Anews Podcast 124 – 7.19.19

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

no editorial
TOTW-Effectiveness with Aragorn! and Max Res

sound editing by Linn O’Mabel
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg
1) Toumani Diabate – Djourou Kara Nany
2) Joseph Irving – Prison Break


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Unlocks the freedom they hoarded in the room the rulers where they put our freedom and opens the splendoor up to the people to allow us to have and showed us we had the anarkey in our pocket the whole time.

Thanks comrade for this update on the current events of the anarchist movement to live free and understanding many different examples of how society oppresses us and leads to bad stuff for people and the planet. We are also doing stuff as part of the people's project starting egalitarian intentional communities so there is an anarchist alternative in South dakota, florida, tennesee, and Indiana and other places who need people to help and share land for minimal or no money needed and everyone is welcome to help. We are trying to be effective and have been pretty successful at the garden intentional community for 10 years in Tennessee. The People's Project travels by bus and takes people to do this in other places. Check out these links if you are interested in learning more and coming to one of the places or on the caravan of the people's project also. May there be more and more good news for anarchy and as we find more and more effective ways to live free and make anarchy a reality for more and more people.
Rap songs about living sustainably sharing land freely in anarchy in intentional community:

There are many valid and poignant criticisms of that medium. I try to use it as a way to get people together in person. And use it to fill the void from the alienation of society that existed before it was created but Facebook definitely made a lot bigger.. Going in the matrix to show people the way out of it. This intentional community is also off grid and try to live without modern things like TV and too much other distractions that often have resulted in the disintegration of communities on a massive scale. At the end of the movie social network, he was alone clicking. Let's use it to find and live with each other and build a real social network irl- in real life.

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