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so...I find it painfully myopic that chisel can discuss the study group without mentioning the fact there is basically one person, a big man of @, who they are quite close to...who is the only consistent study group member who ad hominems and name calls and makes personal attacks. One of the rad parts of the ASG is the idea of attack and the idea that attacking someones ideas is welcome, but the other side of this is that Chisel and their big man buddy take criticism and attack extremely poorly and often times respond with personal attacks instead of attacks back on ideas. This big man is a person chisel often teams up with at ASG despite his behavior. The lack of self reflection here, especially from someone who is not a child, or teen, but someone who is old enough to theoretically be able to take responsibility for their actions and role in a group, or social dynamic, is frustrating. Chisel, to act like you are somehow above this behavior, which many have witnessed you participate in, is honestly pretty absurd and ridiculous. There have been dozens of people to come through the ASG in the last several years and many of them have left due to the dynamic between you and your buddy. This essay or speech or whatever, felt like a teen looking at their self, not a full grown adult taking an honest look at their self and the dynamic they are partially responsible for creating.

Another note is the way we talk about the dead. I for one, hope that when I die nobody will act like I was a saint(which luckily in my case is extremely unlikely). I guess I don't care caz when I'm dead I'm dead, but I would be pretty annoyed if I was sainted and lionized and held up as an ideal, it would make me feel one dimensional and lacking in growth and change, and mistakes, which I know I personally will keep making and hopefully learning from the rest of my life. This might be another conversation, but anarchists like many religious people are guilty of making perfect idols out of "our dead."