feel that it is so important to connect with allies, and share revolutionary and violent ideas of freedom and change beyond the barrier of ethno-centric lan-
guage, and this is presumably one way to do exactly that (though the English language is certainly tainted as well).

 IN THE PAST YEAR we have tried to relay a portion of the current struggles here and abroad through the filter of anarchy; History is relevant, of course, but the present is acute. We have tried, and are still trying to speak down into the pockets of left-radicalism and the like through the Danish language, because we remain optimistic when gazing upon the clear sparks of freedom flying around this mindset. These sparks need to be made into a full-fledged firestorm, and to that end, we are operating tirelessly through this newspaper.
   This particular lifestyle is not our only concern, though. From experience, we know that an insurrectionary can come from anywhere, even if most people seem to be downright hostile to this disposition. For that reason we are continuously trying to figure out how we can explain the whole chaotic, other-worldly, mysterious and frightening sphere of rebellious anarchism. Hopefully, the articles in this edition can be of some assistance.
   Today, as anarchists, with all this shit happening in this world, it seems almost ridiculous to point out that the struggle for freedom from any and every form of oppression is crucial. Societies of cowardice are ruling this planet, and they have done so brutally and nefariously for centuries. It is not only the actual rulers; the representatives, kings, CEO’s and bureaucrats. We all carry the existing society on our shoulders, until we step out of line and free ourselves from being so insanely
out of touch with the possibilities of fulfilling the needs and desires of our own, as well as giving every other being the same possibilities.
Having said all this, we want to send greetings of solidarity and strength to all comrades around the world, even if we do not have the faintest idea of how far this newpaper actually reaches. Stay strong in the prisons that come in numerous forms.
   Stay strong and be brave everywhere facing fascists, homophobes, sexists, racists, and all the other people fighting against freedom and the succession of every individual’s happiness.
   Finally, do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything rebellious in  yourheart and soul that you wish to share;

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i want to read this but noblogs is down at the moment, so maybe later

2 hurricanes where the power was out for 9 days and I wouldn't describe it as liberatory. After sleeping with the windows open in the heat with no-see-ums chewing on you for a week when the workers finally hook the power up and the a/c comes on, now that's a spiritual experience. If I want more darkness I can turn off the lights in my house I don't have to destroy a transformer and cut it for the whole neighborhood. This only increases the general suffering. Has this person ever been in a blackout?

is a disruptive state of exception and your options are rather limited at the height of its fury. It does liberate people from their daily routines and forces you to adapt and mobilize new resources in the aftermath.

Make no mistake, hurricanes are violent.
More damage done to the windows of the central business district than every single May 1st demo in history combined. Permanent damage to electric grid, to waterworks, to bridges, and all other forms of infrastructure. Policing completely paralyzed in the affected area for 48 hours. Roads obstructed by trees, flooding, landslides, craters.

The rapid response, army swoops in, a brief state of exception, a subtle case of martial law. National guards and army, assisting cops, guarding automatic teller machines.

Subsequently, the merger of two cellular telecom networks. All that was ruined needs to be replaced. Markets have a slight boom, old things get an update with the faster, better, stronger version. In the rebuilding, what is consolidated? Modernity doesn't destroy as thoroughly as when it builds.

Consider if you may, if you must, hurricanes as a window of opportunity, to hike prices of goods, to steal goods, to provide services for a good price, or for free, for mutual aid, for petty vandalism, for whatever. Hurricanes are a cyclical disruption of daily life, but they don't change anything, they never have.

No government has toppled because of a hurricane. They either fall by their own weight, or by the weight of mightier states, or they don't. You and your team will never match the destructive power of a hurricane. They can only hope to subsist through one, or many, hurricanes and states.

psh, do u even hurricane?
try 2+ months without power, water, or road access

but this zine does not deal with hurricanes.
it was pretty bland reflection on a few tired topics, a decent translation, though with a few typos.

Why the literal minded reaction to 'hurricane'?

I took it as a metaphor for a revolutionary storm destroying the old order.

If you don't have any poetic imagination, I don't want to be part of your revolution.

but i thought that (according to "the hurricane"):

"metaphors applied in insu-texts often seem to be very abstract, and to be using a certain type of imagery, which thematically is very alien to a »third party«. Obviously, such an individual is not familiar with the rebellious anarchist universe of metaphorical imagery, which challenges comprehension"? because "if a new world is desired"


"it is troublesome to accept that written informative material is out there, which in one way or another can inspire an individual to put
itself on the front lines of radical change, but never actually reaches this individual. Why not? Simple: It's impossible to understand a single thing of what is being written"

and that is bad therefore the metaphor or "the hurricane" is bad!

be clear! say what you mean! for the revolution!!1

that was strictly metaphors, baby.
you’re just not hip to our lingo.

the metaphorical dust devil of individualist anarchy to the hurricane of insurrection. I'll have you know I was in the eye of hurricane Irma, I walked around outside while it was calm then hurricane force winds blew again for another 24 hours and lifted the roof of our structure 6 inches on the northeastern quadrant, and now I have the eye of the tiger.

pshhhh name a hurricane i haven’t been in, i dare you!

Lol...It's the hurricane Olympics!

My hurricane was waay worse than yours!

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