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On the TOTW I’d also say that (at least here) there are less bookstores (than in the 90’s, post-Internet, post-Amazon, post-Borders bankruptcy), which are ostensibly places of discussion of ideas as ideas (not weaponized). Even then, not all kinds of bookstores or libraries have anarchist books or host discussions of anarchy. Public spaces are increasingly privatized and commercialized.
Heavier controls against public assemblies in streets and sidewalks and loitering. Streets back then belonged more to the people on foot, now cities are moulded by the car.

Hosting spaces where people (those not near a hip café/bookstore, an adequate library, or in university) can discuss these ideas comfortably and regularly could help. How? It’s harder than it sounds, you can’t just set up a table and bookshelf at a random spot everyday and expect people to show interest and congregate. It’s also not viable to all to bring a lot of @ curious people back to your home for chit chat.