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i can do that without assuming that it ever existed. far from understanding or even approaching my comment that someone's tears don't necessarily mean anything, you have decided what they mean with no evidence except your own preconceptions. i appreciate that you've made that explicit.
the maps were not made by indigenous people. naming the territory where grizzlies live hardly means that grizzlies colonized or owned a space. not saying that grizzlies are the same as those nations, just pointing out a sloppy and inaccurate association.
ugh. what is human. you're replicating the anecdote from the kimmerer book that i already referenced. is it possible for people to have a good/appropriate/better relationship with the world than we do now? the entire book (and there are many more, though some work better than others) is about exploring that possibility. you say it would take going back in time. that's an interesting premise. perhaps you'll flesh that out more in some way.
i don't know, or pretend to know, what happened before the colonizers were here. i do know that a beautiful vision will sometimes make me cry.