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that many species were made extinct by the lauded tribes of Uncle Sam. Does Kimmerer write so movingly about this? All this brotherly/sisterly connection with Nature (back in the day) is propaganda. Zerzan could have this read and he would have been mocked by those of the Anarchist News site. However, add some emotion and tears all of a sudden becomes something else...maybe JZ ought to cry on his show to gain plaudits?

The flora and fauna was well under the boot (aka moccasin) when Whitey hit the shores of the New World only Whitey did not know it then?

I am intrigued though as to what prompted this emotional outpouring from someone who is often snarky on ANews?

Re the anarchist tour: that sounds like a great idea. What do think about anarchists writers and theorists appearing in the flesh on YouTube: to put a face to the writing? Much of anarchist writings are by pseudonyms and/or anonymous by faceless people which alienates anarchy even more. We know that the face of anarchism (presented by the media) is White teens/early twenties dressed in black. Sure, these people need to remain anonymous but do writers and theorists?