Anarchy Radio 01-29-2019


LONELINESS - There's a pill for that! Sleepless in Society; Public Health crisis. Shootings; massive Australian drought, temps. Musk madness, Tokyo man weds
robot. Super report from Rewild weekend in Portland. Conspiracy 'theories' thrive in post-truth/postmodern world. Resistance briefs, one call.

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And ultimately standing up and walking hand in hand with a wife silently to the bedroom past her sleeping husband? Yeah, good iconoclastic stuff!

usually gives a shout out when a new podcast, novel, book etc is of interest! I do find it fascinating how JZ can praise the mainstream media when it highlights what he believes to be true but denigrates that same press when stories are not in line with his truth. He is not alone in this of course. Either the press is broadcasting a lie to manipulate us or it isn't. Chomsky does it too; uses the press for his own ends by having it both ways. Also, 75 people turn out for the annual wildness gathering...not exactly gonna have the corporations shaking in their boots is it! Does JZ ever wonder if he'd only put his energies into something else?

JZ is doing what any sane crypto-nihilist does, having an amiable and professional demeanour whilst informing his listeners that most mammalian life is spiralling down into the abyss. His purpose on Earth is to report the truth about human behavior and the consequences, not to engage in banter with celebrity-nihilists.
He's just doing his job as a modern prophet.

Radio lol. JZ has not managed to 'convert' to the primitivist worldview after years of Karl operating the desk. Primitivism is useful as one critique but it just doesn't appeal to people as a reality. If Karl moved on, I wonder if Anarchy Radio would continue.."Jeez, wow, yeah, cool?"

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