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Chisel, noticeably absent from your supposed anarchist assessment of the Berkeley ASG, are the various power dynamics struggling for the soul of the group. It is hard to imagine an honest reflection not acknowledging these forces, and the usually, but not always, Big Men, who often were doing the battling (or giving up and leaving..).

When you speak of the qualities that Audrey brought to the group, it's hard not to notice the ways other people brought some of those qualities as well but who were regularly shot down, I guess because they hadn't achieved the life-long anarchist ideal..yet. Or, how the defacto group mascots tended to not contain much or any of the qualities you speak of in Audrey, even though I've strived and yearned to find them for many years now. Honestly, a lot of great people left because they were subtly, or not so subtly, pushed out by incessant toxicity. Some who were the focus of said toxicity, yet still kept coming, mostly seemed like lonely puppies whose loneliness was worse than than the abuse they suffered.

Hopefully it can find a dynamism in your absence, and not simply turn into a caricature-of-Stirner-show, which sadly seems to be the case.