Anews Podcast 123 – 7.12.19

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Editorial: By Max Res
TOTW- Civ or Anti-Civ, and Models for Behaviour... with Aragorn! and Ariel

sound editing by Greg;
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg
1) Alpha Blondy – Abortion is a Crime
2) Kraftwerk – It's More Fun to Computer
3) The InkSpots – I Don't Want To Set the World On Fire


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yo Greg, intro music was kinda loud XD

i like anews podcast variety format because it covers various topics and they blips on each are usually snarky and insightful, it’s bookended by a thought provoking editorial and finishes of with a fresh informal discussion on a topic, and all in under an hour! and it goes by fast!

feedback that is both helpful and specific. very nice.

i like anews, i like snark. speak up.
what’s the incongruence?
what’s your problem with that?

not a fan of snark. i find it childish, and annoying, like, you know, everyone else not dropped on their heads as a baby

maybe you should reflect on whether you've ever been annoyed in to thinking harder about something and then realizing you were being stupid before? ;)

and then there is snark that is trying to make a point.
either can have their place. sometimes the point is already understood by some people. no expressions work for everyone, even when they work extremely well for some.
for example, your blanket dis on snark doesn't work at all well for me, but i'm not judging you, just reminding myself not get stuck on a deserted island with you, unless maybe you have some fantastic survival skills that make up for our disagreement about humor. possible, i suppose.

Too fast for the news responses, too long for the TOW.

In the next podcast aragorn! should discuss why heresy distro are moralist liberals. Idk. Could be a fun episode.

could you step back a bit and not dominate the podcast. you tend to do this in every episode. I will put it down to your enthusiasm to engage; still, personally, I would like to hear more contribution from the others.

trying to get less talkative people to talk after they agreed to be on a talk show is domination to you?

sometimes you speak too much sense to even be in this oddly un-sensed world...

Let us hear more about the good and bad of each news article, less editorial and less TOTW. There's often only a sentence or two of critique of whatever news article, and I find myself craving more discussion or commentary about them. That would be more meaningful then the TOTW randomly contemplating an abstraction which all seems rather disconnected from.... (every-day-life? IDK). Could that not be made into a separate podcast to save air time? The editorials are a bit better but I don't know if they fail to get in-depth enough, or if they don't site any, or enough, other reading material. I still think I would much rather read these editorials then hear them. Thus the whole podcast has the overall feel of something going way too fast (not just SPEAKING too fast but also not going into news stories critiques enough). Yes it too easy for others to criticize your hard work. Yet I keep brining this up because I know you are all intelligent, creative, and have profound things to share.

That would be completely different material now wouldn't it (?), and, not to mention, quite beside the point. Rather, I am merely suggesting an extension or an alteration of the Anews podcast format. Every episode calls for constructive criticism to be posted here, and that is what I have tried to do, if that should ever not be desired then they refrain from making that call. There was no disrespect meant or implied in that.

so discuss.
bring up a story that you think deserves more conversation from the podcast, and perhaps these people you want to hear from will agree with you and discuss it with you. if it doesn't work the first time, then try again. or maybe some other interesting people will talk about it with you.
to get the most value, you gotta put skin in the game.

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