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thanks. someone's tears don't necessarily mean anything at all, and maintaining your skepticism is definitely a survival tactic.
on the other hand, your premises about how "nature" or "flora and fauna" were treated before whitey, by the "tribes of uncle sam" is all a) confusing/un-explained, b) presumptive, c) lacking in exactly the examples and explanations that some people appreciate about kimmerer.
(i personally mock jz because i know him and have plenty of history with him--so i see many holes in his thinking and presentation--not because of any single thing he does on a show.)
some people find it interesting, perhaps, when a normally prickly and sarcastic voice puts aside some of that, perhaps some people identify with putting such a persona aside for this particular topic. you are not one of them apparently, and good for you. i hope you have such a topic though. it makes life less predictable.
note: i should probably challenge your binary of snarky vs emotion. surely laughter and tears are both part of the same release? ;)