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SubMedia is an anarchist video collective based in Montreal. Founded in 1994, they have been putting out high-quality video for more than two decades, featuring satirical takes on the news, “riot porn”, explanations of anarchist concepts, calls to action, and more, always with a strong dose of humour. Their latest project is called Trouble, and features in-depth interviews about a new theme each month. Check with your local anarchist community space to see if they are screening monthly screenings – if not, start your own!

I sat down with JR, a member of the SubMedia collective, to speak about the trajectory of the project, some philosophical questions about anarchist media, the spectacle of resistance and repression, their recent coverage of the crisis at Unist’ot’en, and more.

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I remember when SubMedia was in Vancouver. I met Franklin Lopez once at a demo. The whole Submedia crew was cool.

Who shot JR?

Submedia should have went into the cartoon business like sooo long ago.

Anything they've been doing since the heydays of the Stimulator has been a bunch of over-externalization and . They could have been so much better off doing a merger with, say, TFS radio instead of those Leftie IGD clowns, but hey, gang cohesion dynamics define every possible, these days. Capital knows!

So much paranoia, not to mention projection of family dramas and sibling rivalry! Or is it more like the projection consumers do about their favorite brands - are Pepsi and Coke fighting? Do organic chips trump Doritos? TFS and Submedia and IGD share space and obviously collaborate on Channel Zero network. The fantasies of rivalry and ideological elbowing are only visible to passive fanboys and spectators.

"...and identification to big groups.", sorry.

Also apparently Frank still didn't learn how to make movies about people, instead of The People or Some People.

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