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question: Are (we) as anarchists just people who are waiting for the collapse/end of the world (seeing that it is basically what most anarchists are doing) is the most honest point made throughout the whole broadcast which then broadened out into individualism (as an escape? as an excuse for piss poor levels of autonomy? Myself, I would describe myself as a loner/would be anarchist. The loner aspect has found its way to me as I tried to live my life free from the domination of others. It can be lonely of course. However, the loner existence has many positives (for the given context of mass society). Each Loner will discover this for themselves. The idea of organising with others fills me with dread: all that bullshit and wasted energy. I am a Loner waiting for the collapse. The idea of work with its inherent bullshit also fills me with dread. Being in another relationship also fills me with dread as the other surreptitiously tries to dominate...eventually. So maybe, the Anarchy Bang episode on individualism also needs to include (irony) The Loner? As a pedestrian loner, life is much slower and thus, this pace of life provides much for the senses which is off limits for the a faster pace. The Loner eventually realises there is no boredom :-)