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much more what i was expecting from the comments, yes.
ok - first of all, don't tell me i'm better than something, dear person who doesn't know me at all. so patronizing.
second, i don't want "to be left alone" in some existential way. i want to have choices about who i interact with and how. i want to be able to do things that i have heard other people can do, however mythical the stories (yep, even including jz's stories of pre-civilization telepathy). i want to do things that seem impossible in this world, and so i try imagining different worlds. i am more intrigued by the possibilities of a world that includes other sentients, broadly known as plants, animals, stones, etc, because that fosters a feeling in me that i appreciate, could be called humility, or perspective, or connection, a kind of safety (safety from being too important?) (all or none of those things sometimes).
kimmerer notes that the salmon don't need us to find their way. that is in fact demonstrable. what she argues (and i find compelling) is that the world needs from humanity that sense of place, relationship, the thing that reminds us that we are part of something, not all of something (as christianity would tell us) nor nothing (which leads us to destroy everything around us like abused children, which, in fact, you know...) another kimmerer anecdote was her asking a class of hers what they see as beneficial about human interactions with nature, and not one student had anything positive to say. that is some deep shit, and gives us whiteys (to accept a term) nowhere to go. i guess i'd like to go *some*where. you?