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In a way Zerzan & co. seem to be say humans are only in their correct place when what makes us human is jettisoned. No language, no tools, no fire, etc. Hmmm.

After reading Braiding Sweetgrass and this essay
I think Kimmerer is saying humans, particularly whitey, have forgotten our place in the world. Our place as one of the beings, not the pinnacle being. in symbiosis, in reciprocity, our place as younger brother. A wolf is useless if she is not allowed to be wolfish. Likewise, a human if we are not allowed to be human.

In the corn essay she points out corn cannot grow without humans. Humans change our world, but so does everything. It's about proportion, timing, balance & listening to other beings.

Meh. People who refuse to allow the beauty & sorrow of the world to affect them will not be convinced by beauty or sorrow.