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What have been the most effective ways that you have connected with or communicated with other anarchists, anarchist projects and new ideas within the broader anarchist space? Once upon the time it was correspondence, publications, and social events like book fairs and gatherings. While these things still happen, increasingly it seems anarchists largely engage via the internet through sites like this one, or IGD, and podcasts that are often associated with those websites.

It would be easy to bemoan the loss of face to face interaction, and the intentionality of the published word to the either one-sided nature of many news sites (comments not allowed) or the cacophony of the troll army, but I am unconvinced that one forum is better than the others. While some of this is about how we each individually absorb information best, I think there are also some particulars to anarchist ideas that influence what works and what doesn’t, though I am unsure how to describe those particulars, so I guess additionally, what are challenges to engaging with new anarchists, projects and ideas?

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my positive engagements with anarchists began through other means and non-anarchist contexts. when something works out and is positive, usually it's because i met an anarchist-minded person through a separate commonality, then as we got to know each other, anarchism came up as a topic of conversation. from there it was easy to begin thinking about projects to carry out, or simply have discussions.

for me, when an interaction began with anarchism, the social interactions tend to be manipulative or stem from an illusory sense of social cohesion. as we discover that cohesion is flimsy, things degenerate and nothing happens. usually we're relieved to quit attempts at collaboration.

a conversation i had with people in a hiking meetup group. Meetup groups based on activity, rather than the ones where everyone meets up a restaurant and chats, are more fulfilling, and this positivity is only accomplished if the people in the group aren't pretentious and alienating.

the Webster dictionary says that an -ism is an "activity" but anarchism has manifested itself now a days in philosophy and popularity contests. Probably, if you were alive 70 years ago in the united states, you would have probably found about about anarchs- more deeply through complete obscurity. Anarchists have now built up a formidable history in the west, and i feel like the people who get stuck in the philosophy trap only experience political anarchism through books and the internet, and there are probably enough anarchists/anarchist sympathizers globally now to make the dead ones cum. The people who i would like to get to know would come out of the more recent DIY psychology and don't accuse the nihilists of being crypto- fascists, but only see CORRELATIONS between fascism, nihilism, and egoism. Ted Kaczinsky gave this a little bit of a leftist slant too:

"Revolutionaries should have as many children as they can. There is strong scientific evidence that social attitudes are to a significant extent inherited. No one suggests that a social attitude is a direct outcome of a person's genetic constitution, but it appears that personality traits are partly inherited and that certain personality traits tend, within the context of our society, to make a person more likely to hold this or that social attitude. Objections to these findings have been raised, but the objections are feeble and seem to be ideologically motivated. In any event, no one denies that children tend on the average to hold social attitudes similar to those of their parents. From our point of view it doesn't matter all that much whether the attitudes are passed on genetically or through childhood training. In either case they ARE passed on. "

I feel that LBC in particular has contributed to both sides of the coin. No one in the scene was really into the egoists/nihilists until they started selling it, hence, the "DIY anarchy" side of the coin. However, they still like to flirt with anti-fa a little, and they are engaged in a network that is largely stuck in some of the more academically id-pol trends of the 60's. They also live in a city, and can't really do anything about "society" anyways. A very poorly understood group of fucking losers! Dammit I think were all stuck in a technologized police state version of the 60's! Alien-nation.

I think there's also a huge amount of confused feedback loops on the left, because it has been co-opted by the police state, egotists, and capitalism. "The Union" is dead because unions are just another fucking business. Green anarchism doesn't exist on the internet, between most people, or in cities.

Yes, nihilist and egoist tendencies have definitely been foregrounded by the work of LBC. I don't know about your assertions re: antifa and idpol though. Certainly there is some influence from the 60's, and no, they are not fascists, though I don't think that means the "still flirt with anti-fa," and I personally draw influence from various 60's movements (Women & Black Lib, the Situationists, the Anti-war movement), without descending into what I consider idpol. Feminist? sure. Anti-racist? Yup. Idpol? Nah, brah. I think one can glean a lot from past movements, without falling in to the traps that are set as those crystalize into ideology.

I also find it interesting that you don't think g@ exists in urban environments. It is certainly not the dropout/desertion form of rural comrades, but there are lots of us who live in cities who also want to see them crumble, though perhaps this is more generally anti-civ than explicitly G@? Though, on second thought, you should 100% call JZ and tell him he isn't a G@ since Eugene is a city. Will definitely listen to that episode...

*wink *brushing of leg against calf *demure smile

I mean, I'm kinda pissed at LBC cuz they've never been that enthusiastic about talking to me directly.

"I'm kinda pissed at LBC cuz they've never been that enthusiastic about talking to me directly."

Dude.. if you're Zhachev, LeWay or some similar asshole just don't ask yourself why they're reluctant talking to you.

...or you probably are convince the whole world owes you some special attention? Why don't you have your try in Hollywood?

i guess i am the same username ( haha yeah right ), but i don't fucking get it, the whole thing has been in my head the past 6 years? I mean, at least just talking?

If your here to just tell me what's up, then just fucking say it. I don't understand. I'm pissed, I don't understand why, i really liked their books and just wanted to tell them. And I'm fucking prolly 2000 miles away, and still fucking dumb as shit as of knowing what the implication is here. Implication? Anon? where the fuck did you come from? Not wanting to talk? Well, you already did. Don't know what makes me an oogle or whatever the fuck you tryin to say. There's just nothing there, nothing anywhere, why don't you just tell me to fucking kill myself?

But also consider the lesser-destructive solution of stopping being a fake-ass troll behaving like you deserve to be taken seriously, while at the same time buddying with LeWank (who may the same troll I'm replying to). Standing by this annoyance makes you equally a bigger annoyance.


This bickering has escalated!

Go to your rooms, or your backpacks, and do some self-care!

random 09:58 anon, if other have already mocked this pseudonymed troll, you should consider not doing so right after, then the dynamic turns into one of piling on and cyberbullying, regardless of the veracity of your remarks. I also condemn your encouragement of self-harm, even if you attenuate it afterwards to keep with appearance.

PlatypusNihilist, please ignore your well-earned haters and go have a nice chat with LeWay. We can all learn from LeWay’s usual moderated temper when it comes to comments at least. There’s no need for mocking in jest to escalate to threats! This is the internet! Words on top of words! Don’t take it to heart! Let them go by!

Oh yes im so fake, im like a vegan scenester constantly complaining about how stupid the masses are!

I'm like debord, I'm lookin for that REEL life, with REEL people, with REEL food, i fly my confederate flag high! I just like to to sit down with some good hard workers, some REEL proles and have beer! My popularity is NOT in my racism, but my nihilist convictions!

of the platypus! I obviously have attachments and resentments, thank you

i find that resentment tends to eat alive those that contain them. Just because certain wise old men in caves in india preached the nihilation of both of those things, doesn't mean that their failures were in vain. @news most absolutely IS the troll pit of cyber-anarchy, i don't become any less of a troll when i go away, even though sometimes i'm a little happier. The OP mentions that none of the modes of cyber anarchy are better than the other objectively.

This past week for me has been pretty rough, turning my thoughts into juvenile poetry about drinking and LBC, has atleast made my day a little *yes, yes, aragorn! stroking his non-existent beard*...interesting...

Keep writing that book my slavish artistic troll!

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characteristic makes me an asshole? Talking? There you go, you win. I AM AN ASSHOLE. There's nothing more to know about me! Have fun, have a nice life. I didn't know that posting on here meant you were trolling, yeah right! Yall are fucking dickheads, good job.

There was that asshole, saying, "anarchists say fuck you if you have an agenda", well, what's your fucking agenda? That this is my fault, FUCK YOU! Go have a nice night! Good job, you get that cookie! Implications, yeah right, this is fucking god speaking, no agendas here!

Old samurai saying : The sword is like the pen, once the sword is drawn and used, it cannot be unbled.

Yes, again, something i actually understand on this forum from an anon. LBC's book "free from civilization" basically said the same thing, that with written word, words became more permanent...of course! I talk to my friends and they say "oh yeah they were just feeling that way at that time." The Bible, oh jeez! You know you're actually talking to God!

Idk from my thoughts before, LBC is pretty much unrequited love to me. I mean, i don't even remember what happen, of course it makes sense to avoid putting your words into easy labels, but so many goddamn words! Would rather be the one asking the questions about them, than getting them erased on @101.

(Still drunk) well yah dawg, i am a fucking dickhead, but i mean, where is it coming from? Just all this crazy information bashing into my skull like a fascist! Like occupy, whelp, my demand is, I KEEP SCREAMING AT THE MOTHERFUCKIN' WALL!

The last thing, the correlation between zachez and LeWay? I mean, idk, i always enjoy LeWay's comments cuz they are some New Sage from the motherfuckin ice age, real funny to read! I don't know much about zachez, a lot of people think he's a fucking idiot/douche around these parts, i mean, like LeWay, but WHY? I heard he was talking to himself hidden as his "girlfriend" on @planet.

C'yall tomorrow!

Must be old, it is a comment on multiple posts.

and i don't blame him for wanting not too engage with too many people, obviously falls into what psychology describes as the "introvert" as far as personality types are concerned.

there is actually an un-official G@ current in Asheville, North Carolina. I was there once and talked to some peeps and had a falling out with someone who i considered a little bit of the an insecure cult leader type who i have known a long time. He's kind of a fake redneck sympathizer. I do actually sympathize with rednecks cuz i am one, i live out in west virginia.

And yup im pretty gall-dern duuuummmmb sometimes *pops open budweiser*

yeah i KNOW collective, conversations about hillbillies and rednecks are prejudicial, not unlike racism. However, today i thought of something i wanted to say about the distinction between those two categories as i understand them, as LeWay's classic deliverance portrayal of hillbillies was pretty provocative.

But, no sense in continuing that train of thought now.

maybe you could figure out a way of relating that to the topic of the thread you're commenting instead of leaving a mopey comment like this about how you don't get to continue this tangential conversation with a troll

Face to face engagements with anti-Statist amoral hillbillies is relative to the topic.

No they are not

that wasn't me! why pull me out of your butt, anon? i was so quietly comfortable...
also, surely you're capable of saying no, without taking someone else's name?!

the original dot matrix, gdmt.

I was talking to my partner, who is anarcho-adjecent, about how she became sympathetic to anarchist ideas. For her it was through her getting to know me, and then other anarchists, a lot of long conversations where I challenged some of her perpsectives, and she also pushed at some of the places where I was, shall we say, ideologically rigid, so it was a relational thing. I found that interesting, as my entry points (beyond the absurdly cliche punk rock and Food Not Bombs) was periodicals like AJODA, Green Anarchist, etc. which pushed me into uncomfortable ways that Crass and Keith McHenry did not. Much more theoretical, I guess.

As far as finding people and projects, it has largely been accidental feeling to me. I am not real good at the social stuff, and some of the projects I have been most involved with seemed to just be things I fell into. Some of the anarchists I have the most affinity with I just happened to meet through other acquaintances or because we were in the right place at the right time.

same anon as 14:33 - I was thinking more about it, and in particular, it was the back and forth of the letters sections of some of the early publications I encountered that really challenged me. Yes, there was a lot of wing-nuttery, but also there were a lot of times when the debates that would come up really helped me to flesh out my own perspectives.

I've always been comfortable with being at least this much of an asshole: if your "activity" consists only of the passive spectacle of ideas and debates online or in books, no, you're not an anarchist, or interesting to me at all.

I recognize that this is gatekeeping and I don't care. You can insist it's just my opinion but I don't think it is, it's just a reality. The more you shut yourself away in isolation, the less you are anything (which is what those who deal in social control want, obviously).

This clears up quite a bit of confusion around definitions, automatically disqualifies most of the internet noise and makes everything much simpler. You "engage" by finding other likeminds who are actually doing something besides alienated, techno circlejerking and complaining. You'll also notice that this is a pretty exclusive club by default! I'm good with that too. Only so much energy I have for relationships anyway.

^ as usual, this wasn't supposed to be a reply to the above comment. Just a response to the OP

but there were atleast a few similarities to the shit show going on above...

Ah, senileoldtroll, sensibleoldtroll, maybe not a even a troll at all, so dearly held close to my heart, makes me yearn for simpler times, when people and places were at a walking distance, where public spaces (like the public square? What were the places?) were for convening and meeting people, not standing in line, paying at the cashier, and consuming (the food, the show, the drinks, and/or the scenery).

Maybe I should take the bus just to chat up with old ladies instead of chatting online. Maybe I’ve already done that, and it was real, but superficial. Maybe my coworkers are very real too, and our interactions just as superficial. Or maybe I can confide in fellow young people at the train, yank their phone for their hand and ask “Hey kid, do you want to fuck shit up?” or go straight to the police station, to skip the middle-person of the undercover provocateurs that may entice my attention with promises of “activity and engagement” at the places with the usual suspects.

If only you lived near me senileoldtroll! If only this wasn’t such a cloak and cipher affair!

Heh! You're sweet but that's one of the main reasons why I hate the interwebs. People are still living right next to each other like they always have, it's only an illusion of separation.

Soon friend... Soon things will get so dire that the illusion will collapse. I know the hucksters have been peddling the old apocalypse hustle since forever but this time, it's for realsies! Lol

If I have to be told it is an anarchist, then I would be skeptical. Deeds or words! Deeds every time, right? What do anarchists look like when there is no agreement about what anarchy consists of.

Anarchy doesn't have form, it is random spontaneous eruptions of social energy.

My problem with this shallow word-salad definition is how inclusive it is to random collective idiocy, fed by bigotry, ignorance, prejudice, faith and all the other lower common denominators. Like my neighbors who went as far as squatting an unused appartment next to theirs... but these guys are the lowest form of manchild idiots you can find around. And due to some curse (being in their twenties?) they even found a way to have stupid trashy girlfriends.

lol is squatting an unused apartment and having “trashy” girlfriends an example of “...random collective idiocy, fed by bigotry, ignorance, prejudice, faith and all the other lower common denominators...”?

lol they went as far!!!!!! as squatting an unused apartment !!!!!!!!!

wew lad!

wow, and you’re their neighbor, and you weren’t invited.

i wonder why...


a form of social self defense, people are worried about what could happen if they let those people in their lives...really pretty terrible, and sadly we are all a victim of it at one point or another. I always struggle with which prejudices i should hold when i see them and which one's i shouldn't, being without prejudice entirely i guess would make someone vulnerable? "Stupid"? "Naive"?

A non-exclusive anarchy. Of course, ppl will exclude, but everyone is up to how they want to do that.

The thing that depresses me about anarchy is that it's an ideal, it's not real. I feel like there will always be the dickhead bully waiting to use your honesty against you, especially online.

I've been on the outskirts of the Anarchist movement for a while and wish that I was more engaged with it. I just go to events and shows for the most part. I've been to a few protests and used to sort of be the distraction for a few Anarchists in the city that I live in. I'm mostly invested in theory and wonder if that has really gotten me anywhere.

I honestly have had sort of bad rap with the Anarchist community where I live as I had got into a spat with another Anarchist who has a lot of clout here. He sort of intentionally isolated me from the community and attempted to leave me stuck with the Mob which everyone just sort of let go because he was popular. He's grown older and more mature now and we have put our differences aside. I do wish that my engagement with the community had been predicated upon better circumstances, though.

As both an Anarchist and an Anarcho-Pacifist with very particular inclinations, I'm not sure exactly what there is for me to do in the community. I should've probably just been in a band or something.

I would like to be more involved, though. I feel like hanging out on the outskirts has become somewhat sociophobic. I'm just sort of not really dealing with my own social anxieties and whathaveyou.

I've rather liked all of the events that I've gone to. I guess I could try talking to people at them more. I do tend to be a bit standoffish. I think that people think that I'm a bit snobbish because of that, but, it's honestly just because I'm sort of anxious.

Idrk. This is some sort of engagement and so I think that that is good. You can only engage so much online, though.

EDIT: So, there's this local Mob boss who runs this bar in this city that I just can't seem to get people to stop going to who has it out for me since, in order to skirt entrapment, I convinced everyone that they should just rat him out if anything went down since he's already involved with the corrupt police here. He likes to pretend that I'm his protégé for a myriad of reasons most of which amount to either framing my person or getting me killed. Anyways, this very Mount Eerie Anarchist took an instant disliking to me upon first meeting me because I had on a strange sweater that I bought on consignment. He concocts this conspiracy which is designed to more or less force me to just simply roll with that I'm supposed to be this guy's up-and-comer which, I'm sure, he will claim was somehow supposed to be in my and everyone else's best interest, but, what I kind of suspect is that he was just simply trying to get me killed as well. I tried to address this with the local bookstore, but, they didn't really care to hear too much about it since he had been around longer than I had and was also blinded by the light of his intellectual dominance. He has matured now and has ceased to engage in such things and I have forgiven him and apologized for flipping out which I did do as I had, for a period of time, gone totally mad. All of the parties of Anarchists are now on good enough terms aside from that no one can seem to get people to stop going to the bar which is only really so much of a problem, all in all.

The very Mount Eerie Anarchist does just want for me not to bring this up, and, while I do think that we can just forget this whole thing altogether, I do need defend myself as I am still stuck on the outskirts and now honestly don't really have too much to offer given that I've spent so much time getting out of this mess.

If anyone thinks that they know what I am on about, that issue is a non-issue now, and, that was more or less what happened. The very Mount Eerie Anarchist just thought that I was annoying and took things too far. I scrambled my way out of it, but, lost my mind for a brief period of time in the process.

We really can just forget that that whole thing ever happened now.

EDIT II: That is related to engagement, but, I don't want to derail this thread, and, so, I would probably just respond to the original post and not the edits. Things really are alright now, and, so that is nothing that anyone needs to worry about.

Well i found out about anarchy way too late, after i was practically finished with college. By then i was much too cynical and hyper-critical (and given up on everything) to “engage”. Up until then, throughout my whole life my form of “rebellion” (i didn’t see it like that, or think it’s the best way to frame it) rather took the form of disengagement. Withdrawing from church, family, people who wanted to got to movies, or play video-games, or go to parties. I had my own opinions and could have conversations with everyone, but shied away from expressing the more controversial ones, preferring to withdraw to avoid controversy and not to challenge them.

Thinking back there were people who shared with me ideas which i sympathized with and thought were interesting at the time, but i never insisted on the topic.
Partly because i was always hesitant to reveal my opinions to others unless i trusted them.

Funny how you mention you seem a bit standoffish, my “resting face” is a scowl. It’s good discourage random people messing with you, but maybe it doesn’t do favors in other areas, lol.

I got interested in Anarchism through Wikipedia in high school. I vaguely sympathized with Anarcho-Pacifism, but, more or less considered myself to be a Libertarian. I just thought that it was more sensible somehow. I discovered that I was definitely wrong after reading Atlas Shrugged and making it through all 60 pages of the John Galt speech which I literally banged my head off of the dining room table while reading.

I, then, fell into a crowd of left-wing Liberals with radical sympathies and would later decide upon becoming an Anarchist. I was actually more of a Communist back in the day. I kept trying to figure out how to make Communism more libertarian and eventually just decided that I wasn't much of a Marxist. I see Communism as proceeding from Marx.

I later got interested in Autonomism and Communization through The Coming Insurrection and now want to study Giorgio Agamben.

I decided that Autonomism was ultimately rooted in Marxism and that there were Marxist determinst tendencies within Communization that I didn't really agree with and so sort of just fell out of that whole scene. It was realistically just myself anyways. I wasn't really around any Autonomists or Communization theorists.

I've recently come back around to just being an Anarcho-Pacifist. I more or less ascribe to some sort of Anarchism without adjectives.

I kind of missed the boat on being involved with the community as well. I never got heavily into Punk in high school and hadn't decided upon Anarchism until my early to mid 20s. I'm sort of in the phase of my life where I'm trying to figure out how to get everything together now.

I think that active disengagement is a good idea and could be more of a positive praxis than it is given credit for as "lifestylism".

I feel like I have sort of a stance. There's just a general way of standing that makes me seem unapproachable. It's only partially intentional. I do need to avoid certain crowds at certain shows, but, I have been a bit too intentionally off-putting in the past. You never live at all if you just avoid everyone.

I don't think that I am snobbish, but, people have said that I am before. The air is totally unintentional. I guess I do sort of have expensive tastes. I kind of only read theory and watch films from the Criterion Collection. I feel like I'm fairly down to earth, though. I don't really have the prejudices that I think that a lot of people think that I have. I honestly just think that it's because I'm of a minority inclination within the Anarchist community and I never really got heavily into Punk. I like Punk, I just don't see why I should devote my entire life to it. I don't really have the patches and the rest of the set of significations that let other Anarchists trust you. I guess I feel like the movement is a little too concerned with its aesthetic. Perhaps, it's just because I really am sort of out of place, though. I sort of feel like I don't really have that much to offer the community. I can give you a lot of good book recommendations, but, that's kind of about it. I don't really feel like anyone would really be interested in my music or poetry. Idk, though. I'm probably just second guessing myself too much, though.

Mostly I think, people never encounter each other. I suspect there's people living near me, with similar politics, who I've never met. Quite often nowadays, connection seems to be almost random. People find each other on corporate platforms like Facebook, in non-anarchist groups, through friends in common. And often it just doesn't happen. The difficulty with real-life interactions is getting enough people. And avoiding idpol shitstorms and big-man takeovers. Most people are very busy nowadays and quite a few don't go out much. Some will avoid political contexts because of repression or big-man politics or idpol or other bad experiences.

The anarchists and quasi-anarchists I still know are mostly people I know through two routes: people who were involved in my local scene when it was more lively, and people I know through involvement in online projects. A lot of them are in a similar situation to me: they don't have a real activity-context but are still in touch with old friends, and online contacts.

Past routes that I think were common:

1. People started out in student activism, passed through the left into left-anarchism and then into direct action. This is less common now because uni activism is so heavily idpol.
2. People started out in left sects, moved from one sect to another, finally found anarchism. This happens less now because the left sects have shrunk.
3. People started out in single-issue NGOs, moved towards the radical wing and thus into anarchism. This is less common now because moderate NGOs are too recuperated and don't protest much, there's too big a split between the NGOs and the radicals.
4. People move into anarchism from participation in a subcultural scene such as punk or raving. This is less common now because the scenes are smaller and more regulated. Also the internet has eaten into that whole pub/club/festival model.
5. People meet each other through DIY lifestyle practices like squatting, skipping, urban foraging, gardening, self-build, etc. I think this still happens, but is less common.
6. People get radicalised by a particular demonstration, riot or action, and move into anarchism more broadly from that. This still happens, but I think the level of repression makes it less common. A lot of people protest once, get traumatised, and stop.
7. People start out in cyber counterculture – hacker community, channing, piracy – develop hacker ethos and then move into anarchism from there. This still happens, but it's less common because the alt-right is so strong in these scenes and the repression is stronger too.

So I think we need to rethink how to build connections. We have the dense social networks at a macro scale with the internet, but we've lost the local affinity groups, we've got a kind of networked possessive individualism. And we're dealing with a different problem “activating” people now. If you look at Helena Flam's work, there's a clear difference in mobilisation problems in “democratic” and “authoritarian” regimes. In “democratic” regimes the big problem is getting people discontented enough to want to revolt. In “authoritarian” regimes the big problem is keeping up courage in the face of fear. I think the west has moved far enough towards the second pole that the problems have shifted more in that direction.

A few suggestions of how to revive connections. One is that we need to create our own social network sites that aren't corporate and aren't big-data mines, preferably on the dark web. Something doing for us what Gab is doing for the far-right. Second, we need good anarchist real-world events that are clear in not implementing idpol safe-space crap. Third, we need a group of people specifically dedicated to funnelling people active on social media into safer channels. Fourth, we need to recreate local affinity groups or autonomous zones based on 1, 2 and 3. Fifth, once we have groups we need to try to reach out to people like squatters, prisoners, homeless people and so on to recreate a milieu. We aren't far off the point where we could in principle have a global network coordinated from a few hidden autonomous sites which could gradually expand into ZAD-like autonomous zones all over the world.

it's a pretty contradictory concept though, the dark web or deep web is just a collection of websites that don't want to be found by the anon normies. Gab sounds really horrible, what is it?! Do you think that people would benefit from it by using it as a type of meetup?

I didn't say *use* Gab, though trolling there might be great fun. I said make something similar for our side. Ideally darknet or peer-to-peer.

I believe there is a pressing need to rid ourselves of the '90s version of anarcho-leftism as not only it proved to be a failed model as both activist tendency and subculture -with the famous bands RATM and ATR standing as outward expressions of its inner failings- and seek for new ways to ARTICULATE, express, de-criminalize and de-demonize anarchy, putting it back on the public place.

Which means...

- graffiti and broken windows are not enough (duh). One-war communications serve their purpose, yet do not provide with space/time for a conversation. You can't make accomplices that aren't around.

- building supporting infrastructures and networking, not just for your GANG or affinity group, for EVERYONE who's in the game. The group gimmicks are too alienating for lesser socially-skilled individuals. Even if socially-skilled people are needed, we can't just count only on those (or else, endless social loop just repeating the same problem over and over).

- trash the Revolution paradigm, in favor of the Social War. Not as some fascist militaristic doctrine, but on the contrary as a building of awareness of society as war, in itself. That there's this Leviathan and it's fighting against us, while we're often caught fighting for it as well. That the war starts every business day at 7 to 9 AM, and that it's a 24/7 war against the wild and free living, through sophisticated means of control and submission, just like brutal exploitation. It is a war for the State's preeminence, so how to counter it without becoming it. The Revolutionary paradigm was based on evolutionist marxism and has no place in a world where Everyprole can be a Capitalist Traitor, or at least a snitch.

- Building trust between PEOPLE, not institutions or whatever, is key. Practical solidarity is crucial in building trust. This means a form of engagement... not to imperatives or institutions, but to physical living beings. But over which issues? That's another important question. While it's nice and dreamy to be perceiving Everyprole as a potential comrade, that's JUST NOT THE WAY THINGS ARE, and this sets a precedent for more deception. So trust is something to build, not to assume proactively by design. Being a "prole" or an "oppressed" doesn't mean any stance or moral alignment by itself, as in the real world many oppressed people end up with the same old Stockholm syndrome.

So this would redefine the notion of anarchist engagement. Being not about some global event that would change our lives, but rather about a shift in our global vision of the world that affects our daily lives, giving it a radically different narrative, that can 1start at the individual level.

Theory is more about articulating than drawing goals or causes.

90 percent of the problem and solution would simply be dumping IDPol as well as greater fundamentalist orthodox 1968 recuperated language. I've thought of the idea of a REAL intellectual dark web and an association of radical CHANable discursive edgy. Not the current one with all the Dave Rubtards. This would be a good way to introduce some post-left niche anarchist/anarch ideas into a newly minted discourse. Much of the current left hates the naughtier nicheier side of anarchism/anarchy.

For me something like Gab should maybe be slightly contested and with a marginal minority of non reactionaries if there is not to be an alternative non-IDPol radical equivalent in the near future. I'd like to see the leftypol stuff become more sophisticated and detankified and not so class reductionist but co/multi-structural in analysis and critique. There probably should just be one politically incorrect channel as opposed to two to duke these things out and show who really has edge. You say 'Hitler did nothing wrong', I'll see you that and raise you everything including pedophilia.

Neo Liberal power structures are going nutso right now with deplatforming and outright algorithmic control of discourse, just in time for the 2020 election of course to avoid the outcome that they did not like very much this past November 2016.

"One-way communications..."

The main project should be --{ How do we communicate with the dumb moronic anarchists who are out there but don't realize who they are, like the road ragers, cop abusers, fraudsters, homeless addicts, domestic violence offenders, bank robbers, sexual deviants, rapists and all those categories of beautiful anarch expression who have been criminalized by fascist moral Christian authority?!

how is forcing sex on someone (rape) and domestic violence anarchistic? I swear, some people just want "anarchy" so they can be their fully-realized bully.

but you could have just said "how is forcing anarchy on anyone anarchistic"? I get pretty sick of the cult leader types myself seems like there's an endless number of ways to beat people over the head with words, because there is hardcore word inflation in today's societies, and way too many people who are just completely lost in misery. It's kinda like you're using flippant terminology just to draw adrenaline addicted trolling "morons" like me into reading what you say.

I just meant that I don't think rape and domestic abuse are "a beautiful anarch expression." That's bizarre to me.

i just get a little tired of the "in response to your flippant language, IM GOING TO THROW MORE FLIPPANT LANGUAGE AT YOU" keep trolling my non-friend friend!

i need to serious take a break from internet anarchy...

What do you think would have been a less flippant way of communicating my idea?

i've just been having an inter-self crises, plz just ignore me and go back to being mad and flippant! I would like to go to a nice anger-management group.

I dunno how you're able to conflate "forcing anarchy" with "forcing sex". Do you know what "sex" means?

Impressionable people are all over the place, waiting for their gurus to trick and pwn them if they play the game right, skilled at using the right social identifiers. Then they'll throw the blame at the social misfits who got nothing to do with this game. Gurus gloating. Society has turned mankind into a nightmare. There is no trust, no respect, no authenticity, there is only the game of society.

Oh my...

when a cop's job title is "HEY, IM THAT GUY WHO CAN FUCK WITH YOU WITH IMPUNITY!". There was some lady on the street in DC recently who was telling me to donate money to cops as a potential role they could have in controlling bullying in schools in reaction to the fact that suicide rates among kids recently have been much higher. ARRGGGH. SHUT THE FUCK UP LADY. COPS CONTROLLING BULLYING?! DC BETTER JUST LOWER THE AGE REQUIREMENT FOR BECOMING A COP. THAT WOULD ACTUALLY BE ENTERTAINING.

Pretty much... "cop abusers" reads like "dem hunter-killing wild creatures".

Stockholm syndrome morons are posting on this site... whoadude! ;-)

About releasing a tiger from a zoo...but doing illegal shit scares me. I just want to be happy in spite of society. @ any one who wants to do this: just cut the fence and throw the kitty some meat!

why do you like cop abusers more than cops? cops weren't on your list, they're pretty much trained to uphold the law and then given pistols. Now this isn't to say A.C.A.B, but they're more likely to be assholes than say that bastard on the street. They are also the gatekeepers of a perpetually abusive system, the ones around where i live are also extremely corrupt...

i swear, everyone is my fucking enemy anyway, this life will keep fucking with me until i die

why do you hate cop abusers more than cops?

btw, i never commented on it, but those kids holding the "coffee without cops" table was a contrarian project i really enjoy.

I can't reconcile anyone who can just fuck with me and get away with it under an air of righteousness.

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